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Ito Serishin
Ito Serishin

A beautiful collection of the most unique yarns, all from small mills in Japan, are inspiring our latest knits. Luxurious silks, marvellous mohair and some multi-coloured treats are all new to Loop this Spring.

When the Ito Serishin Silk arrived we knew we had to find something special to display this yarn. We sourced some vintage wooden spools called ‘ito maki’ from the famous Nishijin dori looms in Kyoto’s Nishijin district, which were were once used to hold the silk threads that made kimonos many years ago. We think it’s lovely how these beautiful spindles are being used again to hold silk.

Ito Serishin
Ito Serishin

Rather than spun strands, Serishin is a ribbon yarn. Single silk filaments have been formed together to make a flat tape, which gives a larger surface area to reflect the light and means that beautiful silk simply glows!

ITO Serishin Silk (L-R) 101 Marsala, 102 Enji, 100 Pale Blush, 101 Logwood, 108 Snow Gray, 106 Raven, 105 Orient Blue, 104 Balsam, 103 Mustard.
ITO Serishin Silk (L-R) 101 Marsala, 102 Enji, 100 Pale Blush, 101 Logwood, 108 Snow Gray, 106 Raven, 105 Orient Blue, 104 Balsam, 103 Mustard.

When knitted the Serishin has the flow and drape that you would expect from a silk, making it ideal for lighter summer tops or flowing edges on a shawl. These shades are hand-dyed giving each colours a subtle depth – and in some cases it looks like spun gold!

ITO Serishin in 103 Mustard. Loop, LondonFor juicy pops of summer colour we have ITO Sensai, a mohair and silk yarn. On its own Sensai is a delicate lace weight, but hold it double with other yarns and you can start to play with colour and texture.

TO Sensai at Loop, London. Swatch in 307 Hydrangea, 306 Lemon, 339 Lilac and 326 Pool Blue
ITO Sensai at Loop, London. Swatch in 307 Hydrangea, (Top – Bottom) 306 Lemon, 339 Lilac and 326 Pool Blue

All together they look like the most delicious sweeties!

ITO Sensai Mohair at Loop, London
ITO Sensai Mohair

Another perfectly formed bundle are these mini multicoloured balls from Masaki. This single ply has a rustic wooly texture with dots of colour. Each ball is just 40g, so use for baby knits, contrast edgings or how cute would a little pocket be?!

Masaki Arare
Masaki Arare

Currently on the way to Loop we have a new Silk Wrapped Paper to add to our stock of Habu. This textile company are always suprising us with the most individual blends of fibres and colours – with this yarn we have a linen tape core with raw silk strands wound around it. It gives an almost cotton like feel to the knitted fabric.

Habu Silk Wrapped Paper – Coming soon!

As with any of the items we sell, if you want to be notified when a yarn comes back into stock please email the Loopettes – shop@loopknitting.com

And how about a little giveaway? Let’s cheer up the April showers with mini ball of mohair! Comment below letting us know which colour of the ITO Sensai you would chose (you can browse all the colours here) and we’ll draw one winner out of the hat next week. Make sure you get your comments in by midnight GMT on Wednesday 4th May as any entries after this will not be counted.

ITO Sensai Mohair
ITO Sensai Mohair

Psst! Don’t forget to get ready for our Piccadilly Shawl KAL which is starting at the end of May! More details on the blog soon, and (even better) is more Eden Cottage Yarns Hayton arriving in the shop any day now!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!


81 Comments on “Japanese Yarns at Loop

  1. Lemon to make a little scarf to remind me of the colour of the sun – which seems to have abandoned us in Scotland!

  2. The pool blue is my absolute favorite – and I LOVE all the ITO yarns, they are the ultimate luxury!

  3. It’s so hard to choose which ITO Sensai colour I like best as they are all beautiful ….. But, if pushed, I’d have to say the Pool Blue!

  4. The Prune is so absolutely gorgeous and would go perfectly with my nearly finished, bright yellow harris tweed coat!

  5. I would love the gold colour as I would love to make the monkey baby by LittleOwlsHut and it would be perfect for their hair xxx

  6. They look yummy! Carrot please. Maybe with a prune accent? Note how many of us can’t quite stick to only one colour…..

  7. It would have to be lime for me reminds me of the sweet taste of Summer to come. Gorgeous range of colours x

  8. I think I’d get Azalea for my daughters. The eldest is starting to love her little lap loom and that would be perfect for her projects.

  9. They’re all so cheering, especially as all i can see out the window is sleet. However, as I have to choose, my absolute fav is ‘Prune”

  10. Prune and grass are absolutely stunning colours, but my favourite has to be lemon. So bright and vibrant.

  11. Sorry, can’t choose only one. My most most favourite colour is Tangerine, very closely followed by Moss.

  12. It has to be the lime green! I am absolutely obsessed – it’s neon, it’s Spring and it pops with every other colour.

  13. Beautiful colours!
    This yearn looks exciting…so many things can be made …!
    I love ‘grass’ this colour seems to be calling me…so vibrant.

  14. I would choose ‘Grass’, to make a shawlette for my mother, whose favourite colour is green. ‘Grass’ is the most vibrant natural shade of green I have seen in a yarn; she will be thrilled.

  15. I love LIME, because it reminds me of all the budding leaves on the trees in my garden: Spring is finally on its way!

  16. I love Ito yarns! These have such great colorways. I would pick Grass. The more green, the better in my opinion!

  17. Pool blue is my choice as I imagine dipping my toes into the iridescent waters of a blue Caribbean pool. Ahhhh….

  18. It would have to be Capri Blue – it so reminds me of the sun glinting off the Mediterranean – the essence of summer!

  19. Gorgeous yarn. I particularly love the carrot – it’s 24 carrot (!) Gold :) Intense, lustrous and wonderful. Anne

  20. I would go for the Lime, as it fresh and summery, although Lemon would go nicely with that! Mmmmm.

  21. I would choose Bordeaux – because you can never go wrong with something named after wine!!

  22. I think the colorways are all nice, but I absolutely adore Grass! I haven’t yet knitted something in that shade of green =)

  23. I would choose “Grass” – green is just the most beautiful colour. The colour of leaves and plants….

  24. Pool blue is the perfect summer colour,
    reminiscent of a beautiful lagoon
    a wonderful holiday..

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