Stitching Joy and Fabulous Fibres at Loop

Stitching Joy and Fabulous Fibres at Loop

Fabulous news for embroidery fans: Loop has a whole new section dedicated to embroidery threads, a top-notch embroidery workshop coming up with Melanie Bowles, and a massive restock of Finca Perle embroidery thread!

We’ve always loved all our incredible embroidery threads and yarns, and now we’re chuffed to have all the loveliness collected in one convenient Embroidery Threads page on our website. From Au Ver a Soie to (Vi)Laines (and so much more in between), all the stunning stitching materials you need are together in one exquisite collection!

Finca Perle threads are shrink resistant and colourfast.

This week we’ve received a huge restock of our Finca Perle No. 8 and No. 12 cotton threads. Made by a family-owned company in Spain, these are gorgeous for stitching work and their vintage-inspired packaging makes them super fun to have in your project basket. With 59 colours available, the only tough choice you’ll need to make is how many of these lovely little threads you have room for! And while you’re at it, why not pick up some The Clover Chenille Embroidery Needles in No.18 or No. 22, which are perfect for stitching with these threads.

The stitches you learn in this workshop will become the ingredients of your future creations!

And if you’re looking to put all these incredible threads to good use, look no further than our 50 Stitch Embroidery Sampler Workshop on 2 June. Under the tutelage of Stitch School founder Melanie Bowles, you’ll learn the building blocks of embroidery and begin a sampler that will become your dictionary of stitches: 50 different stitch patterns you can use to build embroidery motifs, whether you’re following a pattern, making up your own, or embellishing your knits and other garments.

Urth Yarns Sock Kits 

We’ve received more Uneek Sock Kits as well as Uneek Mini Sock Kits from Urth Yarns! We totally admire the genius behind these super fun matching (!) self-striping socks for adults and kids. Each one comes with a free Mahalle Sock or Mini Mahalle pattern, and since we also carry Echoes Sock Yarn, which will also work for the pattern, you can keep your needles clicking as long as you like! The adult sock kits make one matching pair, and the mini sock kits will make three pairs of baby socks for ages 0 to 2, or two pairs of socks for ages 2 to 4, or one pair of socks for ages 4 to 9.

Gepard Cashmere Lace

Gepard cashmere lace is soft and dreamy.

To continue our parade of new beauties from Gepard, Cashmere Lace has arrived this week! Luxuriously soft yet remarkably durable, this yarn is crafted from high-quality 100% cashmere fibres, sourced and spun at the Grignasco spinning mill in Italy. The colours of this yarn are excellent too. A mix of rich neutrals and eye-catching brights will suit any mood and lend themselves well to mixing and matching colours. It’s simply gorgeous! This yarn would work brilliantly for the Hyo Bandana by Aegyoknit, a gorgeous staple that will keep you cosy all year and is perfect for transitional springtime weather. The pattern calls for two strands of lace weight yarn held together, so this is a perfect opportunity to play with some unexpected colour combinations of cashmere lace! We would also love to see a Sophie Scarf with Gepard cashmere lace held together with a silk mohair. The Hyo Bandana would take two balls of cashmere lace and the Sophie Scarf would take one ball each of cashmere lace and silk mohair. 

Lovely raw organic cotton from Krea Deluxe can be knit as is or dyed first.

So many of our favourite cotton and linen yarns have arrived this week. Krea Deluxe Raw Organic Cotton is back in stock. This totally natural yarn is just about as close as you can get to a cotton shrub without planting one in your back garden. Soft, delicate, and undyed, this yarn is ready to use as is or to dye at home. The dyed version of this Organic Cotton is also in stock, with two new colours joining the ranks — lovely hues of lavender (#57) and aubergine (#58).

The Crochet Floral Garland Necklace made with BC Garn Lino is the perfect spring to summer accessory. Layer as many strands as you like or give them away as gifts!

We’ve also welcomed more BC Garn Lino, a wonderful linen yarn with a slightly rustic feel that softens up beautifully over time. We have a couple of fun free patterns using BC Garn Lino, including the Crochet Floral Garland Necklace by Erika Huesler, which is a perfect project for springtime and the sunny days ahead!

Rico’s Aran weight yarn comes in gorgeous 100% cotton or merino for those who prefer wool.

We’re all stocked up on Rico’s colourful Organic Cotton Aran, a wonderful yarn that’s perfect for all things cosy. Whether you’re knitting a throw blanket or baby clothes and accessories, this yarn is a fabulous choice. If you prefer wool to plant fibres, Rico’s Soft Merino Aran has also arrived in the shop. Both of these yarns can be washed in the machine, making them super low-maintenance options for your next knit.

Keep an eye out for the arrival of De Rerum Natura Antigone, a gorgeous new linen yarn we’re expecting any day, plus more plant fibre arrivals in the coming weeks!

Enjoy the weekend!

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