Juju’s Loops Has Arrived

Juju’s Loops Has Arrived

It’s Here!

The truck arrived from Spain with boxes of Juju’s Loops today. If you pre-ordered, your copy will go in the post tomorrow morning. Here are some preview pictures.

Oak Knot Hat in Juno Pearl


Detail of Swoon in madelinetosh Prairie


Praire Shawl in Dye for Yarn
Elk in the Woods, cuff and collar in madelinetosh Pashmina

We really hope you all like it.

I will be hosting knit alongs for some of the patterns in the new year and posting behind the scenes pictures.

~Juju at Loop



18 Comments on “Juju’s Loops Has Arrived

  1. Hi juju!
    You inspired me to design my Bow Tie Cloche a few years ago…I am bellsisterding of the Bellsisters Design Shop on Ravelry…
    Is there anyway I could order this lovely book of yours?
    Looking forward to your reply!

  2. Gorgeous book, beautiful designs. I must have! I’m already scouring the U.S. trying to find a copy. Any idea who is selling it over here yet?

  3. This is truly a lovely looking book. I am going to ask Tash at Holland Road yarn Company is she is going to stock this treasure!!

  4. hello from Italy!
    I would like to have the Juju’s loops so much, are you sending also to Italy?
    thanks a lot for answer!!

  5. Is there anywhere to see what the green version of Cinnamon Girl looks like in a full length picture – think this would be more flattering for me that the gathered/flaired version but would like to see a full length piture before I dive in! PS absolutely love the book!

    Many thanks


  6. I just bought your book at my LYS in Newtown Square PA and think it is absolutely fabulous. I’ve cast on for black-eyed susan and have my eye on swoom next.

  7. An addendum to my above: that’s the USA! And the shop is SlipKnot for the person above who wants to buy it.

  8. I can’t find Juju’s Loops available to order online. Can I buy it from you? I am in Virginia USA.

    • You can buy the book from us here we ship everywhere in the world. If you are not in the UK, it should be coming to an LYS near you in the States or Canada. Which country are you from?

  9. I just bought my copy of this book at my LYS, Green Planet Yarn, in Campbell, California. When I saw this book on the shelf, I just had to have it! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Well done and beautiful photography! I can only hope that my own book will be just as lovely! :)

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