Dyed In The Wool by Spincycle Yarns

Dyed In The Wool by Spincycle Yarns

The autumn news just keep coming! This week we had a gorgeous delivery come to us all the way from Washington, USA, and we are very proud to introduce you to Spincycle Yarns. Their Dyed In The Wool is just what it sounds like; dyed in the wool


Rachel and Kate of Spincycle Yarns
Rachel and Kate of Spincycle Yarns

Where some yarns are dyed after spinning, this one is dyed first, spun second. Dyed In The Wool starts out in the dye house, where Kate and Rachel, the powerhouses behind Spincycle, kettle dye the fibres themselves. Kettle dyeing, versus hand painting for example, means each colourway gets the most subtly enchanting colour shifts from one shade to the next. Once dry and ready for spinning, the yarn heads over to the small, mother and daughter run mill where it’s machine spun for efficiency while true to that hand-spun quality that the “Spinsters” – and us – love so much. From start to finish, it’s a labour of love and an all hands-on operation.

Clementine Cowl kit in End Of Summer & Grumpy Birds

And we love Dyed In The Wool. It’s an amazingly springy yarn that could almost fool you to believe it had some nylon content, but it’s all 100% American wool, and a beautiful one at that. The range of colour ways covers all your needs, from the bright-bright, to the sweetly muted, and always contain some gorgeously bold and self-shifting colours that will keep you going for that “just one more row” to see what’s coming next.

Gumshoe cowl kit in Huldra & Mississippi Marsala

You can find Dyed In The Wool in individual skeins to suit the project of your hearts desire, or why not get yourself one of their kits? Everything you need in a customised muslin project bag; the kits come complete with the yarn, pattern and a hand made wooden stitch marker. Simply perfect if you find yourself suddenly without a project, and these kits of course make ideal gifts! It’s never too soon to start collecting Christmas presents you know. We also have a few single patterns for these lovely accessories. Shown above are the Hank Hat, Gumshoe Cowl and Clementine Cowl.

Dyed In The Wool in Devilish Grin, Rusted Rainbow & End Of Summer
Dyed In The Wool in Devilish Grin, Rusted Rainbow & End Of Summer
Dyed In The Wool in Payback, Narcissus & Nostalgia
Dyed In The Wool in Payback, Narcissus & Nostalgia

Are you too dyeing to get your hands on these beauties? Leave us a comment below by midnight (BST) on Wednesday for a chance to win a skein in the colour of your choice, just tell us what you’d love to make with it.

Time to announce last week’s giveaway winner!

It seems we’re not the only one’s to be smitten with Ella Austin, thank you to everyone who entered! The lucky winner of four balls of Lang Jawoll and Ella’s new collection is Alicia – congratulations!

That’s all for this week folks. Happy knitting!

115 Comments on “Dyed In The Wool by Spincycle Yarns

  1. I’d make a hat, and possibly combine with a light base colour to highlight the amazing colours that come through in the Spincycle yarn.

  2. These colors are to dye for! Their vibrancy are just stunning!
    I would make a cowl or hat. I could win one and buy one and make both!

  3. Those colours are amazing! Perfect for a cowl – now that it’s starting to feel like it’s really the end of summer.

  4. Beautiful colours and I love the marled effects. Great bright shades as well. I think it would have to be a cowl or maybe mittens :-)

  5. I’m hooked on cowls at the moment, so definitely one. Doing the infinity cowl which knits up really quickly and you don’t have to concentrate too much on the pattern either, perfect telly knitting. Love the colours.

  6. I would love a skein of Payback to add to my collection of Hexipuffs in this color scheme; looks amazing!! Another great new discovery by Loop. :)

  7. I would make a funky coloured hat with it to brighten up the winter grey days and stand out in colour to match and blend with my coloured hair.

  8. What fun yarn! I would knit some mittens to cheer me up on dark winter mornings – just love the Devilish Grin and Rusted Rainbow colours!

  9. I would love to make a cowl with this yarn, something which really showed off the colour transitions. Perhaps in Kimono… But then there’s the Robin’ Egg and there’s also Payback… 3 cowls??!!

  10. BeUtiful wool,love all the colours but End of Summer looks a favourite. I think I would make a cowl for autumn. Happy knitting whoever wins!

  11. Oh, yes! I am definately dyeing to get my hands on these beauties…

    I would love to knit a cowl or a hat from these skeins!

    And: Loop London – definately the favourite yarn shop over all yarn shops. A must to visit when in London :)


  12. Oh my goodness! What wouldn’t I want to make with it?! Such gorgeous yarn! But if I must narrow it down it would either be a hat or a cowl. Something small that has a lot of impact. And then I would wear it everywhere and not let anyone else touch it! LOL

  13. I would make a pair of fingerless mittens so you could just keep looking at the colours on your hands perfect! I think they would have to be in devilish grin fantastic name and sublime colour!

  14. So many gorgeous colors to choose from. I love the “clementine cowl” pattern but I think I don’t have enough experience to do it. Plan B would be “The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief” with “neveruary” color yarn. Wishing you all a wonderful day. :-)

  15. Beautiful yarn, I would definitely make the Clementine Cowl for my Autumn accessory must wear you can never have enough cowls

  16. Looks absolutely stunning. I would make a small shawl for a friend who will have a shoulder replacement operation in October.

  17. All these colours are beautiful. I’d love to make a pair of fingerless mittens in End of Summer – then I could keep looking at these gorgeous colours on my hands every time I wore them.

  18. I’d crochet my self some wrist warmers, never make my self anything and it’s getting chilly here in Shetland.

  19. I love the Mississippi Masala and the contrast with Nostalgia or maybe the more subtle combination with Payback. The cowl is stunning but I love the idea of doing mittens or fingerless gloves so you could admire the colors while you were wearing the item.

  20. Deep bump to make a Fireweed shawl. Then I’d have to find a pinky mauve to go with it. Will the temptation never end?

  21. The colours plied like that look amazing, and I can’t wait to see them the next time I’m in the shop. I was going to say a cowl-but I love the comment about being able to see fingerless mitts… with long, bracelet cuffs

  22. Loooove the Spincycle yarns and can’t wait to knit with them! I would start with a hat — maybe Martina Behm’s Tensfield to show off the color transitions.

  23. Wow! The colours are so amazing!! I would definitely make a cosy snood that I could wear all through the winter!

  24. I love the Huldra colour way! I would make some scrumptious mittens. Really beautiful yarns I’m looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!

  25. I am such a fan of these lovely ladies. I’d love to finally see and hold the yarns I have heard so much about. For me it has to be an end of summer shawl made with that beautiful end of summer shade

  26. Gorgeous colours! I especially love “the end of summer” and “devilish grin”! I would turn them into mitts, Ysolda’s Inglis Mitts to be precise :)

  27. I would knit my Mum (aka The Pensioner) a cowl – she’s been asking for one – in Devilish grin (to cheer her up!)

  28. The colours are amazing, I think I would choose something for my hands so I could see the luscious colour all the time.

  29. Hmmm… Could be anything really but i would go for some squares of a blanket created to remember some very happy moments…

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