Classes for Autumn – mending and stitching

Classes for Autumn – mending and stitching

This week we’re dropping in with a little post to let you know that we have some wonderful classes lined up for Autumn 2019, and into Spring 2020.

We’ll be welcoming Hikaru Noguchi and Celia Pym back to Loop, and will be greeting a brand new teacher, artist Richard McVetis!

Hikaru NoguchiStitching Workshop

We are thrilled Hikaru is returning to teach at Loop in October 2019! Hikaru is an incredibly talented and experienced textile artist from Tokyo, Japan. For her Stitching Workshop, Hikaru will be showing several darning techniques, and will show you how to experiment with different threads and yarns.

There are two different classes with Hikaru to choose from, both on a Saturday.

Richard McVetisDictionary of Stitches

Dictionary of Stitches is a brand new class at Loop! Artist Richard McVetis will be teaching a combination of hand embroidery techniques, and the workshop will explore the slowness and rhythms of hand stitching. This is an experimental approach to stitch and draws on the imagination of each participant.

Celia Pym

Celia will be teaching two different workshops at Loop in Spring 2020 – we’re so happy to welcome her back.

Mending Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn and practice mending techniques on knitted fabrics. You will also have an opportunity to work on repairing any sweaters, socks or wool accessories that you own and that need mending.

Celia Pym at Loop London

Patching and Stitching

This workshop takes inspiration from Boro quilts and heavy layers of patching. You’ll be exploring mending with cotton thread and patching. You will practice mending with cloth that has already had lots of wear, such as pillow cases, tea towels and well-worn shirts. The workshop focuses on fusing fabrics together with stitch, so they become a new cloth and creating pattern with holes and letting damage lead. 

All these classes are now available to book on our website or in our London store. As they are still a little while off, it gives you plenty of time to be able to plan a trip to London if you live in other parts of the UK, or another part of the world!

We’re thrilled and honoured to host an evening ‘In Conversation with Hikaru Noguchi, Celia Pym and Rachel Matthews’ on 27th November. This is to celebrate the English edition of Hikaru’s book, ‘Darning, Repair, Make’. More information and ticket sales will be available soon!

Daring Repair Make by Hikaru Noguchi English Edition

This week we are also announcing our lucky giveaway winners from last week! We want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered and left us lovely comments about the new La Bien Aimée Kumo, we’re so happy you love it!

The winners are Nia and Alicia – congratulations to both of you! We will be in touch very soon for your details, and a skein of Kumo in Yellow Brick Road will be on its way to each of you very soon.

If you didn’t win this week, don’t worry! We’ll be running more giveaways in future, so sign up to our newsletter to be notified!

P.S. All our classes for the NYC pop-up are now sold out – thank you so much everyone, we look forward to seeing you there!

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