An Embroidery Adventure! Thrilling Threads, Beautiful Books, and Serious Scissors at Loop

An Embroidery Adventure! Thrilling Threads, Beautiful Books, and Serious Scissors at Loop

Goodness gracious do we have a treat this week. We’re threading our needles with silky, shimmery Lichen and Lace Embroidery Yarn, which is brand new in the shop, and we’ve restocked a ton of stitching books and embroidery goodness to give it a warm welcome.

This Embroidery Yarn is really so beautiful and unique. With a bit more heft than a traditional embroidery thread, it will make your work really pop, or can add some textural dimension when used in combination with other threads. We have so many artful motifs and project ideas running through our heads!

But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Megan Ingman is the dyer behind Lichen and Lace, a really fantastic yarn brand from New Brunswick, Canada. We’ve long been proud to be the UK stockist of her incredible Sock Minis, 1-ply Merino, and Rustic Heather Sport. Her hand-dyed creations are firm favourites here.

The lustre of this fibre is something you don’t usually find in embroidery threads, and it really makes this contribution special. These Embroidery Yarns combine 55% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool and 45% Silk, and they take Megan’s nature-inspired dyes just beautifully. With 40 stunning colours at Loop, you could embroider a whole tapestry.

Whether you’re just learning to stitch or designing your masterpiece, there’s no doubt the new Lichen and Lace Embroidery Yarn will bring beauty to your work.

Embroidery Sewn with the Darning Stitch

Tomomi Mimura’s book of embroidery at Loop London

More from Tomomi Mimura! After the stunning success of her workshop at Loop and the Mimster Kit, we’re so delighted to add Tomomi’s book to our collection. Embroidery Sewn with the Darning Stitch is a great introduction to her techniques and perfect for those who want to learn and be inspired by how she uses colour and texture. She can turn even the smallest little off cut into something really fabulous, whether you’re darning a hole or just adding embellishment. We can’t wait to curl up with this one!

Embroidery and Mending Book Restock at Loop

Embroidery, mending, and stitching books at Loop London

Put the stunning Embroidery Yarn to good use with inspiration from the incredible diversity of Embroidery and Mending Books on hand at Loop. So many of these have just been restocked and we’re reminded of just how rich the stitching tradition is, and just how much you can do with a needle and thread! If you’re just starting out, or if you want to go back to basics, you can’t go wrong with the Embroidery Stitch Bible, which covers the basic building blocks of all embroidery. If you’re looking to combine embroidery with another craft, Embroidered Crochet and Embroidery on Knitting have you covered. To get into the practical side of stitching, Darning, Mending Matters, and The Mending Directory cover the practical elements of mending as well as the societal and psychological benefits of the practice. Enchanting Embroidery Designs, Resilient Stitch, Textile Folk Art, Textiles Transformed, and Zakka Embroidery take the reader on a journey through the artistic and cultural elements of stitching, drawing on tradition, storytelling, and place. A Year of Embroidery takes the stitcher on a beautiful 12-month journey of seasonal motifs, from spring and summer florals to winter skiers. Botanical Embroidery? Embroidered Botanicals? No matter which way around you say it, these lovely volumes will have you stitching garden scenes in no time. There is so much more to say about all of these enriching and inspiring books. Check out the full selection!

Embroidery Magazine

If you prefer a periodical to a one-off publication, you’re in luck! The latest issue of Embroidery Magazine has arrived at the shop and it sure is gorgeous. The July/August 2023 issue explores everything from the kaleidoscopic textile art of Carol Dawber to the political messages in Palestinian embroidery, touching on fairytales, fungi, and “sewn stone” along the way. These pages are just dripping with inspiration.

Dragonfly Scissors

Dreamy dragonflies! The perfect accessory to lovely Lichen and Lace threads and gorgeous embroidery and mending books are these Loop favourites, which sold out so quickly last time they were in the shop. High-quality stainless steel Dragonfly Scissors are available to preorder now and we’re expecting them in the shop within the week! Beautifully engraved handles with a dragonfly motif that will keep the summer garden alive in your knitting basket all year round don’t detract from the utility of these snips. The blades are seriously sharp and pointed at the end for fine work. We just love a tool that combines form and function.

Hikaru Noguchi’s Stitch Threader

Hikaru Noguchi’s new Stitch Threader is a darling addition to your haberdashery collection

What a gem Hikaru Noguchi is. Last weekend after her class at Loop, she gave us a demonstration of a sweet new tool she has developed: a little lamb Stitch Threader! With two different sizes of hook, this simple tool is much more sophisticated than it looks. This will save so much time blindly poking embroidery threads through the eye of a needle. We want one for each of our project bags!

Deliveries from Spincycle

Armfuls of Spincycle at Loop London!

If you’re looking for something truly whimsical to knit with, we’ve got just the ticket: Spincycle Yarns are a whirlwind of colour and a total hoot, and with a fresh delivery just arrived we’re well stocked in all the skeins you’ll need! Established in 2004, this woman-led mill has managed to maintain their gorgeous handspun look for nearly 20 years, even as production and demand have expanded. We love having these in the shop!

Enjoy whatever you’re stitching this weekend!

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