Beginner’s Lace Shawl

Beginner’s Lace Shawl
The Beginner’s Lace Shawl in exactly one skein of Tilli Thomas Lace Mohair withBeads

New to lace shawl knitting?

For those of us already addicted, it seems hard to believe that there is anyone who hasn’t already knit one . (Oh okay, maybe not Sarah Lund, She’s too busy solving murders and wearing proper sweaters.) However, we at Loop know that there are new knitters learning all the time. New Knitters who don’t want an overwhelming project. Shawls are perfect.


The Beginner’s Lace Shawl is designed for the knitter who has never knit a triangular lace shawl before and wants a simple pattern to help them understand the basics.

It is also a useful pattern if you have some precious yarn that you want to use every last bit of. The shawl can be finished when you are down to your last few grams.

Knitters should already be able to:

Knit & purl

Make Stockinette (st st) and garter stitch

Be familiar with increasing using Yarn overs (yo) and decreasing by knitting two stitches (k2tog) together.

Weave in yarn end

Knitters will learn to:

Select yarn and needle size

Make a tab cast on, which is a common way of beginning triangular lace shawls

Make a simple lace stitch with yarn over increases and centre stitch decreases

Follow a graph chart for lace knitting

Understand pattern symbols and abbreviations (This pattern is written with many of the full instructions with abbreviations in brackets afterwards, to help you get used to following abbreviations).

Cast off loosely so that the edge has room to expand

Block and dress the lace to complete it

Tools and materials

50 or more grams of yarn. Our examples are in Tilli Thomas Symphony kid mohair lace with beads in Golden Rod (above), and Isager Tvinni 57S light blue with grey (below).

Circular knitting needles, one or two sizes larger than listed on the ball band. Ideally a range of needle sizes is best in order to sample. Circular needles are preferred over straight needles because they can hold a large number of stitches.

T-pins (20+) and a large piece of cardboard or foam for blocking. Blocking wires make blocking shawls easier, but are not essential

The Beginner’s Lace Shawl made with 100g of Isager Tvinni yarn

The Beginner’s Lace Shawl made with 100g of Isager Tvinni yarn

There are two versions of the pattern available free to download and print:

N.B. These two versions have now been updated with corrections to the errata October 2015 – Happy Knitting!

The Beginner’s Lace Shawl Full Version gives you details and tips if you are new to triangular lace shawl knitting.

The Beginner’s Lace Shawl Short Version is shorter for printing if you are already familiar with lace shawl knitting.

 ~ Juju at Loop

This is a free pattern and all images and text are copyright of Loop Knitting Ltd. It is for personal and non-profit use only. This means you can knit it for yourself, as a gift or for charity. You may not sell a garment made from this pattern. You may not reproduce this for sale. Please ask if you wish to translate it or use to teach a class.

Thank you!


41 Comments on “Beginner’s Lace Shawl

  1. The shawls are beautiful. I have never knitted lace before but cannot wait to have a go. Thank you so much.


  2. Thank you for this pattern it is lovely and will be starting it soon. Plus thank you for making it seem so easy.

  3. thank you so very much! i have the beautiful Loop book and would like to make everything in it…. i am however, stumped by shawls. this will be a perfect beginning!

  4. THANK YOU!!!! I have knit heaps of lace, but I too have been too busy knitting sweaters and socks to have ever knit a triangular shawl *blush*!! I am SO very much looking forward to digging into this pattern, just as soon as my current lace sweater is finished and blocked ….

  5. Thanks for the beautiful pattern. This’ll be my very 2nd shawl, just put one to block.
    I’m afraid I’m stuck though, just finished Row 23 of chart A and have been searching in vain for Row 24 as pattern says:
    “Rows 9-24 form the repeat pattern rows of the lace shawl.”

    Thanks once again,

    • I am trying to knit a lace shawl on a chart. It says beginning with a multiple of 16 sets + 15. I don’t understand.

  6. please do ignore my earlier query, I answered it myself – it’s the purl row duh…
    Thanks again.

  7. Thank you for this great pattern. First time shawl knitter, my question is about how many row 9-24 repeats to do. In your sample picture how many were done. Thanks

  8. Struggling with the last purl row- seems to put the loops off centre from previous row. Also do not understand the binding off process? Won’t I be left with aporox half the amount of dtitches and only 15cm of yarn to thread through???

  9. Tried to download the beginners Lace shawl the first time beginners file and it’s saying it’s corupt. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. I have completed this to the last row, Row 14, before bind off and have run into problems and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. At the end of Row 13, I have a total of 211 stitches. When I do row 14 as written, I end up with 11 sts. before center stitch, or 3 sts. extra. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. From the start of row 14, there are 105 sts., plus the 1 center stitch, for a total of 106 sts. before marker, and I have 105 sts. after marker. Not sure how second 105 sts. will work out as I haven’t gotten past the 1st 106. Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong? Up to this point I have not run into any problems and row counts have come out perfect with 4 extra sts. after each right side row. Thank you.

  11. It’s a beautiful shawl. I get lost at times with the abbreviations. But should be able to work through this. Thanks for sharing this pattern. Will be greatly used with my handspun yarn.

  12. Have made this using the Kettle Yarn Co. Westminster. No problems until the last row #14 of the border. The holes do not line up is it suppose to be this way or is there a pattern error.

  13. Hi Barb

    I’m struggling with row 14 too. I thought it was just me, so I’m relieved someone else can’t get it to work out. Can anyone help please?

    • Hi Rena,
      Row 14 in the written instructions is slightly wrong, but if you look at the chart it makes more sense.
      The YOs should simply be on top of the ones on row 13 and the rest is purled.

      According to chart:

      Row 14: K2, sm, P8, *yo, P5, yo, P1* repeat *to* until 8 stitches from centre stitch (the marker will be on the other side of the centre stitch, 9 stitches away)purl the centre stitch and P8, sm, repeat *to* until 8 stitches from the last marker, P8, sm, K2.

      Hope this helps!

      • Chart A: “M” is an error correct?
        Chart A: I can’t get past row 27. When I do row 11 I do not get 31 stitches.
        I must be me but I find the instructions confusing. Thanks for any help. Gail

  14. Row 14 in the written instructions is slightly wrong, but if you look at the chart it makes more sense.
    The YOs should simply be on top of the ones on row 13 and the rest is purled.

    According to chart:

    Row 14: K2, sm, P8, *yo, P5, yo, P1* repeat *to* until 8 stitches from centre stitch (the marker will be on the other side of the centre stitch, 9 stitches away)purl the centre stitch and P8, sm, repeat *to* until 8 stitches from the last marker, P8, sm, K2.

    I hope this helps.

    • I don’t understand how to do the yarn over on the 14th row over the yarn over on the 13th row. Can someonw clarify this?

    • Hi! Scroll down to the end of the post and you’ll see two images of the girl wearing the golden shawl. Choose either the full or the abbreviated version, and simply click on the photo! The PDF will open automatically.
      Hope that helps!
      Loop x

  15. What does m mean? I am struggling with instructions. I have made several shawls, so don’t understand why I can’t interpret this pattern.

  16. I teach knitting at a local Michaels store, and I have a group of ladies who have been regular students for 1 1/2 years. Needless to say, they have “outgrown” the projects offered in our regular classes, and I’m constantly looking for new patterns and techniques to stretch their wings. They are interested in knitting a shawl, and this looks like a good candidate. I’m asking your permission to use this pattern for them.
    Also, has the pattern been corrected? I see in the comments that there was an issue in row 14.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Kristin,

      Thanks so much for asking and for choosing our pattern! We have emailed you regarding using this design in a class, so check you emails :)

      Loop xx

    • I’m about to – having struggled with interpreting the pattern from the YouTube first (where I could not work out how to *get* to row 9), but eventually grasped the concept of the pattern repeat… Then got to row 14 of Chart B and am now relieved I’m not the only one who finds the instructions don’t fit the chart. So I’ll undo what I’ve purled so far, follow the logic rather than the instructions (I wondered how it could be that an 8-stitch pattern repeat could be topped with what looks like a 6-stitch pattern repeat and still be ‘aligned’), looking at the ‘columns’ of holes instead, and I will be very relieved to bind off – the third technique in this project I hadn’t used before!

      • I have now completed the shawl, and actually started another one with a finer yarn, now that I understand the pattern.

        Having a search online revealed that there’s more than 1 method of k2tog bind-offs… I’ll be curious to see if the blocked shawl will reveal where I changed over between methods.

        I have a new-found respect for lace knitters!

        • Thank you for that – I am sure many keen knitters will be relieved! :o)

          I am nearing the end of the next shawl, this time in lace weight yarn (another first), and it is a riddle that I still ‘lose’ the occasional stitch, but I am working without the pattern now. Haven’t blocked the first one yet, but I will be curious to see how the difference shows once they are both completely finished.

  17. My daughter says to me,Mamma,I want a shawl to wear for my wedding.I have looked everywhere,I only have 1 year or so into knitting,I can make gloves,scarves,animals but,have yet tackle a shawl.I am so excited ,its not only the pattern but so step by step and gauging!I am smitten! Thank you.picture will be up on my Instagram @sonjakuvikloyd before October ,her wedding.
    Thank you!

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