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Hello everyone in the blogosphere!

We thought it was time that we, at Loop joined you.

We get so inspired by hanging out with beautiful yarns and knitting supplies all day, that we wanted a place to share our ideas! We will be offering you free patterns, yarn ideas, tips, projects and more on a weekly basis.

So, come on  in and  join us on the comfy sofa. Please excuse the mess while we settle into our virtual space and link everything up.

Welcome to our new Loop Knit Lounge!

koigu yarn
A happy nester in the new Loopknitlounge!

10 Comments on “Loop’s New Blog

  1. Welcome and hooray for cyberspace, otherwise I might not have found you! Good Luck in your beautiful new shop and with all your new ventures. Viva Les Sheep!

  2. So glad to find the blog. We were in today, and are anxiously awaiting the pattern for the shrug!

    I’ll be making it for my daughter-in-law ( who is extremely knit-worthy) in the Indigo colorway of the BC Garn Cotolin, and in Madelin Tosh Sock in Terrarium for myself. I’ll post pictures when I get them done. Don’t hold your breathe, I’m a deadline knitter and have 7 months left….

    Linda Sterrett, from Colorado
    aka MamaS on Ravelry

  3. I’m trying to download the pattern for the Crow Waltz Shawl but don’t see where to “click”. This is beautiful and I HAVE to make it!!

    Thanks, Linda

  4. I am knitting the Brown-eyed Susan pattern from your Juju’s loops book.

    I am having trouble with how the two stitch garter border with M! Increases on the right and left side is working. One side is flat and tidy the other is lumpy. I was wondering if there were any correction to the pattern.

    Is the second YO one the RS suppose to be a YOB instead ???

    • If you mean by YOB, yarn over and then bring yarn to back, yes that is what you do. You are simply creating an eyelet next to the garter edging. Hope that helps.

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