Loop’s 10th Anniversary Plans – with Koigu

One of the final dyers who have contributed to our anniversary book is Koigu. Their one-of-a-kind colour ways are hand painted, capturing a little bit of magic and creativity in each speckle of dye. Now we have not one, but two custom shades to inspire new projects and colour combinations. Make sure to read to the end of the blog to find out about our giveaway –  two readers can win two skeins of our Koigu Anniversary colours! (This competition is now closed – but we’ll certainly have more in the future)

Ripple Scarf Knit using Koigu KPPPM 'Loopettes' P756 - bespoke for Loop and 2504.
Ripple Scarf Knit using Koigu KPPPM ‘Loopettes’ P756 – bespoke for Loop and 2504.

And speaking of starting projects, our wonderful Loopette Emma did just that when our first secret batch of Koigu arrived early in the summer. Taking the two skeins of custom colour P756 and two of shade KPM 2504, she has knit a stunning sample using the updated version of our classic Ripple Scarf pattern, designed by Juju Vail for the Loop blog.

We’ve edited the pattern with options to make it wider, longer, plus corrected any pesky errata and best of all, the pattern is still free! The original post now has the new PDF but you can also click here to download your copy.

Ripple Scarf by Juju Vail for Loop. Knit in Koigu 'Loopettes' P756 - bespoke for Loop and 2504. Loop, London
Ripple Scarf. Knit in Koigu ‘Loopettes’ P756 – bespoke for Loop and 2504.

We’ve also got a little interview with the dyers behind Koigu, so you can find out all the behind the scenes stories.

Hello! Tell us a little more how Koigu started and how it is still a family run business today.

The Koigu headquarters are located in Chatsworth a few hours outside of Toronto. Harry and Maie Landra first purchased the farm in 1972, and though it was intended to be their weekend retreat, within a decade it became the family’s permanent residence.

Koigu Wool started out as a small operation with Maie hand spinning and dyeing the fleece from the Landra flock, with the name Koigu chosen to honour Harry’s ancestral home in Estonia. Taiu helped her mother with the daily farm work, spinning and dyeing, and after graduating from University, put all of her energy into making the company economically viable.

Koigu Gals! Loop, London
Koigu Gals!

In the end, we decided it was time to put the sheep to pasture and outsource our wool, and we worked closely with a mill so that they would spin the fine merino to our specifications. The resulting yarn was our signature Premium Merino. Soft and light, the yarn became a superstar and demand skyrocketed. For the first 5 years, KPPPM was produced in the Landra farmhouse kitchen, as the operation grew, it became necessary to build a 5500 square foot wool shed to house the yarn production.

With demand as high as ever, Koigu yarn is still dyed, hanked, labeled and shipped by us Landra women and a small handful of local employees. While we use the efficiency of machines where we can, every skein shipped from our warehouse is lovingly painted by technician and each dyelot an unique original.

How did you develop the your custom colour (which became colours!) from Susan’s original idea?
Susan described her idea as ‘a medley of punchy pastels’.  One starting point was an image from a Kenzo collection from 2011 (shown below). The mix of pattern and colour lead us to develop six different versions and Susan picked two, Loopette – a soft green and yellow base with pops of electric blue and Vintage Angel – a rainbow splodge melange with purple notes.
Kenzo 2011
Kenzo 2011
We also drew our own personal inspiration from  Loop. Many years ago we visited Loop tucked away on the beautiful street of Camden Passage, full of culture, colour and inspiration. With a creative owner, the store has a distinct style and flavour and we tried to capture this.
We’ve used our custom colourway for the Ripple Scarf, what do you see this yarn being destined for?
The colour ways are delicate and beautiful…for me they inspire a shawl or lace garment.
We know you had the chance to visit, so any final memories you’d like to share? 
Susan’s distinct colour selection is always a delight and breathe of fresh air. Visiting the shop was a big treat and so inspiring – we hope to visit the store again in 2016. 
Congratulations on 10 years !
KPPPM P756 'Loopettes'
KPPPM P756 ‘Loopettes’

Many thanks to the team at Koigu! If you’ve been keeping count, you may know that this our last dyer interview, but never fear we still have a couple more posts up our sleeves for you. Leading up to the release of the book in early September we’ll have a few more features with several of the talented creatives involved.

We announced on the blog last week that we are now taking pre-orders for our anniversary book and lots of you are taking advantage of our early birds 10% discount. Place you order here, and please note, if you do order other items in the same transaction the entire order will be held at the shop and only dispatched when the book is available. If you wish to receive your other items sooner, please place two separate orders.

Other exciting news, is the winners of last weeks giveaway! We gave two of you the chance to win a skein of our Madelinetosh Merino Light colour ‘London Cosmopolitan’ plus two balls of the Orkney Angora in ‘Ghost’ – very handily being enough to knit Stephen West’s design for the book, ‘Meandering Shawl‘.

Madelinetosh Merino Light 'London Cosmopolitan' and Orkney Angora in 'Ghost'
Madelinetosh Merino Light ‘London Cosmopolitan’ and Orkney Angora in ‘Ghost’

We had an overwhelming number of entries, so thank you to everyone who entered. And the winners are… first from the blog it’s Kate who said, ‘To choose one favourite? Too much!!! I want to say celadon and winter wheat but if I must choose just one: POSY it is… Such soft delicate shades (as well as all the saturated lovelies too!!)’  – and from Instagram, username KarenLouc. Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to let you know how to claim your prize.

If you missed out this time, the good news is that you have the chance to try again! We’re giving away two skeins of each custom colour and will chose one winner for each shade. Like last week, there are two ways to enter. Either leave a comment below letting us know which project from the book will be first on your needles (the perfect excuse to read through the blog interviews again!) or head to our Instagram account LoopLondonLoves and follow the instructions detailed on our Koigu picture to enter. (This competition is now closed)


Ripple Scarf by Juju Vail for Loop. Knit in Koigu 'Loopettes' (P756), bespoke for Loop and 2504. Loop, LondonWe’ll be choosing one winner at random from the blog, and one winner at random from Instagram, so you are welcome to enter yourself via both! The giveaway closes at midnight GMT on Wednesday 5th August and the winners will be notified next week on the blog. (This competition is now closed)

Good Luck and Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

50 Comments on “Loop’s 10th Anniversary Plans – with Koigu

  1. It’ll have to be the fabulous Steven West brioche shawl. Cannot wait to get started book and yarn ordered already!!!

  2. Quince & Co’s Queen Anne’s Shawl for me as I enjoy crochet and either colourway would look wonderful.

  3. I have ordered the book, can’t wait. I think I would have to knit the Arkell pattern first after having just spent a wonderful day at Loop with Julie dressing my very own doll.
    Thanks Ingrid

  4. It’s so hard to choose from so many lovely projects but for me, it would have to be Islington shawl not just because that was the first place in London where I lived but it is synonymous with loop, whor opening coincided with my taking up knitting and has been significant in my knitting journey.

  5. I think the Islington shawl would be my first choice but I am known to be very indecisive before choosing a pattern. Your custom colourways for your 10th anniversary have been stunning, and Koigu have produced a delicious pair.

  6. Without doubt I’ll knit the Stephen West shawl 1st so will have to teach myself Brioche stitch in the next month. But i love the ripple scarf in these colours and shamelessly copied the 1 in Loop several years ago. Have worn is so much as it’s just a cute bit of colour to sling on. xx

  7. Such a build up! Great publicity, and (oh fellow tempted knitters) it works very well
    Of course I’ve had to pre-order too…
    Stephen West’s brioche shawl will be the one I’ll turn to first.
    fingers crossed?

  8. All the projects are so lovely. I must say I am completely taken with Kirsten Kapur’s Islington Shawl. The Koigu yarn is gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway,


  9. I will start several projekts at the same time, but the first one will be Stephen Westside shawl

  10. Well, I’m a ripple gal, so I’m going to start with the Ripple Scarf. But I am anxiously awaiting for the exclusive MT DK London Cosmopolitan to be delivered later this summer/early Fall. Then I can start the Stephen West brioche. The Orkney Angora yarn is just to die for. :) Thanks.

  11. I pre-ordered the book last week and Meghan’s shawl is at the top of my new book to do list…can’t wait:)

  12. For me it’s Stephen wests new brioche shawl pattern that will be first out of the blocks! Luckily, the book is stuffed full of enticing projects to cast on and the Koigu special colour ways add to the fun!

  13. The Silene cardigan is calling me with a sirene’s voice! That is where I would love to start. But knowing how much I’ve loved your patterns in the past, I might possibly, very likely would get side-tracked and do another one first.

  14. I’m torn between the shawls from Meghan Fernandes and Stephen West; I might have to cast on both…

  15. The Ripple Scarf in new koigu colours!! I have pre-ordered the book and can’t wait for its arrival. I have really enjoyed the posts and the way you have introduced your 10th Anniversary Book!

  16. Meandering Shawl by Stephen West. I love the 2 colors for it as well! Can’t wait to have the book!

  17. Meandering the delicious brioche shawl by Stephen West. I’m dreaming of all the different projects I can start with all the exclusive Loop yarns as well- mmmmmm!

  18. I loved the look of Bunty, partly because it’s a sweet child’s cardigan, but also because the name reminds me of the comic, which dates me rather!

  19. I would cast on a few as soon as I got the book – it’s good to have variety and choice about what you pick to work on to fit with your mood. I bet the first thing I would finish would be Stephen’s shawl. I love brioche in all its forms!

  20. I’d love to start with… everything ! But I’ll have to make a choice, I think it will be the Islington shawl.
    But you know… a knitter always change her mind :-D

  21. Love the Loop knitting Shop. Can”t wait to buy the 10th anniversary book. I guess I would start with the fingerless gloves.

  22. Wreath Shawl is my favorite at the moment. ♥
    But I have more than a few needles, so I can simultaneously knit different things…….

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