What is Sashiko? Sashiko means “little stabs” referring to the distinctive running stitch that defines this technique of Japanese needlework. Traditional Sashiko was used to reinforce or repair old clothing with simple stitches to strengthen and mend. Today, the traditional art of Sashiko has become an art form in itself and is used for primarily decorative purposes like visible mending, quilting and embroidery. Sashiko designs consist of geometric patterns and tesselating shapes. Common motifs include designs inspired by nature like clouds, bamboo, rippling water and waves and persimmon flower. Traditionally Sashiko was known for its graphic style and light colour …

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Photograph © Celine Philippe

At Loop we are crazy about haberdashery. We have an amazing selection of embroidery threads and kits. And this week we’d like to share with you some of the most beautiful embroidery and mending threads we stock. From Teinture Sauvage botanically dyed wool to Nordiska vintage linen threads from Sweden, all in extra special Loop boxes.