Gorgeous Gepard and Brilliant Big Loop Bags

Gorgeous Gepard and Brilliant Big Loop Bags

Any day we get to spend among the wonderful things at Loop is a great day, but three brand new arrivals from Gepard and some very special Loop shopping bags have us head over heels!

Gepard’s Puno Upcycling, Wild & Soft, and Pura Lana are our two new additions from this stellar Danish yarn brand, two very different and totally wonderful additions to our range. Wild & Soft is a light and elastic fingering weight yarn while Puno Upcycling is a full-bodied bulky yarn that nevertheless maintains logic-defying lightness. Let’s take a look at each one.

Wild & Soft, pictured here in “Petrol”, is available in 23 colours at Loop

Months of testing are behind the super lovely texture of Wild & Soft. The collaboration between Gepard and a spinning mill in Italy combines delicate merino wool with Tussah silk for a texture that’s out of this world. And this yarn could not have arrived at a more perfect time. Not only is it a great all-rounder for spring and summer knitting, it’s also one of the recommended yarns for the Quince Sweater in Laine issue 21, which is on preorder now!

Sus Gepard, the founder of Gepard Yarns, has also designed a gorgeous cardigan where Wild & Soft is held together with Kid Seta — the Scandinavian Spring cardigan. It’s an airy piece that’s relaxing to knit and delightful to wear. Waterlily Ballet by Sus Gepard also uses Wild & Soft and Kid Seta, but instead of holding the strands together this sweater is worked primarily in Wild & Soft with beautiful contrast colour accents in both Wild & Soft and Kid Seta at the neckline.

Puno Upcycling is a ground-breaking sustainable yarn.

Puno Upcycling is a truly special addition to our shelves. Incredibly, there are absolutely no new materials used in the production of this yarn. We applaud any yarn maker working to make our craft sustainable for the future, and this is a stand-out example of that effort. Best of all, no softness or beauty is sacrificed in this sustainable yarn. A thin net of synthetic material makes a casing for baby alpaca and merino, resulting in a yarn that runs almost twice the yardage of a traditional spun yarn.

Puno Upcycling is gorgeous and cosy in any project that calls for bulky yarn, but we especially love how Anne Ventzel uses it in her Super Selene sweater, held together with a strand of Gepard Kid Seta. This is a fabulous fair isle sweater with almost a Charlie Brown feel. We love how the choice of Kid Seta colour tips the main colour towards one hue or another, and CaMaRose Snefnug is an excellent yarn choice for the contrast colour.

Finally, Pura Lana, an alpaca and virgin wool blend, is as soft as it is durable and stain-resistant to boot! Plus, with a huge range of bold and bright organic colours, this yarn is crying out for colourwork. Think of all the different combinations you could design using Pura Lana for PetiteKnit’s Celeste Sweater! Our minds are racing already. But the beauty of this yarn is that the colours will also pair well with Kid Seta, making them perfect for patterns like Anne Ventzel’s Villa Wrap, where two yarns are held together.

We can’t wait to see what you make with these gorgeous new yarns!

Loop Big Shopper Bag

We’re thrilled to welcome our new Loop Big Shopper bag to the shop! Carry everything on the go or just store your stash at home. Of course it also makes a great project bag for those bulkier items. You can keep everything you need for a big sweater or a blanket all in one place — yarn, notions, and all. A durable woven handle and a laminated print will keep this bag on your arm for years to come, so whether you’re looking for a special souvenir from a visit to Loop or just a super convenient carry-all, this fab design will do the trick! 

Laines Vilaines Embroidery Threads

Beautiful hand-dyed wool embroidery threads from Laines Vilaines

Laines Vilaines is at it again! We’ve adored the incredible boulettes that pack a punch, and now we’re so delighted to have new spools of Wool Embroidery Threads from this incredible French yarn maker. Each of the lovely hand-dyed colours look absolutely stunning on this BFL/silk blend base and the bobbins these threads come wound on bring the experience of working with them to the next level. We’ll be receiving more of these threads throughout the spring and summer, but we just couldn’t wait to share these special gems!

Lichen and Lace Embroidery Yarn Sale

The lustre of Lichen and Lace is so gorgeous

We’re making room for some gorgeous new embroidery supplies, and that means our gorgeous Embroidery Yarn from Lichen and Lace is on sale! These little skeins are seriously beautiful, blending silk and wool for stunning sheen. Whether you want to embellish your latest knit or crochet project or you’re planning a traditional embroidery project, these beauties will make your stitches stand out!

Happy crafting!

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