Spruce Cardigan

Spruce Cardigan
Spring is finally popping off here in London; The daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths are up and there are buds on the trees. We have the perfect transitional weather cardigan for you and a pattern give-away!

Spruce Cardigan from Loop London
Our new Spruce Cardigan is a grown-up version of the adorable, baby Conifer Cardi  by Ella Austin.
 Ella is a designer with a modern, mid-century vibe to her designs, which are quirky and fun.


Susan posted a picture of her Confier Cardi on our Instagram feed, a while back, and got loud pleas to release an adult version.
Conifer Cardigan at Loop London
Susan spoke to Ella, and she loved the idea of releasing an adult pattern, in collaboration with Loop.
Spruce Cardigan colour work detail by Ella Austin at Loop London

BC Garn Semilla Grosso

We selected BC Garn’s Semilla Grosso  organic wool for the design.
BC Garn is based in Denmark and produces this wonderful, surprisingly soft, GOTS Certified 100% Organic wool. We carry it in a lace, DK and this heavy Aran weight in 33 colours.
Here’s what Ella had to say about the Semilla Grosso,
“I loved working with the Semilla Grosso!
It’s wonderful working with a bulky yarn that feels natural and woolly, as well as soft and light.
The colour range is fantastic, perfect for lots of colourwork possibilities! I enjoyed the virtuous feeling of knitting with a yarn that has an organic certification! Plus, on a practical level, I always appreciate the instant gratification of bulky knits.”
We agree; There is nothing like getting a cardigan finished in a week or two, especially one as pretty and fancy as this.
Spruce Cardigan detail at Loop London
Although the Fair Isle is worked back and forth, (you’ll have to work those purl stitches with two colours) it isn’t an all-over pattern, so the slower, colour-work part is over quickly. At least this means no steeking for you Fraidy Cats, scared of cutting into your knits.
Ella’s “Spruce” motif is inspired by Scandinavian designs, with their graphic, symmetrical images of natural subjects.
Spruce Cardigan pattern samples at Loop London

Spring Colours

Susan and Ella selected a neutral grey (101), paired with bright pink (123) for the colour scheme.
But we also love the idea of duck egg blue (120) and brick red (116) too.
Sevilla Grosso 116 and 120 at Loop London
Or pair the same red (120) with the neutral grey (101) for a classic look.
Semilla Grosso 101 and 116 at Loop London
When I asked Ella what her favourite neutral colour was, she said,
“I don’t know if I have a favourite – I think I like them all! I do lean towards warmer shades, so a biscuity colour is great but I also love warmer greys.”
Ever since she said that, biscuit has become my favourite word for describing a warm neutral; forget “Oatmeal”.
How about pairing our biscuit (known as acorn 103) with the lovely Duck Egg blue (120).
Semilla Grosso 103 and 120 at Loop London
Since all the Semilla yarns are dyed over the natural sheep-colour base, there are greyish tones peaking through. None of the colours are bright or artificial looking. They look cosy and soft as well as feel it.
Cosy Spruce Cardigan at Loop London
We think this is the perfect transitional season cardigan. When it’s time to abandon your winter coat and enjoy a lighter look, this cardigan will keep you cosy, whatever the weather.
Ella, who works from home, in Devon, admits that,
“In warmer weather I like cropped trousers, a vest top and a cardigan with flip flops. Cardigans are my staple year-round favourite item of clothing!”
She says the the Spruce Cardigan is her ideal Spring jacket; the perfect combination of smart and comfortable.
Ella, we agree. Roll on Spring!
You can purchase the printed pattern at Loop or download the design from Ella.

Pattern Give-Away

We will give away 3 PDF copies of the pattern on Monday, March 27th. To win a copy, leave a comment on the blog or on Instagram with the hashtag #LoopLovesSpruce. Good luck!

97 Comments on “Spruce Cardigan

  1. I love Ella’s patterns! I have knit one and am looking forward to knitting some others. Would love to have Spruce – it would be delightful to knit a cardigan with bulky yarn (rather than the fingering weight cardigan I am slogging through now!).

  2. So glad Ella designed an adult version. I eould use the “biscuit” and aqua.
    Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

  3. Love this cardigan, and I would also need the beautiful blouse the model is wearing under it…where did she get it?

  4. I think this might be my first cardigan pattern to have a go at #feelinginspired #LoopLovesSpruce. I do like the grey and pink colour way although I might be tempted to go for a purple rather than pink – decisions decisions :)

  5. Thank you for another beautiful cardigan choice. I want to try this one next after I finish Winter Whispers.

  6. A perfect solution for swapping out my tired winter coats, much needed at this time of year! Love the whimsy and practicality of this cardigan :)

  7. This is such a great pattern, and the yarn pairings inspired. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I so enjoyed knitting the ‘baby’ version, the adult pattern and yarn is lovely – so many colour choices they all look fab.

  9. What a great looking cardigan. Perfect timing as we are heading into Autumn and Winter here in Australia.

  10. This is great – I’ve promised to knit my daughter-in-law a cardigan this year. I believe this one will be the perfect choice!

  11. I love the usefulness of it and the interest around the bottom. I like the powder pink and something dark to go with this.

  12. Loved knitting the Honeyblossom cards with Semilla yarn, so would love to make this with more than one colour! But which ones?!

  13. Love this pattern! Am so upset about breaking my wrist on Wednesday and not being able to knit for the foreseeable but this pattern gives me something to look forward to x

  14. One of the prettiest cardigan’s ever! Am excited to visit your store this summer. I wasn’t able to locate the flowered shirt but thanks for sending me the info.

  15. I love the simplicity of this cardigan, but oh so classy. You had me at Duck Egg Blue!!!!
    Would love to knit this cardigan.

  16. #looplovesspruce another gorgeous pattern from the equally gorgeous @bombellaella I think the duck egg blue would be just the thing for spring!

  17. What a FUN cardi! I love all the color options proposed too. We’ve had such a long winter across the pond that this would indeed be a great Spring project to chase those last few chills away!

  18. Been drooling over this pattern since you announced it. And you’ve shown off the two colors I was thinking of using! Biscuit and Duck Egg. Lovely!

  19. I love a cardi to throw on in all seasons. The chunky wool looks fun to knit with too. Great pattern all round. Duck egg blue and biscuit – yum.

  20. I gasped when the site loaded with the cardi! I just love the wee Conifer and am thrilled there’s adult sizes now!!
    I’m intrigued by the yarn-always happy to see another organic choice and I’m smitten with the duck egg blue.
    Thank you for doing a giveaway! Ever hopeful it’s my turn to win.

  21. Biscuit and duck egg, or perhaps charcoal and turquoise…. Aran weight: let’s pretend I have the time to knit a cardi in 2 weeks :)

  22. Gorgeous cardi. Just enough colour work to keep it interesting and a weighty enough yarn to make it speedy.

  23. Gorgeous cardi. Just enough colour work to keep it interesting and a weighty enough yarn to make it speedy.

  24. Gorgeous cardi. Just enough colour work to keep it interesting and a weighty enough yarn to make it speedy.

  25. So pretty, modern. Would love to make this. I am more scared of purling with 2 colors than steeking, but I’d try with this pattern.

  26. So pretty, modern. Would love to make this. I am more scared of purling with 2 colors than steeking, but I’d try with this pattern!

  27. This is such a fun pattern! I made the cardigan for my grandson (Pacific Northwest conifer on Ravelry) and would LOVE to make an adult version for his mother! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for offering the give away. :)

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