Summer colours from Qing Fibre

Summer colours from Qing Fibre
Qing Fibre in Papaya - shown here on all bases

One of our very favourite yarns at Loop is Qing Fibre. Hand dyed in London by Layla and her expert team, Qing Fibre yarns are a dream to knit and crochet with, and they come in a gorgeous rainbow of colour.

A huge delivery from Qing Fibre landed at Loop recently, so we wanted to show you some of the brand new colours from their Shangri-La collection, just arrived for Summer 2019.

There are 5 new colours at Loop – ‘N2O’, ‘Papaya’, ‘Euphoria’, ‘Sylvanas’ and ‘Nebula’. All are wonderfully rich, and have plenty of fun speckles!

Above is ‘Nebula’, a mix of warmest orange, red and fuchsia! We have it on the Super Soft DK, Big Merino Chunky and Merino Singles bases, which are shown here left to right. We love the fact that the colour changes slightly across the different bases, as they all have slightly different fibre composition.

Qing Fibre in Papaya
Qing Fibre in ‘Papaya’ – shown here on all bases

This is ‘Papaya’! We’re very taken with this colour, it’s so summery! ‘Papaya’ is available on all Qing Fibre bases at Loop.

Qing Fibre at Loop London
Qing Fibre in ‘Euphoria’

Next up is ‘Euphoria’. This is a very rich colour, which ranges between deep brown-green to ochre, with lots of speckles in shades of red, brown and green-blue. As you can see, this colour also varies depending on the base it is on, so pick your favourite! Shown here on Merino Singles, Super Soft DK, Big Merino Chunky and Kid Mohair Silk (left to right).

If you’re looking for a moodier colour this summer, look no further than ‘Sylvanas’. This is an intensely rich shade of yellowy green, with a gorgeous complementary purple. Again, it changes slightly depending on the base. The richest greens are on the Big Merino Chunky base (top right), where as it is much more subtly green, and a little more brown, on the Kid Mohair Silk base (bottom left). Also shown on the Super Soft DK (top) and Merino Singles (bottom) bases.

Qing Fibre at Loop London

Our last new colour is ‘N2O’, which is shown here on all bases apart from the Melted Baby Suri. This is a gem of a colour, with rich rusty orange, pink and green speckles on a cool cream coloured base. This would be perfect for a whole sweater or cardigan – super fun to knit up, but easy to wear and match with jeans or a plain dress.

Qing Fibre Merino Singles in ‘Blackhare’

Our newest delivery from Qing also included some of our favourite colours – shown above is ‘Blackhare’ on Merino Singles. This has been a very popular colour at Loop for some time now!

We also love these two shades together – ‘Peachy’ and ‘Shell Beach’. This base is the Big Merino Chunky, which would be perfect for cowls or hats for the Autumn (it’s never too early to start planning!)

Qing Fibre at Loop London
Qing Fibre in ‘Peachy’ and ‘Shell Beach’ on Big Merino Chunky, shown with one of our Pop Pink project bags

Lastly, we just want to say that if you’re thinking about booking onto one of our workshops or events in New York for our pop-up, you’ll need to hurry as some things are already sold out! Find all the information in our blog post from last week.

Loop NYC pop up by Julie Arkell at Loop London
Our lovely illustration of a knitting skyscraper, by Julie Arkell

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