New Lain’Amourée – and a giveaway!

New Lain’Amourée – and a giveaway!

We are very pleased to have in stock two of Lain’Amouree’s beautiful yarns! Naturally dyed by Pauline and her husband in Indre et Loire, near Tours in the Loire Valley region of France, these stunning wools would be perfect for everything from socks to sweaters.


Lain'amouree yarn at Loop London
Aphrodite in the colour “Un dimanche chez grand-mère”

Aphrodite is a luxurious fingering-weight blend of alpaca, silk, and cashmere. This is one of the most beautiful and lush yarns we have ever knit with. Bouncy and oh-so-soft, this 4-ply would be perfect for a cozy Honeyblossom cardigan, or combine two tones of this sumptuous yarn for an exquisite Aureate Shawl.


Lain'amouree at Loop London
Cassiope in Loop’s bespoke colour “Un Lapin dans Camden Passage”

Cassiope is a blend of merino and nylon with the added element of stellina, which lends a lovely sparkle to this special sock yarn. We think it would make a wonderful pair of twinkly holiday socks — great for a last minute gift! Or do the edging of our Brown Eyed Susan Shawl in Cassiope for a sophisticated, subtlety sparkly shawl for yourself…

Both yarns are available in 16 colors, and each color has a story that reveals itself with every stitch. Pauline has even been gracious enough to create a bespoke color for Loop, “Un Lapin dans Camden Passage”, which means “A rabbit in Camden Passage”! This is a nod to our Logo and we are totally smitten with this exclusive colour way. It is available in both of the bases that we stock. We are very proud to be their first stockist in the UK and the only one in London.

Our NYC Popup shop

A huge thank you to all of you who came by to visit us a couple of weeks ago at our NYC popup shop. The whole experience for me and Julie Arkell was a joy and the response was incredible. We’re very grateful to all of you who came to visit us and help make it so special.

Wildwood Crochet Kits

Well, it looks like you love the Plant Dyed by Mehlsen Wildwood kits just as much as we do! The response has been overwhelming. For those of you who were not able to get a kit, we have more coming in January. Feel free to email us if you would like to be notified when they arrive and we are more than happy to do that.
Wildwood crochet kit at Loop London
Wildwood crochet kit in “Rose” colourway at Loop London


The lucky winners of the Lopsy Rabbit kit from last week’s blog post are Tricia, who commented on the blog and Mandy, who posted on Instagram. Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to get your address and colour choice.

Lain'amouree at Loop London

This week we are giving away two Lain’amourée project bags! To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us what’s in your project bag at the moment. You can also follow us on Instagram @looplondonloves and either repost our image or post an Lain’amourée image of your own, using the hashtag #LoopLovesLainamouree. Get your entry in by Wednesday, December 5th and we’ll announce the two winners in next week’s blog post!

Good luck and happy knitting!

63 Comments on “New Lain’Amourée – and a giveaway!

  1. I have a pair of socks for my husband and the same for my son, I also have a sweater to finish for my daughter. It’s fair to say that my project bag is a little full with Christmas knitting at the moment.

  2. Lovey project bags! I have a few WIPs but the one I am hoping will no longer be a WIP is my Woodfords cardigan. Just half a sleeve to go, then adjusting the length of the skirt and sewing in ends. The next thing on the needles is a Widow’s Kiss made in the wonderfully one off Wool Trip in the mussel colourway.

  3. I’m working on thetiny tassels shawl in Madelintosh Pashmina. The yarn is just divine to work with. I’m sure I’m going more slowly just because I keep stopping knitting to admire it! Seriously tempted to buy another skein and make it bigger.

  4. Morning from Essex, England … I’m currently knitting in alpaca & silk for my 2 yr old niece. Do you know … my mind races as I just don’t have time to do all the projects I want to do

  5. A project bag? Will just share two: abate by Alicia (think Alicia) Plummer and Feather by Veronik Avery. Two sweaters are very unusual for me. Have a scarf and hat going too. Whatever works for plane, meeting, home, or knitting group. (aka how much attention/conversation needed/ going on.)

  6. Just finishing a pompom for the first circular needles fairisle hat I have ever knitted…. I am a beginner. Now to find a shawl/cowel pattern for some Noro Wool (size 8 needles) that I bought, again a new area never having used size 8 needles before and that might need to be on a cirular needle as well. Interesting times! If anyone has such a pattern I would be interested.

  7. Which bag which WIP. I have so many including rose quartz carbeth and about three pairs of socks and Elton and weekender poised to get started! I love project bags and as I said I need them. I have lost count of the number of wips I have !

  8. Right now I have two projects in my bag—one is the Fraxinus (sp?) cowl using a hyper local yarn that is wool/llama combo. I am using a super cute project bag I got at Tolt’s 5th anniversary sale (Tolt is a great yarn store near Seattle WA) but would love one of the Loop project bags!

  9. Which project bag do I describe? I’m the Queen of WIP!
    Best one is the Myak yak silk from Loop being knitted (slowly) into an Icelandic shawl pattern.
    The rest are mainly stockings for Christmas for my Register class.
    oh.. and my husband’s Christmas pressi…
    oh, also that jumper, er…
    You get the idea?

  10. I have currently got the rib of one sock in my bag with said pattern. Also around five or six knitting patterns, booklets and books.

  11. Hi Loop! I’m still very much the newbie knitter but aknitting goal for 2019 is to make up your Tiny Tassels Shawl. I also bought some of your Bibi when Loop Pop Up came to NYC. So maybe a shawl or scarf…we shall see but can’t wait!

  12. With me its socks, rashly promised a pair to all my relatives. Sock knitting is addictive but……………………………..!

  13. I have a Little Cotton Rabbits bunny looking for a project bag home. He’s currently in a toilet bag, poor thing.

  14. I have two unfinished pair of socks. I love having one bag per WIP projects.”Un écheveau est une gourmandise qui ne fait pas grossir”, I love it !!

  15. I have several things going right now but I am mostly working on Christmas stockings for my family…almost done! Love the project bags!

  16. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Project Peace 3, and have a caked skein of Hedgehog Fibres Sporty Merino in Juniper reader for the needles!

  17. I have the Metanoia cowl in West Yorkshire spinner “Retreat” in my project bag. Very boring to knit, but feels gorgeous, so I can’t wait to start some socks with my “Lain’amouree Cassiope!

  18. I am really excited to have finally started the Pinwheel Mitts….I put all other WIPs aside to get these finished to wear this winter. I would love to carry this special project around in one of your lovely project bags!

  19. Love your store! Your photos are a constant source of inspiration to me! Right now I’m knitting Christmas socks for my family and also working on the Owligan sweater by Kate Davies.

  20. Currently in my project bag is some selfish knitting, a Sipila using Tosh Sock in Antler and Beautiful Liar (purple).

  21. I met Pauline & her Partner at the London Knitting & Stitching exhibition and am delighted that you now stock some of their yarn.
    In my project bag is Wick Lane Shawl from Pompom magazine, being knitted in Lain Amouree’s Athena in a delicious color ‘Coulis de framboise’ One of their bags would magnify my delight.

  22. Ahh..would you believe I am knitting the Spruce Hat by Ella Austin!!! This is a totally fun knit which I will be gifting :)Thanks for offering a give-a-way!!

  23. I have Zsa Zsa by Marie Amelie Design in my project bag. I saw the Lain’amouree’s yarns yesterday in “Creation et Savoir Faire” in Paris and I hope to knit them one day, their project bags would be a good start !

  24. I’m knitting a sparkly series of linked loops for holiday decoration, and after that a Junko scarf (which might get modified to a lap blanket)

  25. I am on my second Sister/Girlfriend Shawl in reverse colours to the first one. To share with my girlfriend for Christmas. Using indie dyers yarn from Yarnfloozy and Skein.

  26. Love these project bags with their unique prints. I have a three colour Xanthe Wrap in a lace and garter stitch.. design by Ambah O’Brien, in my project bag at the moment.

  27. In my project bag I have the Tiny Tassels Shawl. Xmas Present for my lovely mother in law. Working hard to complete it in time

  28. Gift knitting in smaller project bags and Damselfly as my main project. Gift knitting is taking priority. I love project bags and think these would be lovely to put a knitted gift or skein of yarn in, for a very special gift

  29. A crocheted bobble beret to my own design in Yorkshire wool yarn.
    Love the bags and, with a birthday soon, this would make a fab selfie gift!

  30. Beautiful project bags… I am hoping to finish today the socks in my project pair – knitted as part of the Marie Curie sock challenge. I need to get them in the post ready to warm sombodies feet this Christmas!

  31. I have many project bags full at the moment, enchanted Mesa out of my handspun and socks in another, a shawl, a mitten….

  32. I am currently ripping back the yarn from some recently discovered project bags. The children have outgrown the intended jumpers before I finished them. But that doesn’t mean I have learnt my lesson, I fully intend to complete the jumpers for Christmas this year!

  33. So many WIPs so little time. One particular that I am loving and now needs a rather large project bag is Helen Stewart’s A Dust of Snow. It’s been a joy to knit and I’m loving the fact I am using all my leftovers from other projects.

  34. Such lovely project bags I, presently, have two wips. I admit that I have been on sleeve island for my Florrie by Libby Johnson and, while visiting the island, I have picked up Hermione’s socks which I hope will be finished tomorrow. Lain’Amourée has created such beautiful yarns in gorgeous palettes ♥️♥️

  35. I have my very first pair of socks! One is done and I’m now trying to remember the class of turning the heel for the second sock ‍♀️

  36. My first knitted hat is patiently waiting in my project bag for me to cast off and add a tassel. If only my project bag were this sweet, I’d probably be tempted to pick it back up and finish.

  37. Hello! I am in love with these bags. My current project bag is tattered at best and holds some leftover bliss yarns that are becoming hand warmers for my girls. So a new one would be great! The other won might be a Christmas gift for my knitting maven sister.

  38. I am making tiny xmas stockings for a xmas bunting, I have three little shawls in various stages and a big winter shawl made from merino & possum wool. Mmm think I had better finish some before I start anything else.

    • Now it’s time to knit mitts, socks, shawl and hat so probably need those bags to carry one of those projects…

  39. I have ‘Humulus’ in one project bag and a doll dress in the other. I doubt either will be finished any time soon!

  40. I have a Blank Canvas Sweater by Ysolda in my project bag at the moment – loving everything about this pattern. These project bags are so pretty.

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