Chiaogoo Mini Sets – Circular Needle Love!

Chiaogoo Mini Interchangable Needles. Loop, London

With their super pointy tips, weighted cables and that super smooth stainless steel, we just love Chiaogoo needles! Now this good thing comes in a tiny package as Chiaogoo have introduced a Mini Interchangable Set!

Whether you love lace, knitting socks or just need to knit at a super fine gauge, these teeny needles are the answer. If you already have the Chiaogoo set with the larger sizes then the labeled pocket case fits into your case, but also stands alone as a neat piece of kit. Please note that the Mini set parts and connectors are not compatible with other Chiaogoo interchangeable parts and pieces.

Chiagoo Mini Interchangable Needles. Loop, London

As with all Chiaogoo interchangeables, the added feature of the cables ‘life line’ holes means you can insert a knitters safety net into your work with ease. Before you start a row, thread a piece of smooth waste yarn through the hole on your cable (we used sewing thread for the Mini set as that hole is pretty darn tiny!)

Chiaogoo Life Line Feature. Loop, London

Then knit as normal and the waste yarn will follow through all your stitches.

Chiaogoo Life Line. Loop, London.

At the end of the row, untie the waste yarn from your needle and you have inserted your life line.

Chiaogoo Line Line in Knitting. Loop, London

The Chiaogoo Mini Interchangable Set comes with handy accessories such as mini stitch markers, cable connectors (allowing you to make extra long cables) and end stoppers. All these items are also available for sale separately.

Chiaogoo Mini Interchangable Set. Loop, London

And the heart shaped things? These are rubber pads to help you get a secure grip when screwing your needle tips on to the cable.

Chiaogoo interchangables . Loop, London

Along with this new set, Chiaogoo have also added to their range of fixed circular cable lengths. For a while the Chiaogoo needles only came in 60, 80 and 100cm, but now we have 40cm too! Great news if you are not a fan of magic loop and like working those smaller circumferences like hats on a fixed length. This shorter size is also handy for smaller projects such as baby garments.

40cm Chiaogoo's at Loop, London

If Chiaogoo’s aren’t your tool of choice then we still have our extensive range of Clover bamboo needles, in circular and straight, plus a whole selection of metal needles from Addi. You might have grabbed yourself a bargain already if you have seen that the Addi Lace Needles are now on sale as we’re making space for the Addi Sock Rockets. Still with the sharp tips that you love, but we think you’ll find the nickel coating of these needles makes them far superior and smoother to use than the Addi Lace (and Clara Parkes agrees! Read her article here on the Knitters Review!)

Piccadilly Shawl at Loop London. By Justyna Lorkowska for Loop. Knit with Eden Cottage Yarns Hayton

And you’ll need those needle tips sharp and ready for our Piccadilly Shawl Knit Along that will be starting in a couple of weeks! We’ll have expert help from the designer Justyna Lorkowska as well as some lovely prizes up for grabs. So grab a copy of the pattern, start rummaging through your stash, or stock up on the gorgeous Eden Cottage Yarns Hayton – we just had a delivery this week and more on it’s way too!

We’ll be announcing more details about the KAL next week – until then Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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