Sophie Digard’s Exquisite Beauties

Sophie Digard’s Exquisite Beauties

We’re still trying to find something Sophie Digard can’t create. This incredible French textile artist seems to be able to do it all, from brooches to toys.

Whether she’s working in merino or linen, Sophie’s work never fails to stun. We’re so honoured to have a few of her latest creations in the shop. It’s an incredible collection of dolls, stunning scarves, and a restock of some of our favourite brooches (with a new colour thrown in for good measure).

Sophie has sent some really wonderful Alice Dolls. These are, of course, hand made and each one has its own little quirks that make it unique. These dolls would be wonderful for a child or an adult, making wonderful companions for people of all ages.

Quotidien 13 Brooch in Bronze.

Sophie’s Quotidien 13 Merino Brooch has long been a favourite around the shop, and we’re very happy to have it in a whole new colour — bronze. These brooches are just the most perfect, unique adornment to any outfit, whether you’re dressing for an occasion or for every day.

But Sophie’s true pièces de résistance are her completely unparalleled shawls and wraps. We have loved having these in the shop for years, and some new arrivals in our latest special delivery have us falling in love all over again. Whether Pinwheels or Pansies are your cup of tea, Sophie has a stunning shoulder warmer you wouldn’t even dare to dream of. The fab florals of the Egauf Wrap and the circular motif of the Dots Scarf are totally to die for as well.

There are more beautiful things from Sophie Digard on the way. If there’s something you saw that you like but is sold out, the best thing to do is click on the ‘notify me’ link on our website for the piece. That way, as soon as it is back in stock, you’ll receive an email. 

New Wee Bears

As a very famous bear once said, “it’s so much friendlier with two.” Our latest delivery from Lesley McCormick proves that to be true! Darling Wee Bears now come in pairs, with Mercy + Max and Rose + Petal leading the pack. We always fall in love with Lesley’s one-of-a-kind hand-stitched mohair bears, and now there’s twice as much to adore. We have so many other creatures and accessories by Lesley. Check out the whole collection!

Mosaic Crochet Sampler Workshop with Esme Crick

Learning inset mosaic crochet is a breeze in Esme Crick’s sampler workshop!

We’re so excited to welcome Esme Crick to the shop in October to host a Mosaic Crochet Sampler Workshop, a seriously great tutorial on how to add colourwork to your crochet repertoire. After covering the basics of inset mosaic crochet, you’ll make a start on a sampler covering eight different inset mosaic patterns. It may look complex, but this technique is actually very straightforward once you get the hang of the basics. Participants are welcome to work at their own pace with hands-on support from Esme throughout this laid back workshop. More designs using inset mosaic crochet can be found in Esme’s Mosaic Crochet Workshop Book and in her forthcoming Mix + Match Modern Crochet Blankets by Esme Crick, due out in August. Esme’s workshop will take place one day only, Saturday 28 October from 11am to 4pm. We know so many of you crocheters will be enthusiastic about this workshop. Sign up soon and hope to see you there!

Happy weekend to all!

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