Spindrift has arrived

Spindrift has arrived

We are delighted to announce that we now carry over 100 colours of Jamieson’s of Shetland, Spindrift yarn. We even bought as special case to showcase each of the colours!

Spindrift is a 2-ply yarn that knits up like 4-ply. It  is traditionally used for FairIsle knitting. The colour range allows immense potential to play with colour, while the texture of the yarn makes it easy to work up colour patterns. It is spun and dyed in the Shetland Isles from 100% pure Shetland Wool.

While many of you may be used to buying Shetland wool by mail, we thought it would be wonderful if there was a large stockist in London so that knitters could look at all the colours together and see how they combine by holding the balls next to each other.

I know I will be planning many fairisle projects from Spindrift, this winter. I will share them with you here on our blog. I’d love to see what you do with Spindrift.

The tam above is adopted from patterns in Alice Starmore’s excellent Book of Fair Isle Knitting. I have lent it to the shop until the cold weather sets in!

The fun fairisle horse cushion in the top picture is knitted by Andrea Williamson in Shetland yarns. The crochet blanket and cushion in the top photograph are also for sale at our store.

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