French Fancies & Saving Our Knits!

Sophie Digard Shawls at Loop!

Today we’re excited to show you two new but very different products now in stock at Loop – the gorgeous new shawls from French designer Sophie Digard and an amazing knitwear ‘de-piller’ called the Lilly Brush!

First up we’re showing off these stunning crocheted and embroidered shawls. Perfect for throwing over your shoulders on a cool summer evening, the needlework is extraordinary – even mind-boggling. Above Emma’s modelling a crocheted stole in merino with velvety buds appearing in each flower motif. All the shawls are handmade using tiny threads in different colours blended together to make completely unique, wearable works of art.

Sophie Digard Shawls at Loop
Lydia wearing the Zinneas wrap – beautiful black merino covered in delicate embroidery.
Sophie Digard Scarves at Loop
Sophie Digard Embroidered Flowers Shawl

They’re stunning, no? We are so excited to have Sophie Digard’s work back in stock at Loop and hope you love them as much as we do!

Now for something a little different – we’ve waited and waited for a wool pill remover that actually works, and we recently discovered the Lilly Brush! It’s an amazing little tool invented by a knitter that removes pills, pet hair, lint etc.

Lilly Brush at Loop!We couldn’t wait to try it out and share our results with you!

Before Lilly Brush...

After Lilly Brush!

We’re so pleased to report that not only does the brush work on heavier knits, but finer ones too. A very well-loved Ishbel shawl in Malabrigo Lace looked brand-new after an encounter with the Lilly Brush – hooray! Is it too much to say we’re looking forward to the odd pill or two appearing on a handknit just so we can use the brush?!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at some of our favourite new items at Loop! See you next week!

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