Dreamy new Spring and Summer colour from Qing Fibre

Dreamy new Spring and Summer colour from Qing Fibre

Some beautiful new colours from Qing Fibre have arrived at Loop!

Qing Fibre is the product of the creative visions of Layla (Qing) Yang. Layla’s love of eye-catching colour that ripples and changes with every stitch is evident in all of her bases. Layla has been dyeing yarn since 2016 and sourcing ethically produced fibres from Peru and England to hand dye in her London studio ever since. We love her yarns not just for the fabulous colours but also the incredible quality of the bases.

We stock five of Qing Fibre’s bases, including Merino Singles, Kid Mohair Silk, Supersoft DK, Melted Baby Suri and Big Merino Chunky. And-over 70 of Layla’s stunning colours!

Our most recent delivery from Qing Fibres included some of the new colours from their extraordinary new Spring and Summer collection, and wow, they are gorgeous! Bright and fresh with pops of vibrant colour and pastel hues. Think sandy beaches, iridescent shells, tropical lagoons and more muted soft neutrals.

The semi-solid colours complement the variegated and unique colour palette so well—all perfectly mixed and matched to make beautiful and unusual combinations.

(Pink) Lemonade, Sea Glass, Oceanid, Whale, Shiitake and Damask – all new colours this spring.

Part of the excitement of using this sort of colour palette is the way each base takes the dye slightly differently. You’ll have a lovely melange of textures as well as colour to play with.

A good example would be Andrea Mowry’s Pink Velvet sweater. She uses Qing Fibres Melted Baby Suri to add some texture to the “colourwork” portion of the yoke and fingering weight Qing Yak singles for the main colour – you could easily substitute the Merino Singles. There are so many colour combinations within the range of different bases.

Frost,Oyster, Dust, Cuttlefish, Peachy and Rosemary in the fluffiest Melted Baby Suri.

Remember to alternate your hand-dyed skeins to make the most of the changing colour palette. The skeins in each dye batch are unique so make sure to order enough for your finished project as you don’t want to risk running out of yarn!

Some of the fun new neon brights in colour ‘Illusion’. Merino Singles and Kid Mohair Silk

If you’re contemplating a smaller project to try, our free pattern for the Tiny Tassels shawl uses the Qing Merino Singles beautifully. It takes just one skein of Merino Singles to make a sweet small shawl perfect for in-between seasons. You can use any stash yarn or some mini skeins for the tassels. It’s a great way to try a colour you may not have tried before.

We also have the Pop Spots shawl in a kit that uses the Qing Merino Singles in the colour ‘denim’ for the shawl spots. It’s a great example of using some variegated and bright colours in your knits to accentuate some features and details. To try your own colourful combinations, we also have the printed pattern on its own.

Lori Versaci has used Qing Fibre’s super soft Dk for a beautifully soft and comfy shawl called Triangulate. This easy-to-wear triangle shawl can be knit in 2 different sizes: a Larger wrap (shown in Qing Fibre Super Soft DK colour Smoke) and more conventionally sized smaller shawl. Try mixing in some Melted Baby Suri for some added texture and interest or the Merino Singles held with a complementary colour of Mohair silk lace.

Recent Arrivals

We have just made more of our very popular Tiny Tassel kits with the Qing Fibre Merino Singles of Soft Grey and Madelinetosh Merino Light in Clay for the Tassels and Qing Merino Singles in Oyster with Madelinetosh Merino Light in Grasshopper for the tassels.

Laine Magazine Issue 11: Marjoram

Pre-Orders have started for the newest Issue of Laine Magazine due to launch on the 7th of May! This issue is like a fresh, gentle breeze after a long winter season with 11 knitting patterns, interesting articles, recipes inspired by Italian summer days, book reviews and more. We have a beautiful kit planned for one of the designs in this issue so keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!

Daughter of a Shepherd

And lastly, a Happy 5th Anniversary to Daughter of a Shepherd Yarns! The Anniversay Special Dk is a limited edition spin celebrating the Hebridean un-dyed Fibre from the North of England. The gorgeous and complex natural dark rich brown becomes silvery grey or tan in different lights. Daughter of a Shepherd is a 100% British and unique yarn that we adore.

Huge thanks!

To everyone who bought something from our Schtickle sections for charity in the last few months. We’ve raised nearly £600 and we are rounding that up to £800 to split between the two charities we are currently supporting. The Black Doctors Covid 19 Consortium and Hope not Hate, both amazing organisations doing incredibly important work right now. We’ll keep adding things as we come across them so please keep an eye out for more great bargains.

Happy Easter, Passover and spring!

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