Koigu Come to Loop

Koigu Come to Loop

You know we love Koigu yarns at Loop! We featured them in our Babette blanket and we have lots of store samples knit in Koigu.

Including this sock yarn baby sweater which walked out of the shop, but we loved it so much, we reknit the sample.

Well, Koigu love us too and they’re coming to visit! The creative team of  Taiu Landra and Richard Devrieze are coming to preview their book, “Knit from a Painter’s Palette” and show the finished knits at Loop on Tuesday the 5th of October between 5-6:30. Please come along for cake, tea and chat about creative dying!

5 Comments on “Koigu Come to Loop

  1. Is there any way they could stay a bit later? I’d love to come but it doesn’t leave much time for getting there after work

    • We are trying out the knit nights and seeing how they work. At the moment I need to get home by 8:30 to feed my kids but we may go later in time.

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