Exclusive (Vi)laines Mohair Silk Boulettes are Taking London by Storm!

Exclusive (Vi)laines Mohair Silk Boulettes are Taking London by Storm!

Welcome (Vi)laines Mohair Silk Boulettes! We’ve been admiring these gorgeous little bundles of joy since they first arrived in the shop last week and the inspiration just keeps coming!

These hand-dyed silk mohair boulettes are the stuff of dreams.

We are so honoured that the brilliant Lyon-based dyer Marion (aka (Vi)laines) has created these incredible hand-dyed boulettes just for us. Marion’s “yarnlings” are always a thing of beauty, and over the years they’ve become some of the most treasured items in many Loopettes’ stashes.

This mohair silk is so versatile. It’s gorgeous knit up on its own and adds lovely dimension and softness to lace or 4-ply yarns when held double. Each of these gorgeous little boulettes is enough to make a Sophie Scarf, believe it or not! The colours are totally incredible, ranging from semi-solids to airy multi-colours, all of which have incredible tonal depth. In a few weeks we’ll have a new delivery of some of the most popular colours as well as some brand new ones. Stay tuned!

(Vi)laines is a yarn brand with a bit of edgy coolness. The name is a play on the French words for yarns (laines) and naughty girls (vilaines), so feel free to break the rules a little when you use these yarns. That’s what they’re made for!

Scout Mini Kit – Émilia & Philomène

The Scout Mini Kit in the lovely new Émilia & Philomène colourway.

The fabulous Scout Mini Kit by Florence Spurling is getting a makeover! An all-new version in glorious yarns from Émilia & Philomène is available to preorder today! These yarns dyed in Quebec, Canada, are truly beautiful and we are so happy they have been brought to bear in this sister design to the original Scout Shawl. Émilia & Philomène founder Amélie said she was excited to collaborate on this design because she was a girl scout as a child and because she sometimes feels “like a fusion of Mafalda and Dora living in a Wes Anderson movie”. If you, too, want to fit that irresistible description, preorder your Scout Mini Émilia & Philomène Kit today!

The Folk Fable Kit by Anne Kelly for Loop

The Folk Fable Kit includes a template, a booklet describing the different stitches used, a special Loop project bag, and all the  Finca Perle cotton threads you’ll need for your embroidery!

We’re so excited to finally share the Kit for Anne Kelly’s Folk Fable Stitching Class in June! The class is sold out (and participants will receive kits when they arrive on the day), but we’re very happy that anyone can now preorder one of these kits if you’d like to stitch it on your own. The scene depicted here is an original Anne Kelly design based on the motifs depicted on Susan’s treasured antique Americana cushions. We’re just smitten and so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Anne. Preorder your Folk Fable Kit today!

New Works from Julie Arkell

Julie Arkell’s contemporary folk art is always wild and whimsical

Oh how we love having Julie Arkell’s wonderful creations in the shop. Her latest collection for Loop is as fanciful as ever, using papier mache, knitted cloth, vintage textiles, and poetic snipets to send the mind on a far-ranging fantastical journey. We also still have a few copies of Julie’s monograph “Home“, which is a celebration of her work and an inspiration to others.

New Finishing Touches: Buttons and Shawl Pins

What’s life without a cherry on top? We’ve received some super special flourishes for your knits that we are swooning for. Exciting new versions of our Happy Pop Bunny Buttons and Horn Shawl Pins have landed in the shop and we’re simply giddy! Our latest shipment of Happy Pop Bunny Buttons included our favourite bunnies on a whole new background. You’ve probably seen the version with a light blue background and light pink flowers that we’ve loved for years, but this new abstract floral background brings a whole new dimension to these sweet cottontails. And timeless, sophisticated Horn Shawl Pins have arrived as well — in an all new shorter size that’s really fabulous. These are a fantastic and functional addition to a shawl or a buttonless cardigan.

Enjoy the weekend!

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