Affordable sweater quantities for Autumn

Affordable sweater quantities for Autumn
Wonderful colours for Autumn!

With Autumn around the corner (it already feels like Autumn here in London!), we’re bringing you a little round up of some yarns at a good price point for your new Autumn/Winter sweaters and cardigans.

Buying enough yarn for a garment can often feel pricey, so we’ve put together this list with some great yarns, all natural fibres, that are well priced and loved by us at Loop! We also have plenty of pattern suggestions for fantastic ‘basics’, so keep reading to find out about those!

We have so many wonderful yarns in the shop, it’s hard to pick any at all! But here is our list of our very favourite yarns for sweaters…

Lighter weights

CaMaRose Yaku – 100% superwash merino wool, 4ply
CaMaRose Hverdagsuld – 100% organic wool, sport/light DK weight
BC Garn Semilla DK – 100% organic wool, light DK/DK weight
Isager Highland Wool – 100% highland wool, 3/4ply
Isager Silk Mohair – 75 % kid mohair and 25% silk, lace weight

Heavier weights

De Rerum Natura Cyrano – 100% French & European Merino wool, heavy worsted weight
BC Garn Semilla Grosso – 100% organic wool, heavy worsted weight
CaMaRose Snefnug – 55% Alpaca, 35% cotton and 10% extra fine merino, worsted/heavy worsted weight
Malabrigo Rios – 100% superwash merino, worsted weight
Rico Soft Merino Aran – 100% superwash wool, worsted weight

Patterns for making your own basics

So, now you’ve found your new favourite yarn for the Autumn, you need to find your new pattern! Here we’ve picked out a few patterns that are perfect for making your own basics – the jumper or cardigan you can wear everywhere and feel at home in.

The Weekender by Andrea Mowry – uses worsted weight
Ramona and Ramona Light by Elizabeth Smith – uses heavy worsted and 4ply/sport weight respectively

Versatile Sweater by Gregoria Fibres – uses heavy worsted held with silk mohair
Rift by Jacqueline Cieslak – uses sport weight
Copenhagen Cardigan by PetiteKnit – uses 4ply held with silk mohair

If you’re not a fan of mohair, have a look at the gauge of the garment and the needles it uses, and maybe you’ll be able to use a thicker yarn to obtain the same gauge!

If you fancy something a little more decorative, we would highly recommend the patterns of Rievive – a super talented designer from Japan! These are perfect garments for wearing with jeans, but they are detailed beautifully and could be dressed up easily.

Oldies by Rievive – uses DK weight
Étranger by Rievive – uses worsted weight

As Londoners, we at Loop know the cost of living can be expensive, and buying a sweater quantity of yarn can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, we hope this list of budget friendly yarns will help you out when selecting your Autumn projects.

If you’re interested in reading more about knitting on a budget, Olive Knits has a really great post about it.

Affordable sweater quantities at Loop London
Wonderful colours for Autumn!

2 Comments on “Affordable sweater quantities for Autumn

  1. Thanks for this- I often buy a single Skein or sometimes two for a shawl of something gorgeous – and super amazing yarns costing more and more are increasingly available, which is fabulous! I have noticed that maybe a couple of years ago Tosh Pashmina represented the high end price level and not many others- however now I think it’s increasingly common to see skeins around the £30+ mark… and I am glad we have these skilled and so-beautiful-it’s-a-Mini-artwork yarns available to us. But certainly for me, and surely many others, making a sweater from day Spin Cycle yarns or La Bien Aimée (I dream of both!! Gorgeous!) is not going to happen any time soon… I very much appreciate you flagging up some of the more affordable yarns that are natural fibres.

  2. Great article, very helpful and one I’m sure to use in the coming months. I love your shop and visit it everytime I’m in London, it’s such a treat!

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