Organic yarns and beautiful Easter treats at Loop

Organic yarns and beautiful Easter treats at  Loop

Spring is officially just around the corner, so we are celebrating the season with some beautiful organic yarns as well as some fun Easter projects and haberdashery gifts.

Semilla DK GOTS

Semilla DK GOTS at Loop

One of our favourite all-around yarns, BC Garn’s Semilla DK, is now fully GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Most people will have heard about organic cotton, but we often get asked what does organic and GOTS mean when referring to wool? 

Firstly, organic certification means that the sheep reared for their wool must be allowed to roam freely with lots of space and fed, sheltered and transported with consideration to their wellbeing. Secondly, the use of chemicals is carefully restricted to meet requirements on toxicity and biodegradability. In other words, GOTS or Oeko-Tex organic certification is the gold standard for sustainable and ethical textile processing of organic fibres.

Along with being fully GOTS certified, the Semilla DK GOTS now comes in a revised colour palette of 30 bright and happy colours and is super soft and machine washable (on a cold wool cycle). It is a beautiful and versatile everyday wool perfect for garments and accessories for babies to adults.

Lopsy Rabbit Kit

In celebration of the season and the launch of the updated Semilla DK GOTS, our Lopsy Rabbit Kit is back! This adorable floppy-eared bunny designed for Loop by Thandi Pritchard uses the Semilla DK GOTS in a minty blue-grey colour with our bespoke Orkney Angora colour ‘Ghosts on Pointe’ for his charming scarf and oversized fluffy pompom tail. The kit comes with all the yarn and embroidery thread you’ll need and the printed pattern. We also have the printed pattern on its own if you want to try some other fun colour combinations.

We will also have a new version of another colour in the kit coming soon!


Our Loop pattern Honeyblossom Cardigan also uses the Semilla DK GOTS and was designed by Yoko Hatta, the Kazekobo studio founder in Japan. We’ve loved this cardigan for a long time with its beautiful honeycomb stitch yoke. It has an easy and swingy fit designed to fit an extensive range of sizes. The smooth and worsted spun Semilla DK GOTS is the perfect choice for a soft fabric with just the right amount of drape. The Honeyblossom cardigan would be beautiful embellished with a unique clasp or one of our shawl pins or brooches.

Krea Deluxe Organic

Organic certification is also important when it comes to cotton. Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton is produced with the highest organic standards, and all processes from the raw cotton to spinning, winding, and dyeing are certified. Organic certification is excellent news for anyone suffering from allergies or for baby and children’s wear.

We now have Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton Raw, which is the closest you will get to the raw unprocessed organic cotton. Organic cotton raw is a soft and un-dyed yarn in its natural colour. The natural growth of GOTS certified fibres that are sown, grown and harvested without chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers create longer fibres, making them both incredibly soft and strong. The organic cotton Raw makes a great base to try out some botanical dyeing as well!

Both the Krea Deluxe Organic and Organic Cotton Raw are sportweight cotton but can be knit on various needle sizes. Krea deluxe organic cotton makes a great choice for crochet toys or knitted and crocheted garments. 

We have a free pattern on our blog for the cutest crocheted bunnies for table decorations, or try making a garland out of several! Any smooth cotton like the Krea deluxe organic cotton would be perfect for these.  

We hope we have inspired you with some of these gorgeous yarns that have been produced responsibly with consideration for humans, animals and the environment.

Haberdashery Easter Treats

With all the spring knitting and crocheting we’ll be doing, we need some beautiful project bags to keep everything tidy. All the Beautiful Linen is a mother and daughter run business in Lithuania, making beautiful linen pouches out of ethically and sustainably sourced linen. Each pouch is lovingly hand-embroidered with enchanting woodland motifs with a little embroidered “ L” just for Loop. So charming! 

We have some lovely little Loop and bunny inspired enamel pins and brooches for you to personalise your project bags or as a treat for yourself or a friend. We have lots of little bunny-themed items in our shop, like the Loop enamel badges featuring the iconic Loop hare.

Then there is the brooch version of our popular Happy Pop Bunny button! The brooch has a flower motif background and a three-dimensional gold bunny in the centre. 

We have an ongoing debate in the shop about whether the knitting bunny postcard is a dog or a bunny knitting a sock. We prefer to think of it as a bunny! 

And for something a bit more intricate, our selection of bronze brooches are pressed from brass sheets using antique plates, so the designs are all vintage. So delicate and beautiful!

Recent Arrivals at Loop

  • Some very exciting news! Laine Publishing have come out with a 52 weeks of Shawls book that is incredible and full of stunning shawl patterns. A true encyclopedia of shawls and a future classic for decades to come. It is available for PRE-ORDER as of today!
  • Making Magazine No 11- DAWN is now on pre-order. This issue is brimming with over 20 projects and tutorials in knitting, crocheting and sewing.
  • Making Stories Issue 5 is also available as a pre-order. This issue features 12 knitwear designs celebrating nature through texture, shape and form. Launches next Friday on the 24th of March!
  • We have added a few more vintage Kokeshi dolls to the shop. They are all made of wood and all of them are signed on the bottom or the side by the artist who made them. They are so beautiful and each one is unique!
  • We’ve had a restock of BC Garn Lino ready for your spring linen knit and crochet projects.

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