Kits and More for the Height of Knitting Season

Kits and More for the Height of Knitting Season

Knitting season has well and truly arrived. Mornings are crisp, evenings are dim, and jumpers are a must on top of the school uniform. Anyone else feeling caught short by the abrupt shift from heat wave to hearth? Fear not! Our kits have everything you need to get from cart to cast-on in a jiffy.

Anne Ventzel’s gorgeous Robinia Sweater is part of Isager’s Botanica collection.

Well there’s no question you all love Anne Ventzel’s Robinia Sweater as much as we do. Our first batch of kits for this glorious piece in Robin’s Egg Blue were virtually gone before they landed! But there’s more where that came from. We will very soon (hopefully next week) have a whole new batch of Robinia Kits ready in two colours: Vintage Pink and Raspberry. Vintage Pink combines muted rosy colours with a hearty neutral and a shimmering brown while raspberry combines a bolder white with bright red, orange, and pink hues for a pop of colour.

Raspberry is one of two new colourways of the Robinia Sweater Kit coming next week!

While we finish assembling the Robinia Kits there’s plenty to keep your needles clicking. We have made up more Crepe Myrtle Shawl Kits and Qing Tiny Tassel Kits, two long-time Loop favourites that are just perfect for this time of year. These kits come with just the right amount of yarn to make each cosy shawl — The Border Mill’s North Coast Tweed in the case of the Crepe Myrtle Kit and Qing Merino Singles paired with Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails for Tiny Tassel — and a lovely Loop cotton shopper bag.

We also have many more favourite Loop kits waiting in the wings. Over the next few weeks we’ll have more kits of Siren Song, Pop Spots, and Cashmerino Tiny Tassels (using La Bien Aimée’s Cashmerino and Merino Singles). Plus, a brand new version of our Tiny Tassels kit is soon to debut. This has been a Loop classic for years and we can’t wait to share it with you in a whole new yarn!

And finally we have something very special in the works with Dee Hardwicke. Following her phenomenal Anemone Shawl we just couldn’t wait to collaborate on more creative ideas, and in November we’ll be ready to set some butterflies aflutter!

Dee Hardwicke and Susan having a butterfly-themed mind-meld in London a few weeks ago. We can’t wait to tell you everything about this amazing shawl! Photo via @looplondonloves.

Uncommon Thread, Uncommon Colours

The Uncommon Thread’s new colour “After the Rain” via @looplondonloves.

Two new gorgeous colours by The Uncommon Thread have arrived in the shop and they’re perfect for the season. “After the Rain” looks on the bright side of autumn, while “Coven” celebrates all the witchy wonders of the dark. It’s almost totally black! We have both of these colours across all of The Uncommon Thread’s bases we carry. With a touch of nylon, the Tough Sock base is fantastic for socks or any other heard-wearing garment. The Worsted weight is lovely and plump, the BFL Singles really make Uncommon Thread’s colours sing, and the Sport/Light DK is perfect for just about anything you want to make, such as Loop patterns  Mignon and ‘Zabadoo‘. This gorgeous and versatile yarn dyed in Brighton is sure to delight!

‘Close Knit’ Has Arrived!

Photo by Laerke Bagger.

Oh goodness we have been anticipating this book for so long. This is not your typical knitting book! Laerke Bagger’s Wild colour combos, pleats galore, and even ‘fur’ make Close Knit the book you never knew you needed. We are so in love. If you didn’t have a chance to pre-order your copy make sure to get one before they’re gone!

SARK by Kate Davies

SARK combines knits by Kate Davies and images by Tom Barr, both of which explore pattern, texture, nature, and the foundations of our world.

We cannot wait to welcome SARK, the stunning new collection by Kate Davies. In 12 new designs, Kate plays with the Scots language concept of “sark”, the foundational garment of any outfit. (Also defined as “to clothe or provide clothing”, “the underlying structure of a roof or building”, and “to lie or underpin”.) The result is a collection that’s engaging to knit, gorgeously textured, and cleanly finished — all the elements you want to build a whole wardrobe around. This book will be arriving any day. Keep your eyes out!

Christmas Boxes

Psst! Here’s a sneak peek at part of our first ever Christmas Box! These lovely bits are some of our most coveted items in the shop and we can’t wait to share them with you this holiday season!

What’s the first rule of Christmas gifts? No peeking! But ok just this once we’ll let you have a little peek. This year for the first time Loop is stocking Christmas Boxes! These little collections of treasures will make the most fabulous gifts for a fellow knitter or crocheter, though you may be tempted to keep them for yourself! You can add them to your wishlist! More details will come soon, along with pre-orders. We’re already having trouble containing our excitement!

Knit well, lovelies!

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