Brooklyn Tweed Sets the Tone

Brooklyn Tweed Sets the Tone

One colour, two shades! The much anticipated Brooklyn Tweed Tones collection is finally here.

With this new concept, Brooklyn Tweed has expanded the creative possibilities for yarn crafters of all stripes. The idea is simple: through overdyeing light and dark heathered base yarn using traditional techniques, the Portland, Oregon-based company creates 12 ‘Tone Pairs’ of brighter and deeper colours in the same hue, a total of 24 new colours. Mixing and matching bright, bold Overtones (OT) with deeper, more subdued Undertones (UT) in the same colour story or across different colours lends beautiful depth to all knits.

The base yarn for Tones is a 3-ply worsted weight Columbia wool sourced from the mountainous American state of Wyoming. The springy construction makes for great stitch definition in textured and cabled knits that is just as beautiful in a simple stockinette. This yarn is incredibly versatile. It’s great for sweaters and accessories or blankets, where you could really explore the full breadth of creative colour combos this yarn provides.

Loyal Loopers will know how much we love playing with colour palettes, so these bright and bold yarns are a ton of fun. From the sea-sand-and-sky feel of the blue-green overtones to the rich ombre of the red end of the scale, our imaginations are running wild with the possibilities. Each colour pairing brings such a unique feeling to the colours, and having playing with the Overtones and Undertones just highlights that dynamic even more.

To celebrate the launch of Tones, Brooklyn Tweed is giving away a free pattern to anyone who purchases the new yarn. The First Raglan Sweater designed by Jared Flood has lovely clean lines and is worked top-down in the round with no seams. It’s an ideal project for those new to knitting garments. With step-by-step instructions and options to adjust the sleeve and body shape, the pattern is a breeze to follow. Naturally it’s also an easy one to customise with a pop of colour! A PDF of the pattern will be emailed to anyone who purchases Tones in the shop or online.

Stay tuned next week for Brooklyn Tweed’s launch of six favourite accessory patterns knit in Tones.

Learn to Make the Scout Shawl with Liz Baltesz

Scout Shawl by Florence Spurling

Now before you say “I could never knit that”, hear us out: If you can knit and purl you can make this shawl, and Liz Baltesz will teach you how to do it.

The Scout Shawl by Florence Spurling is a gorgeous, intricate pattern using Fair Isle and intarsia techniques to create a patchwork quilt effect, all using Madelinetosh Merino Light. On Sunday 3 October Liz Baltesz will join us in the shop to teach these techniques along with some other top tips for colourwork, making it a great introduction to this type of knitting in general as well as to this specific pattern. There will also be a special Indigo-dyed kit put together by Liz herself available for participants to purchase on the day. This promises to be a great day of inspiration and learning and we hope you can join!

If you can’t attend the class you can still knit this up. We have kits available with all the yarn you’ll need, and the pattern is available on Ravelry.

Pre-order Amirisu Sublation – DARUMA Collection 2021

The publishers of Amirisu have once again teamed up with DARUMA yarns to publish a collection of patterns and it does not disappoint. Designers Alice Caetano and Fiona Alice have drawn inspiration from British fashion to bring you 11 pieces to knit, ranging from sweaters to hats. As fun to knit as they are to wear, these pieces would also make fantastic gifts for autumn birthdays or even the holiday season. These patterns are based on DARUMA yarns we don’t carry at Loop, but we are happy to recommend substitutes! Sublation is currently available for pre-order and will ship on 1 September.

Adorable Animal Ribbons

We are loving these bright Baby Woven Ribbons that have just arrived at the shop. The cute, happy motifs on these woven jacquard ribbons make them the perfect project finisher, especially for kids items. Whether you’re trimming a sleeve, neck or hemline, finishing a steeked edge, or just tying a bow around the neck of a crocheted teddy bear, these sweet designs will bring a little life to any project.

New NONA Bundles

Nona Naturally Dyed Indigo Cotton Thread Bundles at Loop London

Our latest shipment from Rika Stein of NONA is these beautiful Naturally Dyed Indigo Cotton Thread Bundles. Our sets of thread from NONA are always hugely popular and now the indigo dyed line is available to purchase individually as well. This means you can mix and match tones for whatever you’re working on or top up a heavily used colour from one of NONA’s thread sets. These threads are a dream for embroidery, tamari wrapping, sashiko or boro mending or any other stitching you fancy.

Here’s to colourful crafting!

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