Up, Down, All Around Stitch Dictionary

Once you have mastered knit and purl a whole world of different combinations are literally at your fingertips. That must be part of the magic of stitch dictionaries, revealing and explaining how knitted fabric can be shaped.

Conventionally, instructions are charted for working back and forth in rows – but what about converting this for the yoke of your top down jumper? Or inserting these instructions to change a pattern knit in the round? Here to solve all your stitch pattern problems is the new, and appropriately named, Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary.

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*This competition is now closed – Congratulations to our winner Julie Chinitz!

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Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

After reading the book and meeting the writer Wendy Bernard at The National Needlearts Association, we knew that you would love this easy to use and inspiring manual. Wendy took 157 ‘knitted flat’ patterns and re-charted these for working in the round and top down, allowing you to use the variations with ease.

'Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary' At TNNA . Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com
Linda Niemeyer , Owner and Founder of Blue Sky Alpacas

The book also features lots of handy tips on swatching and how to match gauge – and Wendy certainly knows a bit about swatches! All her samples that she created with her book were knit with the gorgeous Blue Sky Alpacas yarns. We were lucky enough to see all the beautiful examples on display at the trade show and meet owner and founder Linda Niemeyer.

Swatches from 'Up,Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary' Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

Tutorials within the book are there to help you start thinking about how to incorporate stitch patterns into your garments – a must for all  you budding designers out there. Each chapter dedicates itself to a certain style of stitches (eg cables, eyelets, colourwork) and includes a pattern for each section. The patterns are written in such a way that you can experiment with swapping one different stitch for another.

Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary. Designing From Scratch. Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

If you are interested in designing from scratch, there are formulas to give you guidance. You can start with a hat, or the lacey scarf above to try out your new favourite stitch patterns and create a truly unique knitted item.

Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico. Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

We mentioned that Up, Down, All-Around uses Blue Sky Alpacas yarns, which we love using for their super softness and beautiful shades. If you favour natural tones, Metalico is one of the most sumptuous yarns with baby alpaca and silk. These skeins are sitting on top of Marin by Ysolda Teague, which you need just three of to make an elegant shawl.

Blue Sky Alpacas Melange. Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

Melange is a sport-weight yarn which you may recognise from our cosy Double Dutch blanket/shawl pattern. Lots of boxes arrived from Blue Sky Alpaca last week so you can pick and choose from all the shades to make your perfect combination.

Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky - Naturals.  Loop, London www.loopknitlounge.com

For quick, chunky knits Blue Sky Bulky is the ultimate option, with either an alpaca-esque neutral or one of their saturated rainbow hues.

Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky. Loop, London. www.loopknitlounge.com

Whichever yarn you choose, we are sure that you are ready to test out some new stitch combinations. So, the good news is that we are giving away a copy to one lucky reader!

Simply comment below letting us know how you would use this book. Is there a pattern you have been waiting to alter with a different stitch, a design you are waiting to perfect or do you just want to practice your technique? Comment before midnight on Wednesday 11th June and a copy could be on its way to you! This competition is now closed.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting!

133 Comments on “Up, Down, All Around Stitch Dictionary

  1. Hi!

    I would love a copy of this book because I would like to knit shawls in all sorts of yarn weights but very often I don’t have ideas for stitches to use. So I’d let myself get inspired with this book.

  2. I’m looking for a lace pattern for the collar of the Featherweight cardigan, so this would be perfect for inspiration!

  3. I would use the stitch patterns in this to create the edging to a shawl that I want to alter & to design a cardigan that actually fits me.

  4. Wow, I’m dying to take this opportunity to try different yarns with creative stitches and produce something amazing.

  5. My mum and I want to make a gorgeous family heirloom incorporating, in squares, as many different stitches as possible. A vibrant throw, the centrepiece of any room, and every conversation! You see, we have it all stitched up!

  6. I prefer working in round and top down. Some nice patterns are made in completely from direction for me. The book would surely be useful.

  7. I’ve long wanted to create an improvised sweater – using different stitches and weights of yarn as I go. I imagine lace effects, the odd cabling, and even some quirky intarsia, perhaps using yarns of similar colour tones. This fabulous looking book would be just the thing to get the yarn balls unrolling …

  8. I love the simple design of the layering shrug and would love to try out some new lace stitch combinations using this as a starting point. What to use……..- it would be metallico in a heartbeat for sheen combined with softness.

  9. What a clever and useful idea. I’d probably make some cowls using the stitch patterns in the round.

  10. I’ve been dying to try my hand in designing my own stuff using different stitch combinations. I never had the gumption to do so as I couldn’t find a book/tutorial that I could learn from.

  11. I am still quite a basic knitter and anxious to learn new skills. This book looks perfect for me.

  12. Knitting outside of the restrictive framework of flat pieces knit bottom up, following instructuions line by line is so empowering and unleashes your creativity. It’s a bit scary at first to venture out of the safety net but it’s definitely worth it. This book looks to be a great help if you are moving in that direction.

  13. I am just knitting my first seamless top down cardigan in the round and I love it! It’s so clever and fascinating. I’d love to knit more seamless cardigans whether bottom up or top down and learn a new stitch or two at the same time.

  14. If I had a guide for knitting garments top down, it would be truly invaluable. To learn how to add my own creative touches to something I’m knitting would be fantastic, I’d get a lot of use out of this book, it sounds really helpful and interesting.

  15. I have recently started designing socks and this book looks like it could be packed full of inspiration.

  16. I would love to use this to design my own socks. They are my favourite thing to knit and to create my own patterns would be wonderful!

  17. Oh……what a wonderfully inspirational book!! I have always wanted to try and design my own sweater! What a great book for inspiration and practical information!

  18. I would love to adapt straightforward cardigan and sweater patterns into lovely lacy versions for my two little girls. This looks like a fabulous book :)

  19. Yes! I have just started watching re-runs of the documentary that Channel 4 did on Kaffe Fasset which has inspired me to start knitting without a pattern and just go with the flow as he does! Scary or what!!!!! I would LOVE this stitch dictionary. I was lucky enough to hear a lecture given by him last year-what an inspiration he is.

  20. I’ve only just started knitting and I think this book would inspire me to learn how to knit in the round.

  21. I’ve been playing with design in my knitting and am frequently trying modifications to existing patterns to incorporate different stitches/features. I would love to have this book to make things more straightforward and to help me be more creative. It looks amazing!

  22. I love to knit. My mum taught me as a child and she was very impressed with how many new stitches I had learnt. She’s sadly passed away now but I was to keep learning and keep this craft alive. This book would be brilliant to learn even more.

  23. I love knitting socks and would like to design my own pattern. This book would give me lots of inspiration.

  24. I want to start using Custom Fit for sweater patterns that will be better suited to my figure and a stitch dictionary would give me the ability to customize the basic plain sweater into something that works for my work wardrobe or my dress wear

  25. Oh, lovely book. I think I’d use it to make blankets for each of my grandchildren — among many other things.
    Many thanks!

  26. I prefer to knit socks top-down and have often wished I felt confident and knowledgeable enough to convert lace toe-up sock patterns to top-down. From your review, it sounds like this book would be a great help to me!

  27. I have a slightly obsessive fondness for stitch dictionaries – I love wallowing in the possibilities! I’m also starting to design some of my own sweaters and can always use more ideas for pattern and texture.

  28. This book is JUST what I have been looking for! I am fairly new to knitting and am at that stage ready to explore and expand my creativity with interesting and textured stitch patterns. I love the challenge of learning the rhythm of a new stitch pattern and although I have found great we bpages with stitch options, I way prefer having a lovingly made book at hand. Bring it on!

  29. I would love to have this book. I think it could help me to be more secure and make my own designs.
    It looks really lovely.

  30. Blue Sky thinking for me with Blue Sky Alpacas & Up Down All Around. Determined to design & make – this is my solution – The sky’s the limit!

  31. This would be invaluable to me, as I am just starting the City & Guilds Hand Knit Textiles course, and will need to produce a variety of swatches using different stitches as part of my coursework.

  32. I am desperate to try new skills as I feel I am such a basic knitter, this would be such a great book to help me improve my knitting.

    The swatches are fab as well so what better excuse do you need!

  33. what a wonderfull book, it looks like the bible to expand my knitting skills with shetland wool!

  34. I would love to win this book since I love stitch dictionaries! I use them for inspiration when I design but also for learning new techniques. This one looks perfect since it includes all type of stitches!

  35. I have only been knitting for 3 years and really love trying new stitches and patterns this book sounds fantastic, I could start by creating things for my two little girls.

  36. This book would be invaluable to me, as I have just started the City & Guilds Hand Knit Textiles course, and will need to produce a variety of swatches of different stitch patterns as part of the coursework.

  37. This book would hopefully give me the confidence to alter patterns to knit them the way I want!

  38. I’m eager to start designing my own patterns, but I’ve only been knitting seriously for two years, so I need a little bit of help :)

  39. I’m itching to take the plunge into designing my own shawls, and I’ve been covering this book as the perfect inspiration to start. Thank you for such a fab opportunity!

  40. I want to be able to knit more baby cardigans top down, and translate bottom up patterns to increase my choices. Any new stitch designs open up lots of possibilities.

  41. I would love to be able to improvise within set structures with lots of glorious different stitches.

  42. I am a beginner knitaholic, full of enthusiasm for all yarns and designs, but lack the experience and confidence to go ‘off piste’- even the thought of knitting ‘top down’ is way out of my comfort zone! So this book, with its detailed tutorials and exciting new ideas would be perfect for me (and for me to share with my daughter who is rapidly overtaking me in her knitting skills!) I would make her a quirky throw for her new house.

  43. I would love to win a copy of this book so I have a strong reference to help start designing my own patterns.

  44. I’m always nervous about translating flat patterns to in the round, or toe down to toe up, sounds like this book would give me just the help I need!

  45. I have been learning to spin and I’ve made some wool to use in a baby blanket for a friend but I’m looking out for a stitch idea to use to make it really special for her.

  46. This book would help transform my knitting from the steady and safe knit one purl one to the as yet unknown extravaganza of the world of stitching beyond the scarf!

  47. I’d love to experiment with freeform knitting. I’m thinking blankets and cushions – experimenting with colour, stitch, wool to create something special for my home, and some special presents. I’m an adventurous crocheter but a dull knitter, so I’d love the inspiration to make me a more balanced yarnaholic!

  48. I always want to learn something new. This book looks like a wonderful addition to my knitting library!

  49. I would use up, down, all around to design my own patterns hopefully well enough to change career

  50. I would use this book to improve my skills, and to create
    something new and exciting. If yarn could talk I think it
    would tell us to experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new
    patterns and new yarns, and this book would get you
    moving in the right direction.

  51. This is an exciting prospect! Inspiration and planning!
    My littlies, my mother, my husband, and even mine self may benefit before I get to having patterns to share further.
    But it’s good to have a dream…

  52. With only a few months to go until I’m a great aunty, I’m looking for lace and other stitch patterns. That heirloom shawl isn’t going to design itself!

  53. I would love to make a shawl using several different stitch designs with lace patterns that effortlessly flow from one to the next

  54. This book would be a great design resource, I would like to try small items such as socks, wristwarmers and baby clothes.

  55. I would find the book useful as I have reached the point where I see patterns that I like but just want to change something in them, whether it is a different stitch design or converting from flat to round knitting.

  56. I´d like to swatch with Blue Sky Alpacas yarn with the help of this book, because I think the colours are amazing and they are what captivated my attention to this post!

  57. I dream if finding the perfect stitch and yarn match-up; perhaps this book can help me out with that!

  58. Even though I have been knitting for 60 years, there is always something new to learn. This book would be an inspiration.

  59. The book looks amazing. I love the challenge of learning new stitches and techniques. That is the appeal of knitting for me – the discovery of a beautifully hand dyed yarn and experimenting with creative designs.

  60. This book with always be open on my coffee table as I am building up the courage to start designing my first knittd garment. And a gorgeous stitch dictionary what could be better inspiration and help.
    Happy knitting everyone

  61. This book will always be open on my coffee table as I am building up the courage to start designing my first knittd garment. And a gorgeous stitch dictionary what could be better inspiration and help.
    Happy knitting everyone

  62. I would love this book to try all the stitch patterns for cushions. I like knitting strips and mounting them on fabric for cushion covers

  63. I’m sure the book would help me with my current knitting problem where I’m struggling to get my tension right. I also want to know how stitches differ in the quantity of yarn they use; would I find the answers in this book?

  64. Hello I would love inspiration and help to be able to design for myself. Also I often buy yarns without patterns so ideas to put them to use would be brilliant. Thank you :)

  65. I would really LOVE to have this book, for inspiration, and for improving my understanding of knitted structures. Totally curious to see the inside of this book!

  66. I would like to learn some new stitches to help me continue learning to design, 1 shawl down, and burning to make more!

  67. Looks like a great resource. Having a resource to convert stitch patterns to circular knitting would be so helpful!

  68. I’m continually faced with the usual problem when knitting for men: finding a pattern that’s plain enough to wear but interesting enough to knit. Often all it takes to adapt a generic plain sock or jumper pattern into something more special is a carefully chosen variation in texture. But I run out of ideas pretty quickly at present… which is where this book might come in handy.

  69. I just learned to knit last August. This book will just expand my knowledge on new stitch combinations.

    It just so happened last year, I walked pasted your store and absolute love it. What a beautiful store.

  70. This book could be the one that puts the sweater I have always wanted to design into reality. It is a gansey and I would love to put something together that would look very sea worthy! It is wonderful to dream about the possibility of finishing a design that others could use too. Knitting is the one thing I can do with my health issues. A dream come true might be possible with a book such as this! Thanks a bunch.

  71. Up and over my finger flows the yarn
    Down,in and out of the Loop goes the needle
    All Around my grandchild wraps the shawl
    Snuggled in stitches that move back and forth.

  72. I love seeing that someone loves pattern swatches as much as I do! I’m ready to move onto garments, and once I have a bit more experience this book will help me to work in differnt stitch combinations as well. Sound like a perfect book!

  73. I love making socks with different stitch patterns so am always interested in dictionaries.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  74. Ooh I want this book so much! I’m looking to get more confident with lace but am struggling to find patterns I like – somehow I think this is the book to end the deadlock… In my mind, I’d use it for scarves, socks, cardies – the possibilities are endless!

  75. I would love to use this book for some new hat designs!! I really like how the author put some in the round instructions in the book. That makes it so much easier to try out the interesting pattern in hats and cowls!
    The blue sky cotton line is great for hats and cowls here in Alabama since we don experience bone chilling weather!

  76. I would love to alter a baby sweater with a lace pattern rather than stockinette. Make it more exciting.

  77. I love designing cowls, and a lot of the most beautiful flat stitch patterns are difficult to rewrite in the round—this would be such a help!

  78. I would use this book to help swatch for sweater pattens, so I could use different gauged yarns, and to help me incorporate texture and intarsia into otherwise monotone or flat and uniform patterns.

  79. I would use this book as a guide if I were to incorporate texture or different styles of intarsia into otherwise flat or monotone patterns. And to convert seamed or flat garments into seamless projects!

  80. I have a design in my head for a hat and haven’t quite been able to figure out how to make the stitch pattern that I’m picturing. This book would be fantastic to play with and hopefully make it work! :-)
    I’m Cantrix on Ravelry

  81. I have just started knitting and I would love this book to learn some new stitches. It would be really fun to try out some new techniques without having to decide on a big project yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. I am an advanced beginner/intermediate knitter. I am always trying to better my techniques & learn new stitches. This book looks wonderful, and would be a great asset to my knitting library.

  83. Fantastic idea for a book, amazing resource. I am interested in making yoked jumpers with all sorts of stitch patterns, but have been too nervous to have a go. Hope this book will help.

  84. I want to be able to look at a picture of a project, and have the knowledge to make it in any method I choose. I think this book will let me do this.

  85. A friend is looking for an afghan pattern for me to knit for her. Would be great to make up my own pattern…something to match her personality and way of life. Would be great to have this book!

  86. I’m always trying to mix stitches from one pattern with those in another to make my own ‘designs’. This book would take me up a level and help me with the maths to become a proper ‘designer maker’. My five brothers love my warm knits and this would help me to make them unique while using the same basic pattern.

  87. I make a lot of hats for charity. This allows me to try new stitch patterns all the time. However, I almost always knit chemo caps in the round and stitch patterns are almost always flat. This book what allow me to try new patterns in the round. What a great idea! I can’t wait to get this book.

  88. I am still learning, so I would like to use it for ideas for socks and whatever else that makes me happy.

  89. I would love a copy of this book. I am starting to design my own patterns-socks and shawls-and this would so help me. Thanks for the chance!

  90. This would finally the start to pattern making for me! formulas, colors, design! I am so excited!

  91. Sono una knitter italiana innamorata dei pattern inglesi e delle istruzioni in inglese,in Italia il lavoro a maglia è stato un po’ dimenticato negli ultimi anni e da quando seguo Internet e compro pattern in inglese ho imparato molte tecniche che non conoscevo,anche se lavoro da quaranta anni.Grazie

  92. I would love to create a patchwork blanket using the different stitch patterns found in this book.

  93. I am starting my gift knitting for the holidays, and I would LOVE this book to help me make some more interesting sock patterns!

  94. I’m not very good at thinking up substitute patterns. But if I saw them in front of me, with directions, I’d be more likely to try something new. Thank you.

  95. I would love to work my way through this book and practice, practice, practice! I love the challenge of learning new patterns!

  96. I love fine yarn but my stash is overflowing ,
    and now I’ve started spinning it keeps on growing,
    I desperately need help , ideas and organisation,
    Up, Down,All-around sounds the perfect inspiration.

  97. This book must have been made for me! I have just discovered the JOY of swatching! And I also plan to design tank tops for my two little boys, knitted in THE ROUND o fcourse! And maybe a elegant (eyelet) cardigan for myself, eventually.

  98. I would initially use the book to knit some of the gorgeous swatches for an afghan or edging to a garment depending on gauge. They make you want to reach out and touch each and every one just to experience the beauty and texture. In time I will attempt knitting in the round and from the top down but that will have to wait until I have attained more experience and knowledge. I am working hard on gaining the confidence necessary to delve in to my next knitting adventure and would love my guide to be “Up, Down, All-Around”. Sincerely, Gina

  99. what an awesome idea for a book. i would use to finally complete my manky swatch square blanky, and then finally pick a pattern for the next garment in the queue … ;)

  100. This book intrigues. Could there finally be a book that has it all? Usually I need at least 3 books and the internet to figure out stitches or where I went wrong. Not sure I’m ready for design, but definitely want to improve my technique.

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