La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk

La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk
Sansa and Winter

Wow! We are so incredibly excited to have La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk at Loop! This week we’re diving into beautiful colour palettes in this silky soft yarn.

Aimee’s Mohair Silk has 70% mohair and 30% silk, making it incredibly shiny and fluffy, without it shedding while you knit.

La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk at Loop London
Sansa and Winter

As soon as this yarn arrived at the shop we all fell head over heels for it, and we were immediately planning projects to include this gorgeous mohair in. There are so many amazing colours to choose from!

La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk at Loop London
Loam, Peerie Tokki, Doe and Highgarden
La Bien Aimee Mohair Silk at Loop London
The Shire and Curious Handmade

We also received a new delivery of the Merino Singles and the Cashmerino bases on Tuesday! We now have a Loop exclusive colour, Bisous de Loop (meaning kisses from Loop), and it is available on the Merino DK and the Cashmerino bases at the moment.

Bisous de Loop is a wonderful warm grey with pink and blue-green speckles, we just love it!

Why not try out the Cashmerino and the Mohair Silk bases held together? Susan is making a Vertices Unite by Stephen West, using one strand of Cashmerino and one strand of Mohair Silk held together. It makes the most beautiful smooshy fabric!

La Bien Aimee Vertices Unite at Loop London
Vertices Unite in Quartz Fume

It can sometimes be a little tricky to decide on what project you want to use your Mohair Silk with, but we’ve put together the ultimate list! All links lead to Raverly, where you’ll be able to see other peoples colour combinations and yardage, which is super useful.

Elton by Joji Locatelli
© Joji Locatelli

Elton – Joji Locatelli (this uses the Yellow Brick Road colour which we have in stock at the moment!)
Birds of a Feather – Andrea Mowry
Dip Dye Raglan – Camilla Vad
These patterns all use the Mohair Silk in combination with Merino Singles

Aimee – Camilla Vad
This pattern would be perfect worked in Cashmerino and Mohair Silk held together

Saturday Night Sweater – PetitKnit
This one uses 4 strands of Mohair Silk held together throughout – imagine how light and airy the fabric would be!

Sunday Cardigan Mohair Edition – PetitKnit
The mohair version of this cardigan uses 3 strands of Mohair Silk held together on a large needle; it would be perfect for showing off hand dyed colours

We also have a few pattern books that use lots of mohair: Stitches and K(Knit) by Isager regularly use mohair in the designs, and Knits About Winter by Emily Foden also has several patterns that call for mohair.

Knits About Winter is special because it calls specifically for hand dyed mohair. If you bought a copy from us last autumn, this is the perfect opportunity to cast on one of Emily’s gorgeous designs.

We’ve just received a huge delivery from Madelinetosh with lots of great new colours, so stay tuned for next week when we’ll show them all to you here on the blog. Until then, happy knitting and stitching!

All images copyright of Susan Cropper and Loop London unless otherwise stated.

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