Surfing the Colour Wave with Mette Mehlsen

Surfing the Colour Wave with Mette Mehlsen

There are few things we love more than a new collaboration with Mette Mehlsen. Our long-standing friendship with the textile artist has already produced Loop crochet favourites Flower Power and Wildwood. Now a new knit scarf called Colour Wave, currently available for pre-order, is joining their ranks!

Handcrafts have been at the centre of Mette Mehlsen’s life since her mother taught her to knit before she could even read or write. Her passion for craft led her to pursue a degree in Textile Design, Handcraft and Communications. Later she began work with historical materials at cultural museums in her native Denmark. While working with textiles from the 1800s she was inspired to explore plant dying, which she says opened a whole new world of possibilities for her craft.

Mette Mehlsen’s Plant Dyed Yarns at Loop London

The new knit Colour Wave Scarf Kit uses Mette’s gorgeous plant dyed yarn to explore natural textures and colours. Like an old oak tree covered in Spanish moss, blue and green hues ebb and flow over the length of this piece. Using 24 cakes of Plant Dyed by Mehlsen with two strands held throughout, there is plenty of room for the knitter to get creative with colour combinations and transitions. Single cakes of the plant dyed wool are also available if you want to add length or width to the scarf.

The Colour Wave Scarf Kit comes with all the wool you’ll need along with a printed pattern. It comes wrapped in a Loop project bag to keep everything safe and tidy. These kits are on their way to Loop and are currently available for pre-order. They should be with us before the end of the month and they will ship as soon as they arrive.

Knitprovisation Shawl Kit

Stephen West’s Knitprovisation Shawl for Aimée Gille’s new book, Worsted

We’re still buzzing about Aimée Gille’s new book, Worsted, and we’re thrilled to announce that our kits for the shawl Stephen West contributed to the collection are now available! The Knitprovisation Shawl features clean lines and graphic details that show off the lovely soft texture of La Bien Aimée’s beautiful new Corrie Worsted yarn. Designed to be a ‘big sister’ to Stephen’s famous Fantastitch, the pattern offers plenty of interest without being too taxing on the knitter.

The Knitprovisation Shawl Kit is available in two colourways, Hegelia or Fluoro Morganite, and come with all the yarn you’ll need to complete the pattern as well as a Loop cotton shopper bag. We are also carrying the full range of La Bien Aimée’s beautiful new Corrie Worsted base if you’d like to mix and match your own colours! Please note the pattern for this shawl is included in the book Worsted and will need to be purchased separately.

Pre-order Amirisu Autumn/Winter 2021

Amirisu Issue 23

Ever find yourself scrolling through Netflix for hours without knowing what you want to watch? Well that won’t be an issue as you knit your way through the 12 film-inspired patterns in the new edition of Amirisu, which is now available for pre-order. For the Autumn/Winter 2021 edition, Amirisu’s editors challenged their favourite designers from Japan and around the world to design knitwear based on their favourite films. The decision about what to put on in the background as you knit has never been easier. Plus these designs use some of our favourite yarns, including La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted, mYak Tibetan Cloud and two Isager yarns. Order your issue today!

(Vi)laines Project Bags

(Vi)laines project bags

These sweet and playful project bags have just arrived at Loop from French indie dyer Marion. The name “(Vi)laines” is a play on the French words for naughty girls (vilaines) and yarns (laines) and the visual pun is on full display in these designs. Illustrated by La Gotton, who also designed the (Vi)laines logo, these bags are united under the theme of ‘Naughty Heroines’ and they’ll surely bring some attitude to your latest work in progress.

Stitch well!

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