Simple Ripple Scarf

Simple Ripple Scarf
Simple ripple scarf using two skeins of Koigu
Simple ripple scarf using two skeins of Koigu
Simple ripple scarf using two skeins of Koigu

Hi folks,

This isn’t a new pattern, but an update the simple ripple scarf we posted a couple of years ago. This is a simple non-lacy ripple scarf pattern that can be made from two skeins of Koigu  KPPPM yarn.

The scarf above is made with just one skein each of Koigu KPPPM 100 and KPPPM 214 which are alternated every second row. The scarf can be made wider and longer but you will need more yarn.

You can find the pattern here Ripple Scarf Pattern. Loop, London

N.B. This pattern has now been updated again July 2015, in conjunction with the release of our 10th Anniversary book. Enjoy!

This is a free pattern and all images and text are copyright of Loop Knitting Ltd. It is for personal and non-profit use only. This means you can knit it for yourself, as a gift or for charity. You may not sell a garment made from this pattern. You may not reproduce this for sale. Please ask if you wish to translate it or use to teach a class.

Thank you!


12 Comments on “Simple Ripple Scarf

  1. Oh, I love this scarf but when I click on the link for the pattern the page won’t open up. So disappointing. Does it when I find it on Ravelry, too. I click on the pattern site and it won’t open. Is there any other way I can obtain it?

  2. I love this pattern. Actually I love your web page. I visited your store in late August, 2011 when My husband and I were in London for 3 days prior to a trip to Italy. I am from Australia. I can’t wait to return to London. I will definitely be making a return visit!

    Jedda Hingston

  3. Thanks for sharing the pattern of this scarf. It is good to have one from this kind of pattern. This can be a good project for the holidays as well as a perfect present to your family, yourself, friends, etc. :)

  4. Hello, thank you for this lovely pattern. It was a joy to knit once I got used to the rhythm of the thing. Always assumed feather and fan was beyond me but you have changed my mind. Lovely, compact project to knit on tube and bus journeys. I used Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift from your store (Grouse, Ginger), which produced a bold and really warm coloured stripe. Looking forward to knitting this pattern again with a space dyed yarn, then again with different textures. Thanks again.

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