Skein Queen ~ Tweedore

Skein Queen ~ Tweedore
Bucklebury and Greenham Common

Loop is delighted to introduce our stunning new yarn from Skein Queen ~ Tweedore!

Tweedore is rustic-looking, but soft, with a lovely sheen and blackish neps. It’s a 4-ply, sock-weight base made from 85% superwash Bluefaced Leicester & 15% Donegal neps. We’re the only retailer to carry this gorgeous base yarn from Skein Queen and we have two exclusive colours: Rosebery and Angel!

Tweedore at Loop London
Drunk Bees, River Thames and Neon Lovebirds

Tweedore is a perfect choice for garments, gloves, hats, scarves or shawls. The BFL is hard wearing with a beautiful lustre.

Tweedore Drunk Bees at Loop London
Drunk Bees
Tweedore at Loop London
Left to Right: Abbey Ruins, Brick Kiln, Inkpen & Grazely Green

We think Floozy by Libby Jonson would look great in Tweedore.

Floozy by Libby Jonson
Floozy by Libby Jonson

The stranded pattern colours could be done in Tweedore or a solid fingering 4-ply such as Koigu Premium Merino or Uncommon Thread Tough Sock, which is also a superwash BFL.

Jaycee in Tweedore at Loop London
Jaycee in Tweedore Drunk Bees

We’ve knit a Jaycee by Isabelle Kraemer in Drunk Bees! The golden colour is a semi-solid with the black neps throughout.

Jaycee in Tweedore at Loop London
Jaycee in Tweedore Drunk Bees

Most of the neps are either black or a pale natural colour, depending on which gives the highest contrast with the base colour. You can see the full 20 colour palette below.

Prize Giveaway

We’re giving away two skeins of Tweedore to celebrate its arrival at Loop! We’ll give away one skein of Roseberry to a winner on our blog and one skein of Angel to a winner on our Instagram.

Tweedore at Loop London
Roseberry and Angel ~ exclusive colours named after areas near Loop

To win on the blog, leave a comment below.

To win on Instagram, follow us and repost our Tweedore picture, or one of your own, using the hashtag #LoopLovesTweedore.

Why not enter both for twice the chance to win a beautiful skein of Tweedore? We’ll announce winners next Friday September 7th.

Good luck and we hope to see you at the Greater London Yarn Crawl, September 1st!

153 Comments on “Skein Queen ~ Tweedore

  1. I would love to win this yarn. I’m currently recovering from an ankle operation and have not had a change to buy yarn for months. I’m getting some serious withdrawal symptoms!

  2. Such beautiful additions to the many wonderful Yarns at Loop. I’m a big fan of Debbie’s Yarns. Thank you for bringing some to Loop. X

    • Oh my what beautiful new yarn. I’m currently doing a Floozy and this will be perfect for a second one xx

  3. Ooh, I just want to squish a skein! Such vibrant colours, hard to choose a favourite…but I think Roseberry :)

  4. Another beautiful collection at Loop. Roseberry conjures up images of roses and raspberries, what a gorgeous combination. Well done Loop, another winner!!

  5. Yet another fabulous yarn from Skein Queen, so many fantastic colours to choose from! I’m loving the Loop exclusive colours.

  6. This yarn looks wonderful. I have long wanted to knit with tweed-y yarn but was neither convinced by the colours available nor the feeling of the garment (too scratchy???). This new will looks amazing and Roseberry looks like a lovely shade to try.

  7. I have never knit with a tweed style yarn, now would be a good time to start!!
    Am loving the Jaycee cardigan. The bit of texture at the yoke adds interest letting the yarn be the main attraction!

  8. What an exciting new yarn. Beautiful and I expect hardwearing and soft at the same time. I would love to win a skein.

  9. Oh my gosh what a beautiful looking yarn. Just recovering from surgery and dreaming of fancy yarns and pretty patterns in inspire my recovery.

  10. I’m longing to visit your shop in London and gaze upon the loveliness of the Roseberry Tweedoor. Guess I’ll have to fly on over!! ♥️

  11. Lovely colours just starting on my first neck down top so would be nice to have a go at the jacee in the raspberry, I think.

  12. The yarn is gorgeous! How I wish I lived or was visiting London at the moment to see all the colors in person!

  13. That is absolutely gorgeous yarn – if I win I’ll pick it up myself when I visit your store in October :-). Will be in London for 2 days and you’re first on my list to visit as soon as I arrive – looking forward to exploring your store.

  14. I love tweedy yarn and these colors are stunning. Beautiful projects knit with this yarn are dancing in my head.

  15. Im a big yarn lover and would love to try this yarn, especially because of this very special yarn mix. Actually it looks like on the pictures that it does contain some silk, it shines. Lovely!

  16. Hi, I live n Perth, Western Australia & have fallen in love with your shop & beautyfk Wools & Ribbons
    & would love t knot a little girls French cardigan (as I knit them a lot) also g with trimming it with one of your ribbons with the miniature bells on it & advertise your shop as the supplier. Also can’t wat to visit your shop next year when in the UK.

  17. I’m a massive fan of Debbie’s fabulous yarn and have made several lovely shawls for myself and as gifts .Would love the chance to win a skein of Roseberry

  18. Another delicious yarn from Skein Queen. The colours are wonderful. A sophisticated tweed that isn’t dark or dull.

  19. Love, love, love this Shoppe! I live in Ohio and every time I close to London we visit and purchase! In fact, my daughter came from Vietnam to Shoppe !

  20. I love how this yarn combines the tweed with beautiful vibrant colours I definitely need a sweater quantity of it, once I can decide on a colour. or two…

  21. What a great twist on tweed! The colors are gorgeous. I keep envisioning Ink Pen in a Japanese inspired pattern. A skein of Roseberry would make a perfect pair of new fall socks from one of my favorite Nancy Bush patterns.

  22. I discovered Rosebery Avenue this Summer – full of so much history and interest.
    A beautiful color of tweed.

  23. What a gorgeous yarn!
    As a tweed lover, I’m so happy to see these beauties
    And I’m gonna move tomorrow to a flat near Loop!

  24. It’s time for Tweedore!
    At last- a less bulky tweed with color character and wee nepps. Searching the queued patterns that will be perfect for these lovelies.

  25. I love this new yarn. Tweedore is also a very good name for it and would very much enjoy knitting something with it.

    Thsnk you for this nice giveaway.

  26. Tweedore looks fantastic. I am just completing my Jaycee cardi, but yours knit up in Drunk Bees is to die for. Love the yarn! Thanks for including everyone in the give-away!

  27. You carry the most beautiful yarns. I’m happy for the internet that allows me to purchase yarns from any country in the world. It’s definitely widened the variety in my stash. I love the color Angel but quite frankly, they’re all lovely. Love the neps in the yarn.

  28. This is a truly beautiful yarn. I’ve never been lucky enough to win anything in a give-away, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for those gorgeous colours.

  29. This yarn looks scrumptious. I will be back in London in October- I’ll be so sad if there’s none left. Fingers and toes crossed.

  30. I’ve never regretted any yarn purchased from Loop. You manage to select yarns with beautiful colors, wonderful hand, and extraordinary excitement! Although I would love to win, when I come to London again next month, I know I will buy some of it anyway. Loop is, without a doubt, my favorite yarn store — including both sides of the Atlantic!

  31. Beautiful yarn , I’ve just finished knitting a scarf in Koigu yarn from you and can’t wait to start something new :) Good luck everyone . Xxx

  32. my knitting addicted Mom woukd absolutely love to try this beautiful yarn! thanks for the chance to gift it to her

  33. my knitting addicted Mom would absolutely love to try this beautiful yarn! thanks for the chance to gift it to her

  34. What a fabulous new yarn! Tweedore has an amazing and unique combination of wonderful qualities and leave it to Loop to up the ante with the gorgeous exclusive colors. Thank you!!

  35. I just bought a skein of Bucklebury, though I had the intention nevermore to buy yarn, because my stash is bigger than I never can knit, even if I were an octopus

  36. Gorgeous yarns and wonderful colors.
    I’ve just bought in your shop in London a couple of yarns I broght with me to Italy….. who knows…

  37. This is absolutely gorgeous, my little girls were peeking over my shoulder and wondering who I would be knitting a project with this wool…didn’t have the heart to say, “Myself”

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