Linen Loveliness! “Antigone” Arrives at Loop!

Linen Loveliness! “Antigone” Arrives at Loop!

This week we’ve had a fortuitous arrival in the shop: The gorgeous linen yarn Antigone by De Rerum Natura has burst through the door in no less than 30 colours, just as the days are getting warmer and we’re finally shedding our heavy winter layers.

Antigone is a linen yarn with a difference. Spun from 10 strands of combed, twisted linen fibre, the lustre achieved is beautiful to see and to feel. It is a wonderfully versatile yarn, equally suited to knitting on fine needles for a traditional look and a more open gauge, which really highlights its stunning natural drape.

Antigone in “Mordoré”

This yarn begins its life as flax grown by a cooperative in Normandy that uses ancient cultivation techniques to produce high-quality fibres without damaging the soil with harmful chemicals. It is then wet spun to bring out its natural lustre and softness while ensuring each strand will be uniform. Finally, it is twisted and dyed in the Creuse region of France.

This yarn is all about doing things the right way, not the easy way. It’s named in honour of the titular character in Jean Anouilh’s play Antigone, inspired by the play by Sophocles of the same name. Anouilh’s Antigone debuted shortly before the liberation of Paris, during the period of the French resistance to Nazi occupation. As the world faces so many injustices today, we love the spirit of resistance and dedication to doing the right thing that Antigone embodies.

As we head into the summer knitting season, there’s no better yarn to get on your needles. From shoulder-season sweaters to open gauge market bags, this yarn is perfect for the clothes and accessories that will see you through all your summer adventures. Here’s a look at a few of our favourites:

Sari Nordlund’s Scandinavian sensibilities work beautifully with Antigone. The Sunset Camisole and Salutorget Bag she designed with the yarn are destined to be instant summer favourites. Each one has the coveted quality of being able to seamlessly transition from a day at the beach to an evening in town. Salutorget’s main lace pattern is a breeze to memorise and will quickly become meditative to knit, and the pattern contains instructions for creating knit handles if you prefer them to leather. The Sunset Camisole is knit seamlessly from top to bottom with stitches picked up to knit the frill once the main top is finished.

Geo’s subtle differences made by waist shaping and body and sleeve length help you make the perfect top. Photo © Soohyun Nam

We love all the different options offered by the easy-to-customise Geo by Soohyun Nam. With suggestions for different body lengths, sleeve lengths, and upper and lower waist shaping, you’re sure to get a top that fits you to a tee. Wear it as your main top in the summer and then layer it with warmer garments in the winter for a year-round staple. Soohyun recommends a number of yarns for this pattern. In addition to Antigone it can also be knit using Loop favourites mYak Baby Yak Lace and mYak Baby Yak Silk!

Floribunda is the airy long-sleeve layer you’ll want in your bag this summer. Photo © Laura Morsman

If crochet is your craft of choice, Floribunda by Gina Fama Röckenwagner is a fun piece that really shows off all the fabulous colours of Antigone. This airy long-sleeve top can offer your skin a little respite from the sun during the day and keep the evening chill away. With a range of neutrals to choose from as well as bold pinks, oranges, reds, greens, purples, and blues to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a combo that’s totally you!

Inspired by the light reflecting off ocean waves, there’s no shawl more perfect for summer than Bristol Ivy’s Aubade. With a wonderful repeating dropped stitch pattern, this shawl is just the right weight for taking in a summer breeze without getting too chilly.

Sensational Silks from Au Ver a Soie!

Special sets from Au Ver a Soie! Six Shades of Silk Packs are totally wonderful and inspiring. Each one contains six different thematic colours of thread spun from the best quality silk using a French process called “Alger”. Each twist contains 7 strands and is 5 metres long. These are fabulous threads are great for embroidery, visible mending, cross stitch, and more. How fabulous would your favourite pair of jeans look with some Sashiko stitching in the “Denim” colourway? Or how about giving new life to a tired old shirt with some neon embellishment? The options are endless! We’ve also just received Perlée Silk Bobbin Sets from Au Ver a Soie. Each bobbin contains 16 metres of fine silk thread that’s machine washable. They’re perfect for adding a special touch to any project, but they’re so lovely on the bobbin that you may find you just want to display them!

Perlée Silk Bobbin Sets from Au Ver a Soie

Ghost Flower Buttons

Lovely buttons to add a finishing touch.

Speaking of embellishments, we love the Ghost Flower Buttons that have just arrived in the shop. These horn buttons featuring a delicate etched flower pattern add a lovely touch to any shoulder, sleeve, or cardigan.

Happy stitching!

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