Fix-A-Stitch To The Rescue!

Dropped stitches – not the most exciting or satisfying part of knitting, but a somewhat inevitable annoyance we have all had to battle with at some point. Do you find yourself debating with agony whether to frog back and rescue lost stitch, or do you fudge and fiddle with it to hide the mistake? Well, worry no more as we have a fabulous little tool that will solve all these problems – the Fix-a-Stitch!

Plus, we have one of each size to give away!

Read to the end of the post to find out how to enter our competition on Instagram!

FIx-A-Stitch Set. Loop, London.

The Fix-A-Stitch is a small double ended hook that is designed to rescue stitches that have gone awry. Made from a lightweight plastic that is both strong and flexible, they are just the thing to have to hand when you are knitting. You can see from the helpful videos on the Fix-A-Stitch website just how useful it is.

Fix-A-Stitch Small.  Loop, London.
Smaller Set of Fix-A-Stitch for Lace

We also stock the polkadot case (made exclusively for Fix-A-Stitch by Chic-a) which you can purchase separately to keep them all together. With a practical keyring allowing you to attach it to your project bag you can ensure that you are never without your essential tool!

Fix-A-Stitch Small and Large. FIx-A-Stitch Set. Loop, London.
Fix-A-Stitch Lace Set in Tube and Three Pack

The Fix-A-Stitch comes in a range of sizes available as two separate sets so you can choose which suits your knitting needs. You can can either opt for the fine fixers (shown above in the tube) to correct your lace and errant yarn overs, or the standard set that has three hooks in varying sizes.

Fix-A-Stitch saves a stitch!
Fix-A-Stitch saves a stitch!

In a vivid pink, it stands out against virtually any colour, making the fixing process that little bit easier. It can also be used as a cable needle and is handy for certain types of casting on and off.

We have one of each size to give away – but now for something completely different – we are holding this competition on Instagram! Simply follow our account Looplondonloves on Instagram and find out how to enter by following the instructions in the caption of the Fix-A-Stitch image.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting (and fixing!)


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    • Better than that! It’s super flexible and it’s size means it is so convenient to have with you. We sell lots of beautiful and useful crochet hooks at the shop and would not stock this as well if we did not think it was something extra special. Loop xxx

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