Don’t forget tomorrow ~Sunday, February 6th, from 12:00 ~ 2:00, Cookie A will be visiting us with samples of her socks and books to be signed. Come along and have some cookies, knit-chat and fun with us!

A new workshop has just gone up on our classes list.  Lucinda Guy, author of Crochet Designs for Girls and Boys,  and Northern Knits, will teach how to make authentic Scandinavian mittens using the traditional Swedish twined knitting technique. Lucinda will teach Tvaandsstickat, or ‘two-ended’ knitting, where the knitter uses both ends of the same ball of yarn and then twists the two yarns after each stitch, producing a uniform fabric of double thickness. This fabric which is smooth, firm, and less elastic than conventional knitting makes an ideal base for embroidery and is particularly suited to making mittens and …

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Loop will be at the London Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexander Palace this week. The opening times are 10-5:30, Thursday the 7th until Sunday the 10th (closing at 5 on Sunday). We will be bringing along a delicious selection of our yarns and accessories. To see our full range, plan a visit to our shop while you are in London. We will be open at the shop as usual, except that there will be no knit night or late opening on Thursday evening. Hope to see you there! Juju at Loop