Blue Sky Alpacas at Loop!

Blue Sky Alpacas at Loop!

Read on to find out how you can win some gorgeous BSA Metalico! (This contest has now closed, but keep an eye out for more giveaways in the future! Congrats to Lee, our winner!)

BSA Metalico at Loop London
The beautifully luxurious yarns from Blue Sky Alpacas have long graced the shelves of Loop and we’re still in love! They are our absolute go-to yarn for gorgeous alpaca softness and to-die-for colours. We were lucky enough to get a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at BSA – with the wildlife of rural Minnesota in the US included – and are excited to share their stunning yarns and patterns with you today! We are also so pleased we get to give away enough of their luminous Metalico to knit a wrap! Read on for more details.

Metalico is our new favourite BSA yarn and it’s absolutely glorious. It’s naturally occurring shades of baby alpaca blended with lustrous mulberry silk. We think it speaks for itself, no?

BSA Metalico at Loop

Metalico is gorgeous in wraps, shawls, fingerless gloves and even special sweaters.

We asked the lovely Jillian at BSA how she thinks this gorgeous yarn can be used to its best potential:

Metalico has beautiful drape and swing, which is why many of our Metalico patterns are wrap, poncho, and shawl designs, though it also works well for sweaters. The metallic sheen after which it was named is so beautiful that knit items made from Metalico seem like fine jewelry one should only don for special occasions, but it is a yarn that was made to be used and loved. It is fashionable, functional, and meant to be enjoyed and appreciated every day!

There are, of course, other lovely BSA yarns at Loop!

Blue Sky Alpacas Melange at Loop London!

Above is the cosy and beautifully heathered Melange. We love it for toasty handwarmers (which still come in handy in the British ‘spring’!), scarves, hats, baby cardies and so much more! The colours are gorgeous on their own, but the whole palette looks stunning striped together too.

We asked Jillian what she thinks makes alpaca yarns so special:

Alpaca fiber blends well with other fibers and has unique thermal properties that allow it to be warm while still being light-weight due to the hollowness of the alpaca follicle. It is also durable, allowing handknit items to become family heirlooms that are passed from generation to generation.

BSA Bulky
Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky

If perhaps you’re one of those knitters who likes to knit ahead for the winter, or if you just fancy some quick knitting with deliciously chunky yarn, BSA Bulky (above) is fabulous! We know from experience that new knitters and old hands alike love to knit simple 1 or 2 skein cowls that are fast and super-warm.

BSA Cotton at Loop London

If you are lucky enough to be experiencing warmer weather, or at least dreaming about it, the BSA’s Organic Cotton (no alpaca in this one!) is just lovely. It’s a wonderfully soft cotton in a naturally occurring white with no bleach or dye involved. It’s absolutely heavenly. Perfect for a summer baby blanket!

We love the ethos behind these wearable, yet luxurious and timeless yarns. Jillian told us that they hope their yarns also “reflect the creative energy and collaborative spirit of the people who work here,” and we think they do!   BSA’s location in rural Minnesota might also have something to do with the inspiration behind their yarns; Jillian tells us ‘It is not uncommon to have all sorts of wildlife in our “backyard,” including deer, birds, raccoons’!

Behind the scenes at Blue Sky Alpacas

Top: Mr Jones; Bottom: Mr Jones and Reggie - BSA owner's very own alpacas!
Top: Mr Jones; Bottom: Mr Jones and Reggie – BSA owner’s very own alpacas!

We have loved getting to know Blue Sky Alpacas a little better this week.  And they’re going to talk a bit about us over on their blog too! To celebrate our friendly blogging day, we are hosting a simultaneous giveaway, in which one winner chosen on each blog will receive one of the new 1920s-inspired Metalico wrap patterns of their choice (Daisy, Frances, or Zelda) and enough Metalico in their color choice to complete the project. To enter, leave a comment by Tuesday the 21st telling us why you love Metalico and we’ll announce the winner next week! This contest has now closed.

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  1. Love the look of the metallico – the warmth, softness and halo of the alpaca, and the sheen of the silk. Bliss! Love that silvery grey! I want to stroke it…. :)

  2. I have not tried Metalico so I don’t know how it it but I recently tried Melange and it is my new favorite yarn. I am longing to try out the other Blue sky alpaca yarns. If they are anything like the Melange there wonderful.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  3. Silk and alpaca is a marriage made in heaven, softness, sheen and drape – beautiful yarn.

  4. I knitted the most beautiful simple loopy scarf with some soft, fern green Blue Sky Alpaca bought at loop in a sale a few years ago. I bought only one skein, never having used it before, and always regretted not buying more. It is beautiful to knit with, the colour is rich, and the drape is perfect – the finished product was lightweight, soft and warm – but too short! Having experienced how wonderful the yarn is to knit with, and how lovely the finished product is, I’d love the chance to try again with enough yarn to do a proper job. The Metalico colours look beautiful.

  5. ‘cos it sounds like a rock band and not a beautiful, soft, only want to stroke it yarn!

  6. The combination of luxury and practicality spun into this luscious blend of silk and alpaca – the fruit of the worm and the herd, the air and the earth – mean that Metalico will gloriously enfold the body.

  7. Such a beautiful yarn – the silk really highlights the natural colours of the alpaca and being a Blue Sky yarn you just know that it will knit like a dream.

  8. OHH this yarn looks Yummy. Alpaca and silk are a match made in heaven!The thing I love the most are the colour choices.All naturall. Need to go feel this beauty in the yarn store soon!

  9. I’ve used and loved BSA’s Melange, and the new Metalico looks just as soft, with the lustre of precious things. Would love to make myself a knitted treasure!

  10. I’ve knit with BSA alpaca silk before and loved the silky softness and drape if it. I’m amazed that the new shades of Metalico come by that metallic look naturally! That wrap is gorgeous in Metalico!

  11. I haven’t used Metalico, but love the neutral (and natural) colors. I use alpaca in a lot of my projects, and I love the use of silk to make it even softer.

  12. I haven’t tried Metalico yet, but it looks so gorgeous and the patterns are stunning. I love the Zelda wrap – it’s like something straight out of Downton Abbey or The Great Gatsby!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  13. I haven’t tried it yet…but I love the softness of the colors metallics but not in your face so they will compliment many skin tones with the metallic trend.

  14. I love the softness of the Metallico. For some of us who are allergic to angora, this is a perfect yarn to use for warmth without being weighty. The ivory color is so beautiful and making anything in it will compliment all wardrobes!!

  15. Alpaca yarn is so soft and this is particularly gorgeous. It’s really something special, for luxurious knits and a touch of extra luxury. The gentle shimmer makes for stunning fashion garments and accessories! Mmmm….

  16. Oh for the chance to have a bit of glamour about my body!! I adore this – it’s really special and I definitely want to take a closer look and a feel of course!

  17. I’ve never had the good fortune to try Metallico, but would love the chance. I’m allergic to wool so alpaca is my “go to” fiber. Love it!

  18. I just love the colour palette and the softness of the fibres – a wrap made in this gorgeous yarn this would feel so luxurious.

  19. I’ve not knit with Metallico but it is sooo shiny and gorgeous. The colors are absolutely stunning!

  20. While dyed colors are fun, I love the depth of color present in naturally occurring yarn colors. They’re never simple! And how glorious to have a blend of alpaca and silk — lustrous!

  21. Yes I agree with everyone – of a photo could talk it would say stroke me! I want to snuggle up in it now!

  22. Metallico is so soft and the colour so natural and perfect it’s hard not to want to spend all day with it wrapped around your head, your neck, your arms and body. I love the way the silk gives it that special sheen and drape.

  23. I’ve not yet used BSA Metalico, although I must admit to fondling it lovingly at a local yarn shop. I have used BSA Alpaca Silk and Multi Cotton in shawls that I have knitted and loved the yarn and am currently using BSA Alpava Silk in a Faroese Shawl that I am in the process of knitting. It is so incredibly soft and silky, I can’t wait to finish it so I can wear it. I know I will eventually make a wrap using Metalico as it is such a beautiful yarn. I never realized BSA was from Minnesota (my home state).

  24. I love Blue Sky Alpaca yarns and recently began two sweaters in BSA’s organic cotton. I cannot wait to try this new fiber from BSA!!! ~MaryEllen

  25. Alpaca is so very soft and silk so very lush, what could be a better combimation? Well, especially if it comes with a cute alpaca kiss from Reggie :0)

  26. I hate working with synthetics, so I love that BSA has come up with a natural blend that has a luxurious sheen to it. Of course, I’d expect nothing less from them.

  27. Yarn looks beautiful…….would love to make something for myself!! x

  28. BSA Alpaca Silk was the first yarn I ever bought from Loop and I have been in love with their yarns ever since. I was lucky enough to be given a couple of small samples of Metalico when I visited a LYS in Washington DC recently, so I swatched and now cannot wait to get my hands on some of this absolutely gorgeous yarn

  29. Metalico – not to be confused with Metallica – will be a perfect yarn to recreate the 1920’s glamour of Gatsby. It’s like wearing air (whilst playing air guitar if you fancy it). The neutral colour tones ooze class and style and it’s so soft, it feels too good to be true.

  30. I love the gorgeous shades of Metalico – it’s so hard to find a metallic look without harshness. The alpaca and silk is a great combination too, I’ve used similar blends before and they are soft light and warm – just perfect!

  31. oh how i love everything about this! the stunning yarn of blue sky alpacas, the alpacas, minnesota (where my swedish grandparents immigrated to), Loop! i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win Metalico and make any of the wraps. crossing my fingers and thank you so much for the giveaway!

  32. I have not had the opportunity to try Metallico yet…but the texture and sheen are beautiful! I love the subtleness of the metallic color!!

  33. I’ve seen Metallico in person, and it is GORGEOUS. It wasn’t a good choice for what I was knitting at the time, but I think the Frances wrap is the perfect use for it!

  34. Metallico looks so soft and shines so well – I can’t wait to try it. The natural clours are so lovely – they will be perfect for a versatile wrap.

  35. We all deserve a little luxury in our lives, and alpaca is the yarn of choice for me. I’ve never tried an alpaca silk blend, but I can imagine it…squeeeee!

  36. I have not yet tried Metalico but have wanted to for a while. I love the neutral tones and shimmer! Love your store too, it’s so cute!

    Kriste (rav id KristeBee)

  37. I love the drape of Metalico and how soft it is. And i love the wrap collection- so pretty!

  38. I have knit with BSA for years. Their yarn is a dream and makes any wearer feel lovely and pampered. Not often one can say that! Metallico is a beautiful addition to BSA. Metallico is sooooo soft and luxurious, the natural shades stunning. I would love to knit the Daisy Wrap. Thanks Loop for the fabulous giveaway.

  39. Ah, alpaca…so soft, so beautiful, love the pretty halo. BSA is a gorgeous yarn, very luxurious feel, and a real treat to knit.

  40. Its the sheen of the colours that I love as well as their softness. Just gorgeous.

  41. I have never felt it or knit with it in real life, but the pictures make me want to lick the screen… I’d love the chance to try it! The Silver color looks gorgeous.

  42. I am new to knitting, but all the patterns I would like to do are for seriously advanced knitters. When I first saw the Metalico, I knew I needed to improve my skills to do this yarn justice. I am hoping I learn enough quickly because I am anxious to work with this and the other BSA yarns. Thanks BSA for cementing a new hobby in my life.

  43. I love Metalico because it combines two of my favourite things – fluffy and shiny. What more could you ask for in a yarn? :)

  44. What gorgeous natural shades! Often, when you get natural shades, you may get just one or two – so I love that this yarn gives you several options, with subtle differences, so that you can find the perfect shade for your taste!

  45. This Metallico looks absolutely gorgeous! And it has to be amazingly soft with the alpaca and silk. I think I will be ordering some of this to try out. Thanks for a chance to win some too!

  46. I would love to have a wrap made with the deliciousness that is Metallico. I am a big fan hand knitted beautiful pieces and this would make any garment stand out. Thank you for the chance to win some.

  47. As soon as I saw the Daisy Wrap on Loop’s website I was smitten, and I have made several attempts to journey to the shop for the pattern – sadly, my endeavours so far have been thwarted. Perhaps there was a reason! It is begging to be made out of this yarn: lush, soft and buttery, with an ethereal glow and in subtle, muted tones… Simply delicious!

  48. I have never knit with BSA, but am already planning how to get to your shop to have a feel of these yarns. The Metalico range looks like a wonderful combination of ‘natural’ and ‘sophisticated’. I would love to knit the Daisy Wrap to keep my daughter warm as she breastfeeds her baby (soon to be born) in the middle of the night. Not that she’ll need to be sophisticated then! But she could also wear it on her first night out with her partner after the birth.

  49. I discovered Loop after my mum mentioned that there was a knitting shop hidden in London. On my many stays at hospitals over the past 3 years, I have made sure to make Loop on my ‘to go to’ list.

    All your yarns are gorgoues and have such a wide variety of colours and wools to choose from.

    Although I have never tried Metalico, I would love to give it a go as I have seen and felt it but never got round to buying one of the yummy skeins and after seeing what they can be turned into, I would love have a skein or two,to get a proper feel for the yarn as the colours are so eyecatching.

    Forever a Loop lover, and thanks for the giveaway.

  50. I am a big fan of BSA yarns and would love to make the Frances Wrap. The Metalico yarns look stunning and I love the thought of wearing a wrap with a subtle shimmer.

  51. I love all the colours in the Metallica range, Alpaca has a feel like no other yarn so if it plied with silk, a marriage made in heaven. Wonderful to knit with and the pefect drape too, what more could a knitter ask for

  52. I love BSA yarns, but have not had the pleasure of Metalico which looks heavenly. The shades are stunning and would love to try one of the wraps.

  53. I have never knit with the BSA yarns, but I’m already planning how to get to London to have a feel of these – they look amazing, and seem to be a wonderful blend of ‘natural’ and ‘sophisticated’. I would love to knit a Daisy Wrap for my daughter to wear as she breastfeeds her baby (soon to be born) in the middle of the night (although she might not feel sophisticated then!) and to wear on her first night out with her partner after the birth.

  54. Metallico makes a beautiful warm shawl – such subtle colours and a wonderful lustre

  55. Hi,
    I was in London last week for the first time and I went twice in your shop. You’re true it’s really a knitting heaven.Now I have to start my four projects!!!
    I like knit alpaca, so soft and so warm. Metalico looks perfect, specially in natural colors. Thank you for this giveaway. Bonne chance à tous!

  56. It looks magnificent. Silk & alpaca….what’s not to love?

    I love that it appears so soft yet the metallic sheen gives it an edge!

  57. I have not tried Metallico yet, but would love to! I am working a scarf with BSA currently and it is great yarn.

  58. I have knit with other alpaca yarns and without doubt, I love, love the feel. I should be over the moon to try the Blue Sky yarn. With the silk it must feel and look so luxurious. Mmmm, just yummy. I am also hoping that you will consider mailing to New Zealand!!

  59. I haven’t tried Metallico yet but I love the natural tones, the fantastic blend of silk and alpaca that gives this yarn an special touch, soft and luxury. I must try it!!!

  60. oh my that yarn looks divine, i would love to knit up one of those wraps. i am loving the daisy wrap what a pretty design.

  61. Haven’t used Metalico yet, but it looks gorgeous. Bet it feels lovely, too. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway.

  62. Drape, softness and sheen! What more could I want from a yarn for wraps, scarves and flirty cardys? I love BSA yarns :)

  63. I love the softness and gleem of Metallico! It is luxurious and beautiful.

  64. I love metallic! I have Zelda on the needles right now and have been wanting to knit the Frances wrap too. Gorgeous fiber that is fun to work with too.

  65. The feel of Metalico is wonderful, but I especially love the natural colors! I have found all of the BSA yarns to be terrific!

  66. I love the look of Metalico. I have never tried it before and would love to give it a shot! Thanks for the giveaway. I enjoyed reading both posts.

  67. I love Metallico- it’s luster, exquisite softness. I would love to make a wrap or shawl out of it- it would feel like angels wings on your back!

  68. Love, love, love Metallico…so soft and buttery slipping through your fingers as you knit. Finished projects drape beautifully!

  69. Metallico is absolutely stunning! The natural colours are so wearable- it’s hard to choose which pattern I’d like to knit first though!

    What a generous giveaway, thank you for the chance to enter.

  70. I haven’t tried metalico yarn before but the colour, sheen, softness and drape…oh my word! A shawl in this yarn would be just a little bit of heaven!

  71. I love the “metallic” sheen . I’ve looked at metallic yarn before but hated the feel of it. This yarn will make a shawl that’s cosy an warm but a bit glam too just what a girl needs to counteract a Scottish winter !
    By the way using the mulberry silk at the moment it’s sublime

  72. Just finished a jumper in blue sky sport weight it was a dream to work with, this like it will be too

  73. I have yet to try Metalico, but I am quite anxious to get my hands on it (the sheen and colors are divine)!!! I have been very pleased with other BSA yarns I have used.
    Also, the Daisy or Frances wraps may be the patterns that provide me the motivation necessary to “get my hands on” Metalico…VERY SOON!!!

  74. Last summer I knit a cowl in melange — a dream to knit with. Beautiful drap and very cozy. Perfect gift for my sister. So looking forward to trying metallico. My wonderful lys in Dublin — This is Knit — doesn’t have metallico yet. Good excuse to hop over to Loop!

  75. The luxurious feel of alpaca with the sheen of silk is a combination that has few equals.

  76. I love the subtle metallic sheen of Metalico, it really make knitting with it luxurious!

  77. Metalico and I have never met, but just looking at your photos, I’m smitten. What fabulous natural shades, and what a gentle gleam bestowed by the silk!

  78. Beautiful giveaway! I’ve never used metallico, but have worked with both alpaca and mulberry silk…just never together. It sounds luxurious…always nice to work with silk.

  79. The natural colours are truly beautiful, and the sheen from the mulberry silk makes the yarn truly luxurious

  80. I am loving the Diamond Rib Dress in knit.wear Spring issue. I would love to knit it – when my current w-i-p’s allow. I haven’t tried BSA yarns yet but this is really tempting me. The colour of this project is so beautiful and the sheen and softness of the yarn makes this design really special.

  81. I have never used metalico, and would LOVE to start :)
    I love all the gorgeous colors and can’t wait to try it!

  82. I love how it manages to be both natural and entirely otherworldly all at once, and gosh, how the sheen sings out through the haze! Just delicious.

  83. With Mr Jones and Reggie providing the fibre for Metalico, this has to be the best yarn in the world – and I’d love to work with it!!

  84. Ooooh the Metallico yarn looks scrumptious it looks like it would be stunning knitted up in the Zelda wrap!

  85. I haven’t used the metalico yarns before, I really like the natural colours with the gorgeous sheen and would love to have a soft zelda scarf to wear!

  86. I have gazed at the Metalico in Loop numerous time, the metallic sheen is just amazing. I am a big fan of the lightweight but cozy nature of alpaca fibre and would LOVE to get my hands on these stunning yarns.

  87. I think Metallico would be the perfect yarn to knit a vintage pattern with and would give the FO a steampunk style. It would give any project an edge and make something beautiful, into something completely unique and desirable.

  88. I would love to have a go at Metalico in any pattern, especially in ‘Daisy’ as I have just taught myself crochet, a refreshing challenge after years of knitting. I like the fact that they are subdued tones. Alpaca and silk are a wonderful combo!

  89. I would like so much to make the Daisy Wrap, in this same chocolate color! And, I wish that I could find such precious yarns (as the ones I found when I visited loop, last summer) in Greece…

  90. I am addicted to Blue Sky Alpaca yarns and and drooling in anticipation of knitting with Metalico!

  91. I absolutely love the yarn and alpaca is delightfully soft! I would love to win so that I can make a much needed wrap for our long winters here in Germany. Thank you for making this giveaway possible for your fans!


  92. I made my friend a small shawl with BSA melange for her birthday. I had yarn left over so I made her yoga socks (not enough for full socks). I used BSA sport to make an elephant from “Last Minute Knitted gifts” for my great nephew.–Can’t get more versatile than that! Metalico is so lovely though, I’d have to make the Zelda wrap just for me.

  93. At last a yarn that matches with my greyish hair and that demonstrates how beautiful these colors are ;-)

  94. What gorgeous yarn! Having a wrap made out of it would be the next best thing to snuggling up with my very own alpaca (I have to make do with a grumpy cat…) I love the lightweight warmth of this yarn and the natural colours are absolutely beautiful.

  95. I think Mr Jones would like to see his Mrs Jones wearing a Meltalico wrap so he could cuddle up in the evenings and he could serenade her…

    ‘We meet every day at the same café
    Six-thirty I know she’ll be there
    Holding hands, making all kinds of plans
    While the jukebox plays our favourite song’

  96. Blue Sky Alpacas has such lovely yarn, and the alpacas couldn’t be cuter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. I love Metalico because the neutral colours go with just about everything.

  98. I just love the softness and the luxuriousness and we SELDOM find it in South Africa (we do have our own beautiful mohair which I use all the time) and so I would just LOVE to knit with it!!!

  99. oh, I’d love to touch this yarn, I’m sure it’s incredibly soft. and wearing it around my shoulders seems like a dream…

  100. This yarn is so lustrous I wish I could touch itand the colours are just naturally beautiful.

  101. Sniff! My earlier comment seems to have vanished, but I would so love some of that scrummy, shimmery, strokeable Metallico!