Get Ready for Summer Knits with Laine 21

Get Ready for Summer Knits with Laine 21

With the two May bank holidays swiftly approaching and the promise of warm weather on the horizon, we can virtually feel the pull of summer. That’s why we’re so excited to have Laine Magazine’s Summer 2024 issue available for preorder now!

Summer knits are truly a joy unto themselves, offering fun opportunities to play with gauge, texture, fibre, and see a different side of yarns you’ve used for years. We absolutely love what the designers of Laine Issue 21 have done with Gepard Kid Seta, Camarose Midnatssol, Uncommon Thread Cloud Fingering, Camarose Snefnug, Biches & Bûches Le Coton & Alpaca, Isager Spinni, and many more incredible yarns.

Preorder your copy of Laine for summer 2024

Irene Lin’s Quince is an especially gorgeous expression of these principles. With a fluffy, open-gauge silk merino yoke giving way to a cosy medium-weight for the main body, achieved by adding a strand of merino, this sweater is a beautiful exploration of weight and texture. The lace and twisted rib body makes this classic shape feel quite modern as well.

The yarn possibilities for this piece are endless – a great opportunity to revisit an old favourite in a brand new colour or to pick up a merino you’ve had your eye on for ages. In terms of the yarn, Irene designed this piece using Knitting for Olive merino and silk mohair, but she recommends loads of alternative yarns, including Gepard Kid Seta, Uncommon Thread Cloud Fingering (great for those who can’t wear mohair), or CaMaRose Midnatssol for the silk mohair, and Gepard Wild & Soft (which we’ll have soon) for the 4-ply. We also think Isager Soft Fine would be incredible for this pattern.

How great is this tassel finish? Image © Riikka Kantinkoski / Laine Publishing

We also totally adore the Ziggy shawl by Julia Wilkens using Isager Spinni. This piece has a huge wingspan and a super interesting construction, with triangles fringed by lines of loop stitch that gather into a finishing tassel. Whether you’re headed to a whimsical wedding or a coastal walk, Ziggy will be your perfect accessory this summer.

The loop stitch accents on the Ziggy shawl are a fun and creative touch.
Image © Riikka Kantinkoski / Laine Publishing

Paula Pereira, who visited Loop last summer for a trunk show featuring patterns from her book Textured Knits, also has a design in this summer’s issue of Laine. Her Casadinho Cardigan and Slipover can be worn either as a twinset or as separates, and they both showcase Paula’s real knack for textures. Even the simple stockinette of the Casadinho Slipover is stunning in CaMaRose Snefnug, and the textured ribbing of the Cardigan is visually striking without being complicated to knit.

In addition to these two beauties there are 9 more incredible knitting patterns for summer in Laine Issue 21 as well as an interview with Kendall Ross (@id.knit.that), a piece about an initiative to teach Irish children to knit, regular features and columns on knitting and fibre arts, and some seasonal recipes for inspiration. Preorder your copy now!

Graphic Tape Measures

We have the most stylish new measuring tapes in the shop and we can’t get over how great they are. In five different black and white graphic designs, and both key chain and non-key chain versions, these are the handiest little tools and super well made. Each variety has a 60 inch measuring tape with inches on one side and centimetres/millimetres on the other. When pulled out, the tape will automatically lock every six centimetres, and retraction is delightfully straightforward with the press of a button.

Isager Soft Fine

The fibres used in Soft Fine lend depth to the yarn’s colours

Isager’s newest yarn is a total dream to knit with. Nicknamed “Isager’s cashmere” inside the company, this silk-alpaca blend is incredibly soft and versatile while maintaining a really beautiful texture. Even knit on its own this yarn manages to keep a substantial feel, and the natural colour of the yak wool gives the dyed fibres a gorgeous depth. Soft Fine is made from a core of silk and a strand of alpaca and yak, which is added to the silk as a loopy bouclé before being brushed into its final fluffy form. It’s a true joy to work with.

Enjoy the weekend!

Main image © Riikka Kantinkoski / Laine Publishing

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