Darners in Conversation

Darners in Conversation
Hikaru using one of her beautiful darning mushrooms

This week we want to tell you all about an exciting event we have coming up at Loop this Autumn! Loop is hosting another ‘Darners in Conversation‘ talk on 27th November – we ran a similar event last year and it was wonderful!

Last year, Hikaru Noguchi and Celia Pym came to talk all about visible mending, and its place in their textile practice. This year, in November, we will be welcoming Celia and Hikaru back, and we will also be welcoming Rachael Matthews.

Hikaru Noguchi at Loop London
Hikaru using one of her beautiful darning mushrooms

These three super talented ladies will be discussing all things visible mending, embroidery, stitching and surface design. All of these women incorporate these things into their personal practice. They will discuss how they do this, and why they were originally drawn to use this medium in their work.

Hikaru Noguchi at Loop London
Hikaru with her book ‘Darning, Repair, Make’

Hikaru is a visible mending guru in Japan, and is widely known for her beautiful knitwear collections She adds wonderful dimensions to her work by adding intricate visible mending.

Celia Pym at Loop London
Some of Celia’s amazing stitching

Celia is an artist working with darning, embroidery and knitting. She teaches regularly at Loop throughout the year, and is considered by us to be our ‘mending-master-in-residence’! She is also a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art.

Rachael is a textile artist, who’s approach to mending is about honouring and preserving treasured items owned by loved ones. Until 2016 Rachael ran the art space and knitting shop Prick Your Finger, and now teaches at Central Saint Martins.

UK Darning Repair Make Cover at Loop London

This event is also to celebrate the launch of the English edition of Hikaru’s book ‘Darning, Repair, Make‘. It will be published by Hawthorn Press in late October and this edition will be 10% off on the night! We will also be welcoming Katy Bevan, from Hawthorn Press, as a guest on the night.

Tickets for this event are limited, so if you’d like to join us we recommend you book your space now! Tickets for the night of Wednesday 27th November are on sale on our website now.

Celia Pym at Loop London
More of Celia’s lovely work

The evening will also involve a chance for you to chat with Celia, Rachael and Hikaru, and there will be time for a Q & A as well!

If you’re eager to learn more about visible mending, the Japanese version of Hikaru’s book is in stock at Loop now.

Hikaru’s darning mushrooms at Loop London
Hikaru’s mending with some of her darning mushrooms

We also wanted to drop in a quick note and let you know that we have organised another day for Stitching Workshops with Hikaru! We now have two classes on Tuesday 26th November. We are limited to 8 spaces per class and they’re set to sell out very soon so book while you can!

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