Perfectly Charming

Charm Shawl - Loop Knit Lounge

Today we bring you the latest lovely pattern from Loop! Juju has designed yet another stunner – and in true Juju form it’s as clever as it is beautiful. Knit side to side, it’s a crescent shaped, garter stitch shawl with a charming wavy border and i-cord edging worked all in one piece. It’s a feat of short-row engineering that’s perfect whether you’re a long time lover of short rows or brand new to the technique.

Charm Shawl - Loop Knit Lounge

It’s designed to work in either 4ply (fingering) or sportweight yarn – so there’s lots of options! The large version in blue is Shilasdair Luxury 4ply in Atlantic Spray and the lovely grey version above is Skein Merino Silk Sport in Outlaw. The 4ply version is larger, taking four skeins of Shilasdair, and the sportweight in Skein version is smaller, using just one skein.

Charm Shawl - Loop Knit Lounge

The best part is, you can use as much or as little yarn as you like – because it’s knit from side to side in one piece, if you weigh your yarn before you start knitting, once you get to the middle section you can check to see how much yarn you have and choose your own ‘halfway’ point.

Charm Shawl - Loop Knit Lounge

The top edge of the shawl also has a clever little detail – an i-cord finish – so you will undoubtedly find this an entertaining knit and maybe even learn a new technique! Charm is now available in print from our online shop or in-store. We can’t wait to see all the beautiful versions you come up with!

21 Comments on “Perfectly Charming

  1. Please can you make this pattern available as a paid for downloadable PDF? It would be wonderful to be able to get it like that

  2. Beautiful design – any chance of it being available as .pdf – I would certainly purchase it if it was! (I live a LONG way from Loop!)

  3. Really lovely pattern. Any chance of making in downloadable as £3.20 recorded postage seems mighty steep for the £4.50 pattern?

  4. Lovely shawl. I’d also love to be able to download the pattern and so just pay for that and not for P&P. Also I woldn’t have to wait!Thank you – and greetings from Germany.

  5. I love this shawl. It mentions “blue” and I see you have two shades of blue available in your online store. Which shade was used for the blue shawl? Thanks.

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