An Eden Cottage Winter

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

It is now properly cold here in London but, as knitters, we’re embracing it. This winter, one of our biggest joys will be knitting with the newly arrived Eden Cottage Yarns. Hand dyed in Yorkshire, dyer Victoria Magnus’ colours all carry a silvery tone and romantic atmosphere of the northern English landscape. At Loop we now carry two of Victoria’s yarns: the merino and silk blended Titus 4-ply – utterly gorgeous for lace shawls and other special accessories – and Bowland DK – a Blue Faced Leicester wool that we can’t wait to make piles of jumpers in. Here’s a glimpse of some of the beautiful skeins just bursting with knitting potential. (And don’t forget to read to the end for info on how you can win one!)

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

This is a swatch that Loopette Francesca knit up in the Titus 4-ply. See how beautifully the silk in it shows up lace? The stitch pattern is the ever-classic Frost Flowers. You can find it in Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It is also featured in the lovely baby sweater pattern, the Immie Tee, from Quince & Co – this yarn would be perfect for it, as it’s machine washable too!

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

These skeins are so special. Not least because each and every one is dyed in very small batches by hand from Victoria’s kitchen sink in her home in Yorkshire. Such care and attention is paid to each one, it’s no wonder they are so beautiful!

Bowland DK is the slightly heartier, big sister yarn of Titus. As Victoria says, it has “a gentle lustre”. It is an absolutely perfect yarn for jumpers – well-wearing, machine washable, and in beautifully classic colours. We can’t wait to cast on.

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

Eden Cottage Yarns at Loop, London

We are so in love with Victoria’s yarns and now feel quite ready to hibernate for winter with a beautiful knitting project. What would you knit with the gorgeous Eden Cottage yarns? Leave us comment below by the end of Thursday 28 November and you’ll be entered to win one of two skeins we’re giving away: one in Titus and one in Bowland DK! We can’t wait to hear your ideas.


This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Liisa and Wendy, who have each won a skein of beautiful Eden Cottage Yarn!

100 Comments on “An Eden Cottage Winter

  1. In the gorgeous Titus, I would knit Kindred Spirit by Boo Knits – I think it would be stunning! Can’t wait for my annual visit to your charming shop at Christmas! Cheers!

  2. How beautiful! Titus 4ply would make an amazing shawlette…and I’ve had my eye on Bowland dk to make a cowl for ages!

  3. Ooh! I’ve been ogling these yarns! Is it open to the US? From the DK I’ve had in mind to copy someone’s version of Amy Swenson’s Watershed pattern with longer sleeves on to make it a cardigan. I’ve also been itching to start a Pop Spots or a Brown-Eyed Susan, so that’s what I’d do with the 4-ply. Really beautiful yarn.

  4. Hi Loop cousins across the pond,

    These yarns are “gorgeous”!. I would love to knit a lace weight baby sweater in Titus 4 and have the Immie Tee pattern. Perfect. With Bowland DK I envision a beautiful cowl knitted with two colors knitted using a slip stitch. Divine!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. In the DK, I would make myself some lovely fingerless mitts, something with a simple texture like garter ridges or picot edges, to add interest but still let the yarn do the talking.

  6. I’d love to try this yarn out. A friend of mine has some in her stash and I’ve been trying to convince her that I need it more than her :-) I’d make a HEnslowe by Beth KIng with the TItus and with the bowl and DK either Coler mitts by STephen West or his Dustland hat. keeping my fingers crossed

  7. What beautiful, classy colours :-) I could see the top three in a fingering weight take on Walk on The Moon – so pretty!

  8. I would use this yummy yarn to knit a shawl or a shrug – something colourful and cosy to cuddle into on those wet, gloomy days. One skein wouldn’t be enough, though. So I’d make a lacy hat, possibly a pair of mittens.
    Bring on the gorgeous colours and divine silky texture!!

  9. What a tough choice! I’d love to knit a decadent sweater in either of these bases, perhaps the new cropped cardigan “Secrecy.” Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  10. If I was lucky to win, I would use the yarn to make something gorgeous and squidgy, for my gorgeous and squidgy little Grandaughter!

  11. Love the 4 hanks I have for small project I actually cant bear to make them up! Was cuddling 2 of them covetously just last night!!!

  12. Mmm, I’d make a cowl or mitts to keep me warm and cosy on my long train commute that gets colder and darker all the time.

  13. I’m thinking cowl, hat and wristwarmers, because it’s very very cold and pushing a buggy in the rain for 20 minutes sucks.

  14. I would make Quince and Co Imogen tee (for adults) with those lovely frost flowers. I’ve just swatched with Quince yarn…but now I love Eden Cottage Titus too! dilemma!

  15. I would knit an extremely lovely sweater with the Bowland DK. And because the colours are so lovely, I would consider the cocktail jumper by La maison Rililie (Ravelry)

  16. Oooh fab yarns. Would def be a lacey shrug for me, especially as it is machine washable :)

  17. I’d love that Titus yarn, and would wait for it to speak to me, telling me what it would like to be when it grows up!

  18. I would knit a lovely cowl. The yarns look beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity of winning one of the lovely yarns.

  19. with one skein of the DK i’d make my little girl a ‘mignon’ or with more of the 4 ply i’d go for a long cardigan like georgie hallam’s ‘summer festival’ – the silk blend would be perfect :)

  20. From the Bowland I would make a cowl. From the Titus I would make a pair of gloves. I have so many patterns queued that would be beautiful in either yarn.

  21. I love knitting with Victoria’s wool. Would probably make another shawl or scarf, perhaps a Stephen West design.

  22. I think I would make a delicate pair of fingerless gloves that I could wear in my chilly office while typing. And maybe a second pair for my secret Santa.

  23. I would use the 3 colours in the 7th picture and make a colour affection shawl or all the shades of truth shawl

  24. I’ve been itching to knit the Immie tee and now I am seeing the perfect yarn for it — oh those luscious colors!

  25. Beautiful wool, would love to knit a cowl or hat to keep warm in this cold and chilly weather!

  26. ooooo YUM! I’d love to knit a really special plain sweater so the yarn can show it’s gorgeous colour and beauty. Something like Blank Canvas by Ysolda would be perfect

  27. Beautiful colours….I am looking out a pattern to knit tonight just in case I’m lucky enough to win!

  28. How fabulous this yarn looks and nice to support a small scale British dyer. I would knit a mobious cowl and attempt a mash up of favourite stitch patterns like diagonal stitch, double moss, eyelet etc
    Cowls are so snug to wear during the chilly weather!

  29. In Belgium too winter’s knocking on our door. I’d knit a hooded sleeping bag for a charming 17month princess, to keep her warm under the cosy blankets, and make her a memory of her childhood to keep.

  30. I’d make a lacy shawl with Titus and a cowl with Bowland DK. Silver Birch, Midnight, Damselfly and Black Magic Rose are my favourite colourways.

  31. Having just returned to England after 11 years in New Zealand, I would have to knit something to keep my ears, neck and hands warm! What beautiful yarn to give away.

  32. Something cute and crazy from the Woodland knits book because I started to think that conventional winter accessories are really really boring and there are some fun knits in that book. Christmas is coming which means it’s time to spread the love a little bit and wearing funny hats whatnot is a great way to put smiles on stranger’s faces in this cold and sometimes unfriendly city of ours. :)

  33. I would love to make a hat like Zumthor by Kirsten Johnstone with the beautiful Bowland yarn. And maybe one of Rose Beck’s little shawls like Sugared violets for the luscious Titus. These are gorgeous yarns!

  34. Might finally be time for me to get stuck in my first sock project, bet socks would be lovely in this yarn.

  35. I would knit some lovely cosy bedsocks for these cold winter nights we’re having. I could picture the burgundy colour with a crochet frill on the top, and maybe some tiny silver beads thrown in for good measure.

  36. I think I would just cuddle up to this yarn for a while. Beautiful colours. Also looking forward to Christmas with my family in London and a visit to Loop.

  37. Smoochy scooochy deliciousness!!! I;d probably go for some cosy mitts and hat. Perfect for the cold wetaher :)

  38. Well, as someone who is in love with the famous ‘Knitty’ Clapotis, but who can’t knit, I would plead with Santa to provide a willing volunteer…after all, this yarn will be a pleasure to handle, and just think how much better it is to give than to receive!

  39. The midnight colour in both yarns is stunning. I instantly thought of shawls with beads twinkling amongst the stitches.

  40. I would love to use this yarn to knit a beautiful cardigan for my little girl! Little ancolIe from nadia-cretin-lechenne, i have been wanting to start for ages but haven’t found the right colour or yarn yet, i have now x

  41. I would knit another jumper for my darling and only slightly fussy(!) daughter. She would love these colours

  42. I hope this comment sticks! My last one didn’t show up :)
    I would use the 3 colours in picture number 7 to make either a colour affection shawl or all the shades of truth shawl <3

  43. I live in South Carolina and come to London every Christmas. Your shop is one of the highlights of my visit and can’t wait to return in a few weeks. I .m always looking for local yarns for socks, baby blankets and scarfs. See you soon

  44. I would use a skein of Titus to create the lovely shawl deign I have been carrying around in my head for some time. It would kick start me to make it a reality.

  45. These are just gorgeous! Make me wanna travel to London asap, even though I live in Finland. I would make Veera Välimäki’s Square and Stripe cardigan of Bowland DK. Picking up the colors would be difficult since they all are so beautiful.

  46. These colours from Eden Cottage are just perfect for getting Eve to find a quiet corner in her garden to knit her Adam a little something to wear as a more frequent reminder of her love and devotion than just plonking a raw apple on the table and saying “there’s your lunch”. How history would have been different if only Eve had just cast-on…

  47. Oh how very exciting! I would make some super nice lacy legwarmers I could wear underneath my bridesmaid dress. What was my sister thinking getting married in the Winter?? It will be outrageously freezing cold ;)

  48. I’ve used Bowland DK to make a hat and mittens and it is fantastic stuff. Lovely colours. Would be great to use Titus to make a Jet Stream by Heidi Kirrmaier or a Stripe Study Shawl…. or fingerless mitts of some variety.

  49. I would knit a feather and fan pattern scarf with the 4-ply, or a cowl with the Bowland DK. The colours of both look gorgeous.

  50. Absolutely lovely! I would like to knit ‘Cria’ (Ysolda) in the Bowland DK and a Betty Lou Lace Cardi in Titus 4 for little Marit.

  51. I have a brand new baby boy here and a skein goes long way on a wee baby body so I would definitely cast on straight away for a sweater n matchy socks/booty combo… Then.. Mm better go through Loops baby pattern section… Hehe

  52. Beautiful! For the Titus I would knit Gentille in the e-book Feathery Delights, and for the dk, some fingerless mitts…or maybe a hat.

  53. Beautiful, sophisticated colors. I’d like to knit something for my grand baby due in February – maybe the Immi tee, if we have a girl. Thanks for the chance to win.