Colour Friday at Loop: Brilliant Kits and Perfect Gifts!

Colour Friday at Loop: Brilliant Kits and Perfect Gifts!

So much for Black Friday. We’re following the brilliant Holly Tucker’s lead and celebrating life in full colour today (and, really, every day).

Holly Tucker launched Colour Friday to swap big-box shopping for a celebration of the creativity the UK’s small businesses bring to their communities, and that’s a message we can get behind. We really hope to see you in the shop today for Colour Friday, tomorrow for Dee Hardwicke’s Book Launch, and any other day of the year!

Loop's London shop is open again!
At Loop, we love colour and we’re proud to be a small business!

As we all start to think about holiday gifts for loved ones, we’ve got Kits on the brain. They make such wonderful gifts for the crafter in your life, and if you’re making up a list for yourself they’re a very easy way to make sure you get just the right tools for the project of your dreams. Here are some of our favourites.

Knitting Kits

On the eve of Dee Hardwicke’s Book Launch we would be remiss if we didn’t start with the glorious Dreaming of Butterflies Wrap Kit. This exclusive-to-Loop kit combines Dee’s design genius with the wonders of John Arbon Knit by Numbers DK. Inspired by one of the patterns in her new book, Dreaming of Butterflies is a wonderfully bold piece that will bring you joy all year round. Any combination of our nearly 100 colours of Knit by Numbers will look fantastic, but our kits come in our favourite combos, plus a bonus button cover pattern you won’t find anywhere else!

The Late Bloomer Mittens by Kristin Ledgett have got to be the cosiest, fuzziest, warmest things you could wrap your hands in. We love the subtle floral motif of these mittens and the incredible combination of Lichen + Lace yarns that make this pair so irresistible. In four vivid but delicate colours, you can’t go wrong with this kit. Please note, this pattern was printed in Making Magazine Issue 10 and is available for purchase through Kristin’s Ravelry but is not included in this kit.

Another of our all-time favourite kits is the Crepe Myrtle Wrap Kit. This Olgajazzy design using The Border Mill’s North Coast Tweed has wonderful texture and is such a versatile piece for cuddling up with at home or wrapping up in when you’re on the go. Some of the colours in the kit are custom for Loop! In two beautiful colourways that will bring the hues of the north coast to your needles, there’s no going wrong with this one!

This year saw yet another reincarnation of a Loop staple. We’ve knit up our Tiny Tassels Shawlette in so many of our favourite yarns it’s hard to keep track now, but this latest iteration, Fizz Wizz Tiny Tassels, really pops! Using gorgeous hand-dyed Qing Dashing as a base, with mini tassels in Madelinetosh Merino Light, this will very quickly become a piece you reach for every day. Our last batch of these beauties went out the door quickly, but we’re expecting to have more in stock next week! You can sign up to be notified when they’re in stock.

If you’re longing for more wintery favourites, we have more Harlequin Blanket Kit, Uptown Shawl Kits, and Roulade Scarf Kits coming back in stock between now and Christmas. These warming wonders will snuggle up nicely under any Christmas tree.

We love these self-striping Christmas socks!

No Christmas list would be complete without the Uneek Christmas Sock Kit by Urth Yarns. Nothing says “holiday magic” like self-striping yarn. These socks are the perfect project to work on while sitting around the tree or enjoying some relaxing down time with loved ones.

Crochet Kits

If crochet is your craft, Mrs Moon blanket kits are sure to inspire awe. Her Setting Sun Baby Blanket, Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket, and Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket are perfect for welcoming new additions, while her Spring Bedspread Kit lets the grown-ups get in on the fun of a cuddly blanket as well. All of the yarns in these kits are sustainably sourced and super soft. These textiles are sure to become family heirlooms, treasured and handed down for generations.

The sweet crochet amigurumi kits by Hooked are sure to delight little ones and craft fanatics alike. Elephant Mo, Ziggy Giraffe, and of course the very festive Reindeer Rue are just the pals you’ll want to bring along to this season’s festivities. Each little creature is made of eco cotton and the kits come with all you need to get started — even a crochet hook!

Embroidery & Needlepoint Kits

Everyone will want to go back to school with Stitch School. Their incredible embroidery kits are beginner-friendly and make finished products you’ll be proud of. The A-Z Linen Embroidery Kit and Homework Starter Sampler are the perfect introduction to so many stitches used in embroidery, and their Doll Embroidery Kit helps stitchers learn how to apply their craft in wonderful and practical ways. These kits are perfect for anyone looking to take up a new hobby this season.

If you’re after a bit more creative freedom, you can’t go wrong with Miesje Chafer’s Cactus Freestyle Embroidery Kit, which is still beginner-friendly with stitch instructions for six different stitches, but gives the stitcher more room to improvise and design a totally unique scene. The hand screen printed fabric included in this kit provides the perfect backdrop for your wildest prickly dreams! Miesje’s Thread Bear Needlepoint Kits are also fantastic. The designs “Sunface”, “Blooma”, and “Swans” are artful, unique, and sure to bring a smile to your face!

For stitchers who have mastered the basics, there’s nothing better than one of Corinne LaPierre’s darling kits. Her Felt Pincushion Kit and Felt Needle Case Kit are two gifts in one for any crafter: first the joy of the project, then a special addition to the craft corner. Meanwhile the Mrs Cat Loves Knitting Kit, Embroidered Heart Kit, and Folk Birdhouse Kit make distinctive additions to a child’s bedroom, a Christmas tree, or year-round home décor.

Punch Needle Kits

For the maker who wants to get hooked on punch needle, The Modern Crafter has just the thing. Two kits for beginners that have everything you’ll need to get going make it easy to fall in love with this craft and gain the confidence to start making your own designs. The Butterfly Punch Needle Kit and Lion Punch Needle Kit are perfect for all ages 9 and up. And once you’ve got the hang of it, head to the Punch Needle section of the website to pick up wool, hoops, monk’s cloth, and pattern ideas.

Gifts Galore

No need to worry if kits aren’t your bag — our lovely Gifts section has ideas for everyone on your list: Knitting Gifts, Stitching Gifts, and Crochet Gifts for your craftiest pals, Handmade Gifts, Haberdashery Gifts, and Loop Originals for the art and textile lovers in your life, and even a Winter Treats section to bring a little extra spark to your holiday. And if you’re totally stumped (who doesn’t have a total stumper on their list), a Loop Gift Card never goes amiss!

Divine Degen Haberdashery Tools

Is there anything better than a wooden knitting tool? Something about the warmth of the material makes it so much more pleasurable and cosy to work with — just like the textiles we create with our crafting. Brooklyn-based designer Lindsay Degen’s clever tools in rosewood and pine are fine examples of the delight and utility the perfect can bring. You’ll never lose a darning needle again thanks to her Acorn Needle Holder, which comes with stitch markers, and her Latch Tools make weaving in ends a breeze (don’t take our word for it, watch her tutorial on how to use it here). They’re also a dream for a provisional cast-on, casting off from a knitting machine, and fixing dropped stitches.

Come Visit with Dee Hardwicke!

We can’t wait to have Dee in our shop again!

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow (Saturday 26 November) from noon to 5pm as we welcome the wonderful Dee Hardwicke along with Jonna from Laine Magazine for Dee’s Book Launch! Dee will be on hand to chat and share samples from her new book, The Knitted Fabric, which will also be available for purchase on the day. No need to book in advance, just stop by the shop! Do please be aware that Dee and Jonna will need to step out for lunch at some point so they may not be in the shop for the full five hours.

Happy Holidays

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