Opening Day Party

Phew! We are still reeling from the opening of our new shop! We’ve never had a day like it!  There were over 130 people waiting in the queue when our shop opened to applause and cheers. (It was very heart warming ~ tears were shed backstage!) Thank you to everyone who came and made the day such a joyous celebration for us!

Many bloggers have written about the event and posted pictures of the mayhem. (Lookie herehere, here, here and here for just a taster.) I’d love to hear from others who have pictures and blog links!

The queue before the new shop opened
The queue before the new shop opened

I wasn’t carrying my camera on the day since I was so busy backstage but some Loop friends have kindly allowed me to post their picture in the gallery (Thank you Alicia Anderson and David Silverberg).


Next post I’ll have some lovely detail shots of our shop to share with you!

~ Juju at Loop

5 Comments on “Opening Day Party

  1. Wow…that is a lot of people! How exciting for you on the opening day. Hope you have many more fun days ahead of you in the new shop ;)

  2. Oh no! What have you done?! You have now placed yourselves just where I can *accidentally* find myself wandering at lunchtime! Oh No OH NO! Lock my credit cards up!!!

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