A World of Beautiful Bits and Lovely Bobs at Loop

A World of Beautiful Bits and Lovely Bobs at Loop

The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air, but that’s no reason to bid farewell to your wanderlust. New beauties by Nathalie Lété have blown in from Paris, a brand new issue of Laine celebrates the wonders of road trips, plus we have buttons from Germany, naturally dyed threads from Japan, and much more to keep your spirit of wonder alive through the months ahead.

Nathalie Lété Scarves and Art Prints

“The Girl Who Reads to Birds” by Nathalie Lété

A majestic delivery from the studio of Nathalie Lété has landed, full of the enchanted silk and cotton scarves and limited edition art prints we love so much. Nathalie is inspired by nature, by old engravings, by folk tales and children’s toys. Her work is imbued with lore and mystery and is just so magical. The latest arrivals include two new scarves, which we’ll be able to share very soon.

Minä Perhonen’s Whimsical Washi Tape

We all know and love the incredible fabrics, buttons, brooches, and bags from the wonderful Minä Perhonen. Now the same brilliant designer is bringing you 12 wonderful and whimsical Washi Tape designs for use in decorative wrapping, stationery creation, pattern following, or just decorating your space.

Qing Veranita in Three New Hues

Qing Veranita in Latte and Fizz Wizz

Oh what a wonderful yarn. Cashmere and silk combine for the dreamiest of deluxe skeins. We’ve just received three brand new colours of Veranita from Layla Qing’s London studio. Latte and Fizz Wizz are pictured above, plus Pistachio. These colours are such a great illustration of Layla’s range. Latte and Pistachio are cool, calm, collected solids with an airiness it’s almost impossible to imagine capturing on any canvas, while Fizz Wizz is bright, bold, and splashy. We just love this yarn and we know you will too.

New Threads from NONA

NONA Naturally Dyed Threads at Loop London

We always love the goodies we get from Rika of NONA, and this latest delivery was no exception! Absolutely gorgeous naturally dyed thread twists and bundles have arrived in the shop and we just can’t wait to get our embroidery needles out! Our whole collection from NONA is just to die for and we’re so excited to have these new threads dyed in Japan for us!

Hikaru Noguchi’s Delightful Darning Tools

Hikaru Noguchi’s Darning Jellyfish (foreground) and ‘Ring’ Darning Mushroom (background)

Darning guru Hikaru Noguchi is no slouch when it comes to the tools of the trade. Her iconic Toadstool Darning Mushrooms are not her only innovation in the field. A detachable elastic ring available on some of her darning mushroom models is a game changer when it comes to holding fine fabrics in place (not knits as they might snag) and her Darning Jellyfish is an innovation we welcome with open arms.

Wild Textiles

Textile artist Alice Fox is on a mission to bring more of the natural world into fibre crafts, and her book “Wild Textiles” is a handy guide to getting started. Alice encourages crafters to be open-minded, curious, and experimental in their approaches to integrating natural materials, and her book is a great way to get into that mindset. From helpful foraging tips to fun ideas for using found materials, this book will expand your concept of your craft and bring you just a little bit closer to nature.

Selvedge 108: Farm

The latest issue of Selvedge looks at the role of farming in fibre craft

Continuing the theme of integrating nature into craft is the latest issue of Selvedge. This issue is all about the farm, looking specifically at sustainable farmed fibre cultivation around the world. Flora and fauna both figure in this issue, with extensive considerations of raising sheep as well as examinations of fibres like willow, abaca, linen, and hemp. Selvedge is always such a sumptuous magazine to sit down with and this issue is no exception.


Laine 15 has arrived in the shop and my oh my is this a special one. This issue features the magazine’s brand new design, embracing a more modern, dynamic direction. The gorgeous knitwear patterns and thought-provoking features will stay the same, but with a fresh new outlook that will bring new life to the pages. In August we took a close look at some of the patterns in the issue and we’ve been awaiting its arrival ever since. To celebrate the new design, this issue is available with both a standard cover and a limited edition black and white cover. Both versions contain the same fabulous, full-colour pages between. Which one will you choose?

Celia Pym On Mending

Celia Pym’s “On Mending” tells the story of ten stories of damaged garments – plus a rug and two backpacks – that Celia has mended over the years. It’s a reflection on the objects we keep and how they become intimately intwined in the stories of our lives.

Well it’s clear you all love Celia Pym as much as we do. The launch event for her new book “On Mending” sold out in just a day! Fortunately we still have copies of the book available for pre-order ahead of the 7 November launch. Get yours before they’re gone!

Close Knit – Out Next Week!

It’s your last chance to pre-order Laerke Bagger’s book “Close Knit“! Dubbed Europe’s coolest knitter, Laerke throws out the knitting rule book in this volume full of fun, funky techniques that leave plenty of room for trial and error. Welcome to a world where mistakes are part of the fun and you never have to weave in another yarn end. We can’t wait until this book comes out on 27 September!

De Rerum Natura

De Rerum Natura at Loop London

Tons and tons of De Rerum Natura has arrived in the shop, just in time for sweater season! We’re fully stocked up on Ulysse, Gilliatt, and Cyrano which are so wonderful and versatile. These yarns, produced in France, are environmentally conscious and super soft. A joy to knit and to wear!

Buttons Galore

Is there anything cuter than a button? We don’t think so. And we’re so pleased to have four new buttons in the shop for your haberdashery pleasure. Two new colours join the ever-popular Shell Mushroom Button range, there’s a new Bambi on the block (in both blue and pink), and the Honeybees are buzzing around. Whether you’re using these buttons for function or for flourish, they’re sure to add a bit of delight to your latest knit.

Monahan Papers Woodcut Bird Ribbon

The design of this ribbon is based on antique woodcut imagery

Beautiful birds adorn the latest delivery of ribbon from Monahan Papers. Designed using antique woodcuts from the 1700s and early 1800s, the Woodcut Bird Ribbon is a lovely way to finish off a project. The ribbon is 1-inch wide cotton twill and it comes in 3-yard lengths. Our other favourites from Monahan include their Hand-Dyed Ribbon and Hand-Dyed Canvas Ribbon.

The Knitting Barber – Knitting Stitch Holder

These Knitting Stitch Holder Cords are a total life saver.

The Knitting Barber is bringing some colour to stitch holder cords. Neon colours, that is. Fabulously useful and impeccably toned, TKB’s Knitting Stitch Holder Cords are the tool you have been reaching for your whole crafting life. These hollow silicone cords slip onto the tips of your needles to make the process of holding stitches super easy. Bid farewell to waste yarn: whether you’re putting some stitches on hold while you finish another piece of a garment or just want to try on your sweater without doing the no-dropped-stitches dance, these are the ticket.

Knitting & Stitching Show

We have a winner! Well, four winners. The lucky Loop customers who have won tickets to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace are Anna G, Kaija Lappi, Carole Kendall, and Erica Daniel. Each will get two tickets to the show on a day of their choosing. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who left wonderful comments on the blog and tagged their friends on Instagram to enter. Please remember you can still purchase discounted tickets using the code LOOPKNIT. That’ll get you £2.00 off adult advance tickets and concessions from now through 23:59 on Wednesday 5 October, when the code expires. Please also note the discount is not available for tickets on Saturday 8 October.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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