La Bien Aimée Peach Sweater Confetti Is Peachy Keen

La Bien Aimée Peach Sweater Confetti Is Peachy Keen

Oh how we adore any delivery we get from our dear friend Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée — especially when it contains a brand new colour of Corrie Confetti!

Peach Sweater Confetti is the latest iteration of this gorgeous limited edition yarn and we are so excited to have it in the shop. Corrie Confetti is the sister yarn to Corrie Worsted, with a planet-friendly twist. Using upcycled offcuts of La Bien Aimée yarns and custom-dyed Falkland Corriedale, Corrie Confetti creates a super fun, flecked effect and saves precious fibres from being wasted at the same time. We’ve had Greybow Confetti in the shop for a few months now (and we’ve received more skeins of that colourway as well!) and the Peach Sweater colourway makes a wonderful addition.

La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti in Greybow (left) and Peach Sweater (right)

The Confetti line has been a huge passion project of Aimée’s for well over a year now. Born of a desire to use up every bit of gorgeous fibre, each new colourway comes with the joy of choosing just the right mix of colours for the ‘confetti’. As an avid lover of colour, Aimée obviosuly adores this bit. “One of my favorite things about developing a new product is how it makes me focus on just one color,” she says. So what’s behind the colour mixture of Peach Sweater Confetti? Aimée has a mouth-watering way of describing it: “When it comes to our new spring 2022 colorway Peach Sweater, my mind is immediately drawn to memories of taste and smell. Corrie Confetti Aimée’s Peach Sweater is the tender, toasted flesh of a white summer peach baked into a tarte Tatin.” Delicious.

We just love how fun and festive the Confetti line looks when it’s all knit up. It’s super fun to work with as well — every stitch is a surprise!

Corrie Confetti can be used for any worsted-weight project, and is especially well-suited to the garments in Aimée’s first collection, Worsted – A Knitwear Collection. Because of the recycled bits that create the ‘confetti’ effect, this yarn has a slightly thick and thin element that creates wonderful natural texture in any knit. Still, it pairs well with Corrie Worsted yarns and is just beautiful held double with La Bien Aimée Silk Mohair.

For that matter, now that we have two beautiful colours of Corrie Confetti in the shop, why not use them together? These tones would play off so well against each other in a subtle stripe or even for a not-quite-matching hat, scarf, and mitten set. There are so many ways to customise the look and feel of this yarn, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Knitting SOS

Have you ever ended up with twice as many stitches as you were supposed to, with no idea how you’d got there? Or assumed you’d be able to figure out how to read a chart only to be faced with a daunting pile of noughts and crosses? Or just wanted to learn a new stitch and couldn’t find anyone to show you the ropes? Loop to the rescue! Starting at the end of July, we’ll be reserving one hour on certain Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 for ‘Knitting SOS‘ sessions with our very own Arielle Ollagnon. These sessions are meant to be quick fixes to get you un-stuck. They’re not full lessons, just a brief push in the right direction. The sessions are free and there’s no need to book (unless you need help with something more complex). Just come by the shop and we’ll help as best we can! Currently, our Knitting SOS sessions are scheduled for July 31st, September 4th, October 2nd, and November 6th.

Madelinetosh Wildflower

We’re going wild for the latest hue out of Madelinetosh: Wildflower in Merino Light, Pashmina, and Tosh DK. These gorgeous pastel tones will surround you in blooming meadows all year round. The range of weights this new colour is available in makes all kinds of projects possible, from super soft baby items to the most delightful shawls and wraps.

Have a peachy weekend!

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