Making Magazine and new yarn!

Making Magazine and new yarn!

Making Magazine Issue 10 Intricate is launching today! We’ve all been waiting to see what’s in store for us in this beautiful issue. This week we focus on several projects in the magazine to keep us inspired and making.

This issue of Making is absolutely packed with incredible projects! The entire magazine is presented in a gorgeous autumnal golden colour palette. The projects range in crafts from knitting to crochet, sewing and embroidery to punch needle , felting , weaving and natural dyeing .

A quick update.. as of today we are sold out of the the first shipment of Making Magazine. Not to worry, we will be getting more next week! You can pre- order from next weeks shipment on our website.

Thanks so much for your patience if you’ve missed out on the first shipment. We do currently have stock of Making Magazine previous issues. We love this beautiful independent publication and every issue has so much inspiration on every page.

Let’s start with the Late Bloomer Mittens featured on the cover. Designed by Kristin Ledgett, these incredible mittens had us oohing and aahing from the start. They are intricately embroidered, inspired by fall foliage of dinner-plate sized dahlias in full bloom and towering sunflowers. When lined with the optional fleece lining it makes the softest, cosiest pair of mittens!

We have the Late Bloomer Mittens all kit up for you in four beautiful colourways at Loop using Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport and some Lichen and Lace Marsh Mohair. You’ll need the magazine for the pattern and some fleece if you would like to add the lining but all the yarn is included in the kit. The fleece lining makes the cosiest pair of mittens and makes them a bit more snug. Make sure to check the measurements on our website to ensure you purchase the correct size.

We are thrilled to be able to say we will soon be stocking the beautiful Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport in 14 deep and rich colours hand-dyed in Canada. We already stock the beautiful Lichen and Lace Merino fingering as well as the Lichen and Lace Sock Minis so we’ll have even more hand dyed beauty from Canada!

Held with some soft and silky mohair lace as in the Late Bloomer Mittens or used on its own for garments, it’s a yarn that is sturdy and will hold its shape nicely. Perfect for garments and accessories.

Astarales Pullover

One of our favourite jumpers in Making no.10 is the stunning Astarales pullover designed by Paula Pereira. With a contemporary boxy shape and worked from the top down, it has a charming embossed floral motif around the yoke made using a crochet hook. The effect is absolutely beautiful.

The pattern uses a worsted weight 50% mohair, 50% merino wool blend. We think it would be really pretty in the Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather sport held together with a silk and mohair lace weight yarn. Just remember to experiment with your needle size when holding two strands together to achieve the correct gauge. If you prefer a single strand , the CaMaRose Llama wool might be a wonderful alternative. A 50/50 blend of Llama and wool fibres, it would make an exceptionally beautiful and cosy pullover.

Intricate Pullover

The appropriately named Intricate Pullover designed by Nora Gaughan is a cropped and oversized silhouette which shows off some fancy pattern-work. The design is modelled after the pleats and gathering stitches in old fashioned smocking. Twisted stitches and garters combine to show off an intricate pattern of building blocks. The drop shoulder construction and boxy shape make this a versatile style you could wear with jeans as well as over a pretty dress. We’ve just had a new delivery of the Moel View British DK and think it would be a really beautiful choice for this design. Moel View is naturally dyed in Wales and is a gorgeous blend of 75% BFL and 25% Masham wool, perfect for texture and cables. mYak Tibetan Cloud would make a great alternative as well as Brooklyn Tweed Arbor or Uncommon Thread BFL Sport/ Light DK.

Whitlow Grass Jumper

The Whitlow Grass Jumper is a classic colourwork yoked pullover using a 100% wool fingering weight yarn. The Biches et Buches Le petit Lambswool or Brooklyn Tweed Loft might be a good yarn to give you an overall “woolly” rustic but soft appearance as would the Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. If you wanted a smoother finish, Quince and Co Finch or Brooklyn Tweed Peerie might be a good alternative.

More projects..

Of course, Making Magazine isn’t just about knitting or crochet. There are some really fabulous embroidery, sewing and weaving projects in this issue as well. So many crafts to explore and learn!

We have lots of fantastic embroidery and haberdashery supplies that complement these projects. Try your hand at some sewing projects like the Autumn Patch Tote by Paula Bouffard. The tote is a great way to use up some fabric scraps and repurpose some much-loved material. You can then personalise and embellish with some beautiful embroidery threads.

Scallop Pouch from Making Magzine No. 10 Intricate

The Scallop Pouch by Arounna Khounnoraj uses your sewing skills as well as punch needle to make a fun and useful pouch for your haberdashery supplies.

Recent Arrivals

mYak Ra-Ku Cashmere Lace

Sunset on the Plateau designed by Kirsten Kapur photo ©Kirsten Kapur

We have just received a new yarn at Loop from Myak Tibetan Fibres! We are very proud to be one of the few shops that stocks this incredible yarn. Ra-ku is a super refined lace weight 100% Tibetan cashmere. The colours are beautifully saturated and rich, inspired by Tibetan landscapes. Besides being a totally exquisite quality of lace cashmere, Paola of mYak has such an inspiring story and passion for working with the nomadic people of the Tibetan plateau. If you haven’t already seen it, we have a short film on our you tube channel highlighting Paola’s fascinating journey to starting mYak Tibetan Fibres.

Kirsten Kapur’s wonderful shawl design “Sunset on the Plateau” has been re-worked for the Ra-ku cashmere which uses 3 balls of Ra-ku cashmere lace in 3 colours. 

“I love the interplay of natural, undyed yarns combined with rich bright colours, so I wanted to create a shawl that highlights that beauty. I selected a simple, repetitive lace pattern to take advantage of the etherial quality of the yarn, and let the colours take centre stage. … I can only imagine how stunning a sunset must be on the Tibetan Plains where the mYak Cashmere originates.”

De Rerum Natura- Ulysse

We are very excited about our new addition from the De Rerum Natura range of yarns. Ulysse is a Sport/Light DK weight of 100% wool from Arles merinos bred in Provence and, depending on the colour, from black merino bred in Portugal.

Like Gilliatt and Cyrano, Ulysse is a wonderfullly soft wool that is perfect for trying out colourwork, beautiful cables or highlighting a nice rustic lace. It comes in natural colours resulting from the mixture of brown and white fleeces and in subtle mottled dyed colours.

Sophie Digard Woodruff Brooch

Bronze and Platino are the newest colour additions to our wonderful collection of Sophie Digard Woodruff Brooches.

Each petal of the sweet woodruff flower is hand stitched on the softest merino fabric. Each brooch is entirely handmade.

Books for Beginners

We have two new books to share with you this week. Both of these beginner’s handbooks go back to basics with clear illustrations and instructions to help you build your confidence slowly. There are 15 projects to help you practice and perfect your new skills. So take some time for yourself, learn a new skill, and enjoy the pleasure of making gifts for your friends, family and home.

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