Loop Loves Pom Poms!

Loop loves pom poms!

Loop’s resident window dresser, Sophie, has brought a delightfully woolly theme to our display on Camden Passage this month – pom poms! We’re a little bit obsessed with these tiny spheres of sheepy goodness and it’s making us happy to see them strung up in our window now! In case you haven’t had a chance to pass by and have a look, or you live too far away to do so, we thought we’d share the lovely little bits and pieces featured in this cheery window now.

Loop loves pom poms!
Lovely Sophie working on our pom pom window.

Loop loves pom poms!

First up, and very aptly timed, is the new issue of Pom Pom Quarterly! This issue is full of lovely texture-y patterns and even a hooded scarf complete with pom poms at each end.

Pom Pom Quarterly at Loop!

Also newly in stock is the delightful book, Adventures in Pom Pom Land! Could a book ever have a better title?

Adventures in Pom Pom Land at Loop

We are dying to make the adorable little creatures in this book ourselves!

Loop loves pom poms!

Of course, we also thought you’d like to know more about making pom poms yourself. It’s a surprisingly easy and very satisfying process that we all had a blast doing during quiet moments in the shop to prepare the display. You can find an easy-peasy tutorial for making pom poms and transforming them into a fun garland on the Pom Pom Quarterly blog. You can also speed up the process with our pom pom-makers. They’re handy little gadgets that come in all sizes and even heart shapes.

Loop loves pom poms

Pom poms at Loop!

Pom poms at Loop!

Pom poms at Loop!
Note the wonderful colours – including some new shades from Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift, like the yellow, second from right.

The pom pom fun doesn’t stop there, though – we are expecting a particularly exciting book from Japan any day now – Making Easy and Nice Pom Poms. Check out the amazing ones below!

Making Easy and Nice Pom Poms

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 16.45.54

We can’t wait for it to arrive! If you’d like to be notified when it comes in, you can pop us an email and we’ll let you know!

Loop loves pom poms

Happy pom pomming!

3 Comments on “Loop Loves Pom Poms!

  1. Yes! Pom poms are so much fun. I was hoping you would mention that last book. One of my former LYS coworkers ordered it and we had a lot of fun one afternoon making hamburger/green apple pom poms.

    I’d also have to add that this issue of Pom Pom Quarterly is my favorite thus far. Beautiful job, Loop ladies!

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