Spring Stitches in Full Bloom at Loop

Spring Stitches in Full Bloom at Loop

Spring has sprung here in London and the shop is abuzz with excitement for a busy season. Here’s what’s in store!

Hikaru Noguchi Visits Loop!

We are so excited to host visible mending guru Hikaru Noguchi in our London shop! Hikaru is one of our favourite crafters and we always love having her beautiful books and products in the shop. She has developed modern darning techniques that are simple to use and beautiful to behold, not to mention super useful in extending the lives of your most treasured textiles. In two sessions on Sunday April 24 Hikaru will teach two of her darning methods, Seed Darning (which uses back stitch) and Honeycomb Darning (which uses blanket stitch). She will demonstrate these methods and give feedback on participants’ technique. These methods are great for repairing and covering holes, stains, and thinning bits of clothing and other household fabrics, and they work well on stretchy as well as woven pieces.

Hikaru Noguchi’s Darning Mushrooms

Those who can’t make it to Hikaru’s classes will be glad to know we are also fully stocked up on her first book, ‘Darning: Repair, Make, Mend‘, which covers 12 darning techniques, as well as her cute Handmade Darning Mushrooms, which are incredibly beautiful tools. The step-by-step instructions in her book are super easy to follow, even for non-sewers, and the photography is just amazing.

All the Beautiful Linen Drawstring Bags

Our spring delivery of linen drawstring bags by All the Beautiful Linen has arrived and they are as lovely as ever. These make such great project bags and they are really so beautiful. Each one is hand-stitched in Lithuania by a mother and her daughters. These nature-inspired motifs and lovely pastel colours could not be more perfect for spring. Depicting bees, flowers, and lovely little animals, these bags set the tone for the season.

Shimmering Threads Add Springtime Sparkle

Springtime is your time to shine, and we’ve got tons of options thanks to deliveries of Stellaris Metallic Threads and Ito Silk Threads. Each of these lovely collections of threads come in a stunning array of colours to add irresistible glints to your embroidery or darning.

Minä Perhonen Fabric Swatches

Minä Perhonen Fabric Swatches at Loop London

We’ve released more of the gorgeous Fabric Swatches from Minä Perhonen on our website, and we’ll be adding even more on Monday! These handmade treasures combine offcuts from Minä Perhonen’s beautiful textiles and provide fertile ground for creativity whatever your craft of choice may be.

Embroidered Sheep Haberdashery Pouches

We’ve just received a few more of these cuties from Cornwall. Poppy Treffry’s handmade Embroidered Sheep Haberdashery Pouches are a darling way of keeping all your bits together. Stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needles, and more all stay perfectly organised and at hand with this sweet little zipper pouch.

Yarn Galore

We’ve re-stocked some of our favourite yarns, including our full selection from Ito

More and more of our favourite yarns are showing up every day! We’ve just had deliveries of Lazy Lion Sock Yarn, all of our Ito yarns (not just the lovely threads!), Daughter of a Shepherd yarns, and Gilliat from De Rerum Natura. We can’t wait to see what you create! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you find the perfect yarn.

Making Stories Issue 7

Making Stories Issue 7

The long wait for Making Stories Issue 7 is over! The latest issue of this great magazine launched yesterday and we’ve been pouring over it ever since. This issue focuses on joy and sustainability. Each of the 12 designers who contributed did so in celebration of one of their favourite elements of crafting, whether that was a shape, a technique, a style, or a type of garment. This issue celebrates some of our favourite yarns as well, including De Rerum Natura Gilliatt (which we’ve just re-stocked!) used in Marianne Munier’s Sakae cardigan, Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool recommended for Marion Bulin’s Bobble Waves shawl, and the Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton used in Marthe Forodden’s Cigar cardigan. The Bobble Waves and Cigar patterns also call for a lightweight mohair, for which Isager Silk Mohair or Gepard Yarn Kid Seta would work well.

Happy weekend!

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