Triskelion ~An All British Aran Weight Yarn And Giveaway

Triskelion ~An All British Aran Weight Yarn And Giveaway
Triskelion Elmet Aran Brights

Loop has been looking for the ideal aran weight British yarn to add to our stock. Aran is a yarn weight that Britain should be good at producing as we have a tradition of outerwear guernseys and jumpers. We wanted a yarn that had a beautiful colour palette, was hard wearing but also soft to the touch, as many people have become accustomed to softer yarns.

We found the perfect yarn in  Triskelion Elmet Aran weight!  Triskelion, Elmet is a blend of British Bluefaced Leicester and Masham, that is kettle dyed in Wales. Every process, from sheep to shelf is British. We carry our own custom palette of 21 beautiful colours.

Triskelion at Loop London
Forge, Beacon, Pebble, Ynyslas, and Derwen

Elmet is 75% Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) / 25% Masham. The BFL is a British longwool, with a rich lustre that yields very bright and rich colours. While Masham is a dark brown fibre, that adds warmth to the colour ways. The Masham fibres are “rough blended”, to add an irregular dark heathering against the creamy BFL, which adds a lot of depth to the colours.

Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
Knitted swatch of Triskelion Elmet Aran in Jackson’s Widowbird. You can see the lovely sheen of the BFL in the yarn.

The finished blend is glossy and smooth with a little bit of a slick handle, and yet still hard-wearing, crisp and springy. Sweaters made in Elmet won’t pill like Merino!

Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
Triskelion Elmet Aran in Ewan y Mor and Modron

The yarns come from British sheep, are spun in the UK and Hand-dyed by Caerthan Wrack in rural Wales.

Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
From Left: Aneirin, Damson, Modron, Penarddun

Caerthan (pronounced CAR-than, with a soft th, as in thought) lives in very rural hills in Carmarthenshire with his partner Rick, Gwen (their border collie/site manager), Herbert (farm cat/chief mouser/layabout), and a small herd of alpacas.

Caerthan Wrack of Triskelion
Caerthan Wrack of Triskelion
Beauty shot of Gwen
Beauty shot of Gwen

They have a tiny, traditional Welsh cottage on a small farm of pasture and woodland, with a big barn attached.

Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
From Left: Sloe, Arentiere for the Full Moon, Vincent’s Clouds, Pwyll and Awyr

Most of the dyeing is kettle dyeing, with a mix of induction hobs and bain maries. So, a lot of heavy lifting!

Pistyll Gwyn Farm, Loop London
Pistyll Gwyn Farm, Wales
Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
Triskelion Elmet Aran in Jackson’s Widowbird

Caerthan uses his own blends of single pigment dyes, yielding rich, strong colours with lots of subtle detailing inspired by Anglo-Saxon and Celtic art.

Alpacas in the field at Pistyll Gwyn Farm
Alpacas in the field at Pistyll Gwyn Farm

The exclusive Loop palette is a combination of old and new dye recipes. There are older, mature colour ways such as  ‘Sloe’ and some new, fresh faces like ‘Vincent’s Clouds’ and ‘Anvil’.

Triskelion Yarn at Loop London
Triskelion Elmet Aran
From Left: Jackson’s Widowbird, Ewyn Y Mor, Anvil

There are also beautiful neutrals and greys which can be used on their own, or to coordinate with the more vibrant colourways.

Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
Triskelion Elmet Aran
From Left: Aber Dyfi, Dinas Emrys, Afon Teifi, Llyn Teyid.

Each 100g skein has 160 metres and can be used with most aran weight patterns. Check the yarn put up (grams to metres/yards) If a yarn falls within 130-200m per 100g it will probably be suitable. Make sure to do a gauge swatch and adjust needle size accordingly.

pattern ideas for Elmet Aran at Loop London
Some suggested patterns for Triskelion Elmet Aran; Clockwise from Top left: Dark and Stormy by Baby Cocktails, Tall, Dark and Handsome by Tin Can Knits, Daelyn Pullover by Isabell Kraemer, and Baa-able by Donna Smith.

Giveaway of Two Skeins

Would you like to try a skein of Triskelion Elmet Aran for yourself? We are giving away two separate prizes of a skein of Triskelion, in your choice of colour.

To win, either post a comment below, suggesting a pattern you would knit in Elmet, or follow our instagram feed and repost our Friday post about Elmet with the hashtag Looploveselmet.

Triskelion Elmet Aran at Loop London
Triskelion Elmet Aran in Pebble

We will choose two lucky winners to announce on Friday September 15th. Good luck. We hope you love Triskelion Elmet Aran as much as we do!
















134 Comments on “Triskelion ~An All British Aran Weight Yarn And Giveaway

  1. How exiting with a giveaway. I think I would for once make something for myself – the Dark and Stormy, but it would be hard to choose the colour. I think the colour palette for this yarn is so beautiful, and it has a range of greens which is seldom seen. I love greens, it must be one of them, I think:)

    • Oh, lordy, that is some beautiful yarn! I would love to knit the Vindaloo shawl by Melissa Schaschwary out of this aran-weight wonder! Thanks.

    • I love both Masham and Bluefaced Leicester, knitting with this yarn would be such a treat! I really liked reading the story behind Triskelion Yarn as well! Because of the nature of the yarn I think I would want to make the Ronan cardigan by Andrea Mowry. The pattern has been in my queue since it came out, and ever since I have been looking for the perfect fiber to knit it.

  2. Love the Dinas Emrys colour it would make a big slouch wrap around scarf, perfect for winter dog walks up here in the North East. Thank you for the chance to win xx

  3. These are so lovely! I’d definitely knit a Tin Can Knits Antler Hat (my absolute favourite hat pattern) probably out of Ewyn Y Mor. Love your shop, and what a generous giveaway!

  4. Tin Can Knits antler hat in Damson for my beloved, or the Epic embroidered wrap by Schmiesing on Ravelry which is a lovely blankety item with embroidery so I could woolly tattoo with unearthed treasures from my stash AND keep warm while I make it beautiful; perhaps in Aber Dyfi.

  5. If I only had one skein, I’d knit a beautiful hat, possibly including cables of some sort, to keep my head warm in the cold winter days. But if I had many, many skeins I’d knit a cable cardigan for my husband – he so deserves one after watching me knit cardigan after cardigan for myself. Love the colours Damson, Modron and Penarddun <3

  6. At last. I’m done with merino and it’s wretched pilling. And it’s British. What’s not to love. Those colours are beautiful. But the Vincent’s Cloud is singing to me. A hat. Soft and slouchy and warm for the autumnal dog walking.

    • I’m sick of the way Merino grows when wet. I can’t tell you how many jumpers have had to be unravelled after they were soaked and blocking attempted. I only use all these in ravelings now for things that don’t have to fit….like blankets and shawls

  7. I’d like to do an aran version of the Oak Knot Hat, I absolutely love this pattern. The colours are beautiful so hard to choose but Aneirin and Dinas Emrys are favourite. But then I love the neutral Pebble.

  8. This looks scrumptious. There’s a vest pattern by Ysolda hat uses Aran weight, and I’ve been looking for the right yarn for it- perhaps this is it! I love the rich colours.

  9. Slow and Awyr for me. I would do thick Newfoundland mitts for the winter, and a hat to match!
    Love all the colours and a real treat would be a crochet blanket in granny squares in all the colours!

  10. I actually just purchased skeins of Aneirin and Damson to make a big squishable monochromatic scarf, but after seeing the beautiful photographs in the blog, I need to get some Jackson’s Widowbird for another scarf. I love the simplicity of the swatch shown, what stitch is that please?

  11. I would make a very simple cowl in mistake rib and colour Pwyll. No frills because this beautiful yarn doesn’t need it.

  12. Milk Stout cardigan by Thea Coleman. Fabulous colors for a wonderful cable sweater with great stitch definition. Planning my next year’s Rhinebeck sweater.

  13. It would be a blanket made in granny squares for a granny to pass on to a grandchild, sharing their love but also the love in which the wool is lovingly made, s(h)eeped in tradition.

  14. I would love to try this yarn Triskelion do some beautiful yarns but I’ve not had the pleasure yet of knitting with them although I’ve given them a good squish before ;)
    I’d love to make my very own Acai or Autumn Smile and all the colours are so nice but I most love the Damson colourway! <3 thanks Loop and Triskilion for such a wonderful giveaway! X

  15. Loop does it again! Gorgeous yarn and gorgeous colors. One day I hope to visit in person. So many possibilities with the yarn. I think I would love to knit Pure by Cabinfour or Bridgton by Alicia Plummer

  16. This looks beautiful, it is really hard to find lovely uk aran yarns – I would love to win the Jacksons Widowbird colour and make a Sonder shawl with it.

  17. Such a beautiful palette of colours, very inspiring and I love aran wool. The words ‘doesn’t pill’ like merino called me to read more as this fact alone means a lot to me especially when knitting garments to last.

    I love so many colours and the shades of red/pinks plus the selection of blues are rich without being garish. The pop of colour from Ynyslas appeals too.
    I think I would knit a hat with two skeins to give me the feel of the wool before a garment.

    I am so pleased to see wool like this arriving at Loop with a wonderful history behind it.

  18. Such gorgeous colours but if i could choose only one it would be Awyr for a pair of fingerless gloves and a beautiful cowl. Perfect for Autumn dog walkie by the see. Thank you for a chance to win such a fabulous prize x

  19. Hi
    Loving this yarn, especially as I hail from Wales! I would make a cable beret in something warm and wonderful like shade Aneurin.
    Gorgeous and just the thing for carol singing in the open air.

  20. This yarn looks heavenly and I love the story behind the production I would also like to stay in that cottage with such beautiful surroundings it was making me relax just looking at the scenery . I would choose Donna baa able hat to show off this new yarn . In all the years I have been buying yarn from you I have always been delighted with the wool I just wish you were not so far away but on the other hand I would never be out of your shop but I would apply to work for you for nothing loved your Loop books too bye for now good luck to us all

  21. I would love to knit the “The Tall Dark And Handsome ” pattern by Tin Can Knits in Elmet Damson for my gorgeous grandson please.

  22. These are gorgeous and just itching to become a pair of cabled fingerless mitts, like the Antler pattern on Ravelry I’ve had my eye on. They’d be so cozy!

  23. Oh that does look deliciously squishy!
    I’m really into knitting for my toddler granddaughter at the moment as her mum loves handknits, so I would probably knit something for her.

  24. Looks wonderful! I would knit Take Flight fingerless mittens, Sherwood mitts or Leaving Cowl in the Elmet Triskelion :)

  25. I would knit a pair of cozy mitts for our cold Canadian winters on the prairies of Manitoba. I love any of the blue shades, it would go lovely with my grey jacket!

  26. I have been looking for yarn to make Yesternight for my son and think Elmet would be perfect for this. He will look particularly good in some of the blues.

  27. Absloutely gorgeous looking yarn. I’d love to make a Spiral Cowl by Betty Narducci with Pwyll/Vincent’s Clouds or maybe Argentiere for the Full Moon. Or Winter Whispers in any colour. Or Apple Cider Donut from the Rhinebeck Sweater book. So many options !!!

  28. Vincent’s Clouds – anything quick – cozy socks? – to use with my knitting club at school to show the kids that wool does not have to be itchy scratchy or boring. AS IF!!!!

  29. I would love any of the colours but especially widow bird. Probably I would knit a beautiful scarf for my love, to keep him warm when I am not there. X

  30. I’d like to make the Neon Ski Bonnet by Lacey Volt. It’s a pattern I’ve been admiring for a while, and think the strong colours of Triskelion would work really well, and would result in an extra squishy Bonnet!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Glyc tomorrow!

  31. I’d like to knit a poncho or jacket, probably quite plain to show off the wonderful wool colours. My favourite Vincent’s Clouds

  32. Interesting yarn, gorgeous colours, until I feel it it’s hard to know what to make with it. Probably look at a small scarf as they are the most useful to wear.

  33. Id like to knit a poncho or jacket, probably quite a plain pattern to highlight the lovely wool in all its gorgeous colours. Blue is my favourite colour so I would go for Vincent’s Clouds

  34. Ooooh wowzer – colourway has to be the jacksons widowbird for the wonderful name as well as the scrummy colour – and the stitch would be garter stitch to really show off the beauty of the yarn – and the pattern would have to be hitchhiker asymmetrical shawl for the Welsh dragon scales!

  35. I have been lucky enough to knit with Elmet Aran before; I made a lovely shwal using Caerthan’s Festival Pattern. Now I would love to try to cardigan, I think something very simple that would let these amazing colours speak for themselves–perhaps Elizabeth Smith’s Ramona or Carrie Hoge’s Charlotte? The colour palette is very difficult to choose between but I agree with Kirsten above that good greens can be hard to come by and these are beautiful so either Aber Dyfi or maybe Awyr. Glad that Loop is stocking this great yarn!

  36. Wow, it looks beautiful. I would use Aber Dyfi and Ynyslas to knit up Sian Price-White’s Quick ‘n Squishy Cowl (Revelry).

  37. All those colours – what to choose? Red jewels or greens or stormy greys? I’d knit a hat perhaps, or a textured cowl. Something warm and cosy and comforting, for all the weather ahead.

  38. Dinas Emrys or Jackson’s Widowbird – decisions, decisions!!!! I’ll leave it up you. Either colour would look lovely as a cowl.
    Another reason to come to see you all again and get even more wool to add to my stash!!

  39. Beautiful yarn and story. You at Loop put so much thought and care into who and what products you bring into your shop, I love that. Colors are beautiful. Neutrals are my go to for most of the seasons so I would knit up Acorn Trail or Lemongrass garments in Jackons Widowbird. Fall is here, winter is coming!

  40. Triskelion yarns are a joy to work with. Just pulled an old pattern from my collection, “Braids and Bobbles” by Carolyn or Carol Doe. In Sloe or Aber Dyfi. The former would become a gift. The latter would go with my green early winter coat. Such decisions…….

  41. How wonderful! I love British wool and BFL is my favourite – it is so soft and squishy and very warm, too. If I had more than just one skein I would knit a cosy raglan sweater for winter with long cuffs and a chunky cowl. With just one skein I would knit a cabled hat to keep my head warm and ears sheltered from winter winds and rain. (It is extremely windy here in North Wales in winter.) I would really have to think hard about the colour, though – I love yellow Ynyslas, natural Pebble and gorgeous grey Ewyn y mor.

  42. The Baa-able hat looks super and would make a beautiful addition to my hat collection. Perfect for Autumn and Winter walks. All of the wool shades are stunning.

  43. Such amazing colours. I would knit cosy slipper socks in Ewan y mor. I can feel my toes tingling at the thought

  44. Oh, how exciting and what an incredible range of rich and vivid colours. I would make myself a slouchy hat with cables and it would have to be in Pwyll as I have just started making a coat for myself in this colours. It gets quite cold in this neck of the woods (southern Germany). All the best

  45. I am knitting Hats for Seaman at the moment so any of the beautiful blue shades would be perfect to go with the ocean they are sailing on!

  46. Triskelion yarn is amazing – I have made several pairs of socks with the 4 ply; the stitch definition is perfect, and they wear really well. I would love to win a skein of Vincent’s Clouds to make a cowl, or maybe a hat. Please!

  47. What wonderful looking yarn I love the full moon colour I would make moss stitch fingerless gloves to keep the autumn chill away.

  48. What stunning wool and nice to see small businesses being supported!
    I would choose a pattern from the crochet project and spoil myself by making a warm cuddly shawl!

  49. I think this yarn would be great for a snuggly scarf & maybe an opportunity to knit cables for the first time. I love the Vincent’s Clouds blue.

  50. Oooh, I think Offshore by Bristol Ivy in Anvil. Good, timely question – I’m making a pilgrimage to Loop at the end of the month and I’ve been trying to think ahead as to what I will choose. 4,910 miles and I know it will be well worth it!

  51. I think I would have to knit “Dreaming of Wales.” Not only am I dreaming of being back there, but the pattern was designed for Elmet Aran!

  52. This would look great and be perfect for a Gingerbread jumper by Truly Myrtle. Picking a colour would be the hardest part!

  53. I would love to knit the
    Mount Gilead Cowl
    by Whitney Hayward for winter.

    The reds are amazing but of course all colours are beautiful.

    Well done Loop for supporting British businesses. Wales is so special to me. I have always had wonderful holidays there.

  54. What a fabulous giveaway! I love the greens and would thoroughly enjoy making a cozy hooded cowl in Aber Dyfi or Dinas Emrys and maybe a contrasting grey to bring out the colour. I certainly wouldn’t be cold this winter in that . A good time to try my hand at Brioche as it would show the lush colours so well.

  55. Who could resist a yarn called ‘arentiere of the full moon’ perhaps combined with a warm pinky shade like ‘penarddun’ to knit some fabulous Scandi-style mits for friends and myself!

  56. Having given a great deal of thought to a suitable one skein project, I would love to knit Woolly Wormhead’s Alveare hat in the lovely Ewyn y mor colourway which I may finish off with an Alpaca pompom from my stash. If I win, I will happily share a photo of the finished item. Fingers crossed x

  57. I’m in love! Every color just glows! I would make a cabled hat in Llyn Teyid to wear while I’m walking my dog or the Daelon sweater in Ewyn Y Mor to wear while I’m watching Hinterland.

  58. I’m thinking that gorgeousness would have to be close to me as a cowl. So lovely. Thanks for the chance to win :0)

  59. I would make Wooly Wormhead’s Meret beret in the Arentiere for the full moon but I am also taken with Vincent’s Clouds colour.

  60. Everything about this wool catches the imagination; its provenance, production and qualities, but the colours are simply magical. I would find it hard to resist Ynyslas, my favourite of all places, but will first make an antler toque in Jackson’s Widowbird, the colour of the full moon sky looking over the Aberdyfi estuary. This yarn will lend itself to serious future projects!

  61. I am wanting to knit the cardigan “Harvest Moon” by Heidi Kirrmaier for a while, now I have found the yarn for it!!!

  62. oh my goodness – sounds the perfect yarn. I think I would either invest for a cardigan or practice my stranded knitting with fingerless mitts – The Game is on by Professor Fonze with Beacon and either Sloe or Awyr

  63. Thanks for this great giveaway! I’m currently knitting with Triskelion’s Mona Sport, and loving it. Their colourways are beyond gorgeous, with lots of choice. I would love to try out their Aran weight yarn, Elmet Aran, and might knit Palette, a cowl designed by Julie Hoover or the Holt hat (I think this is the name), designed by Alicia Plummer. Although, I’d love a warm jumper in this yarn, so the Daelyn pullover is also a possibility.

  64. Maybe it’s just that I’m really cold today (when did autumn happen?!) but I’ve got a vision of a snuggly cardie in the fluffy brioche stitch…

  65. Who wouldn’t want some of this scrumptiousness!! I think that I would make a cosy shawl for the season that is ‘just around the corner’.

  66. This would be beautiful as the cabled hat ‘Chevet’ by Carol Feller (sorry, I’m not sure how to link to a ravelry page)

  67. Triskelion yarn is beautiful (I used it for a Quill shawl which I’m very pleased with).
    I have the Gryer shawl pattern by Isabell Kraemer in my queue and I think that would be perfect in Elmet Aran.

  68. I would have a good think before making anything with a single skein – just fondle it for a while! If I had lots of skeins of the same colour I would make the Daelyn pullover in Aneirin. If I had lots of skeins of different colours I would make a massive blanket :)

  69. The colorway Ewyn Y Mor is so beautiful. If I bought a sweater quantity, I would consider knitting a cabled sweater for myself. My husband is usually too warm to wear sweaters. But with a single skein, I would knit him a cabled hat like Agathis.

  70. Gorgeous! I would knit either Catchfly from Pompom issue 17 or Maude from Pompom issue 14 (I <3 Pompom!) My favourite colour is the Dinas Emrys, such a lush green.

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