Kremke’s Edelweiss Is Good for the Planet

Kremke’s Edelweiss Is Good for the Planet

Hello Kremke Soul Wool Edelweiss Classic Sock Yarn! We’re totally head over heels for this new sock yarn in no less than 27 colours. And Earth Day eve is the perfect time to welcome this beauty to the shop.

Kremke Edelweiss in the colour 400 – natural white. Monahan Hand-Dyed Canvas Ribbon is also pictured.

Kremke Soul Wool is a fantastic yarn brand that’s always pushing the envelope in terms of style while keeping the substance excellent. All Kremke wools are always mulesing free and the brand focuses on innovative material, vegan and recycled yarns.

The Edelweiss Classic Sock Yarn is no exception. This base blends wool (75%, mulesing free) with polyester (25%) for extra durability. But unlike some sock yarns that rely on manufactured fibres for extra strength, the polyester here is all derived from recycled PET bottles, so it doesn’t require new plastics to be made. Cosy and totally sustainable, this yarn feels good and you can feel good about it!

Blue and green hues in Edelweiss.

Edelweiss is a 4-ply non-superwash yarn. That’s right, it’s hand-wash only, but we all know knits look best when they’re hand washed regardless. Each 100-gram ball will make three socks, so if you buy two balls you’ll get a whopping three pairs of socks. And with so many colours to choose from we’re betting you’ll probably want at least two different colours to play with.

Lazy Lion Sock Yarn in the new colour “Zebra”

Fans of Kremke will be happy to hear that “Zebra”, an all new colour of Lazy Lion Sock Yarn, has landed in Camden Passage as well. This black and white yarn will be a blast to knit. For socks it will self-stripe, and for other garments it will create serendipitous patterns. So fun!

Sock Blockers

Sock blockers make finishing touches a breeze.

With all that sock yarn to play with, make sure not to forget your finishing touches. We all know that blocking really makes your knits shine, but it’s one of the most frequently skipped steps in fibre crafts. The temptation to immediately wear your finished item, and with socks in particular it can feel tricky to get the shaping right. Enter Bryson Stainless Steel Sock Blockers, which take all the guess work out of placing your socks to dry and helps them dry faster, minimising the gap between needles and feet. Plus, they’re a handy way to dry socks after future washes, making them a fantastic investment for knitters and friends of knitters (ahem, gift recipients) alike.

Getting Ready for Aimée Gille!

Our brand new Confluence Kit will launch next Friday in celebration of Aimée Gille’s visit and the launch of Neons & Neutrals!

We’re so excited to celebrate the launch of Neons & Neutrals in the shop next week with our dear friend Aimée! We know many of you will be heading to the shop on the afternoon of Saturday 29 April for the trunk show and launch and we can’t wait to see you. In preparation for Aimée’s visit we’ll have tons of La Bien Aimée yarns in stock as well as some of our best-selling kits using LBA yarns. Plus, next week we’ll be launching a super special kit for the Confluence Sweater from Neons & Neutrals. This celebration will be like none other!

Restocking Qing and Ito Favourites

We’ve been totally spoiled this week by deliveries from some of the most gorgeous yarn makers. The shop is positively overflowing with Qing Vernanita, plus some Qing Suri and Qing Super Soft DK to boot. Kinu and Sensai, two of our favourites from Ito, have arrived as well! This incredible range of colour, texture, and fibre simply boggles the mind!

Jessie Chorley’s Favourite Stitches

Get lost in the world of stitching with Jessie Chorley

Good news for fans of Jessie Chorley’s charming illustrations and workshops at Loop: You can now access all of this wonderful woman’s wisdom in a lovely new book covering her favourite types of embroidery stitch, techniques for appliqué, and methods of mending and darning, plus illustrations and motifs intended to be traced and stitched onto fabric. My Favourite Stitches by Jessie Chorley is the perfect way to delve into the world of embroidery and get inspired to explore and create.

Timeless Textured Baby Crochet Book

Gorgeous yarns, rich textures, and subtle motifs grace the pages of the lovely Timeless Textured Baby Crochet book, which is chock-a-block full of sweet crochet patterns for precious little ones. These 20 patterns will see your new arrival through their first four years, though the patterns are so fun and rewarding you may just want to keep going! These gender-neutral patterns include rompers, sweaters, an heirloom cot blanket, booties, and bonnet.

Happy weekend!

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