Lovely Linen

Lovely Linen
Bottom: Artisan Linen Lace "ikat", Top left to right; Sample in Artisan Linen Lace "Coralie", Pakucho "Green Avocado", Sparrow in "Nannyberry" and "Butternut"

After a long wait, we finally have some lovely spring weather. It seemed cruel to mention linen a week ago, when all we’d had was rain, rain, rain. But now I can say, “Look ladies, lovely linen!” (Who can resist a bit of alliteration, eh?)

Quince & co’s Sparrow has arrived in colours. Well, it came in last week, but it seems to have gone out again, very quickly. We will be getting another shipment very soon. Let us know if you want a call when it comes back in.

The Swatch above is in Artisan Linen Lace, which is finer than Sparrow but would make a very beautiful summer lace. I’m thinking it would be perfect for the Rock Island Shawl.

Jared Flood's Rock Island Shawl

I’d also love to see the Wick Lane Shawl from Pom Pom in Linen Lace.

Wick Lane Shawl from Pom Pom

Linen is perfect for working up some of the beautiful items in our Japanese books. They favour natural colours of cottons and linens. This beautiful book of Irish Crochet Lace is written in Japanese but the very clear charts and layout make it easy to follow for English speakers.

There is the prettiest flower bag in there, that I would love to make. It would also be lovely just to crochet some of the motifs, like the leaves at the bottom of the cover, and applique them to summer dresses or t-shirts. I’ll try and write a simple pattern for something like that for next week.

We have lots more summer yarns in store so enjoy while it lasts.

~ Juju at Loop



Wikipedia: Japanese books were traditionally made of washi, or Japanese paper.

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  1. Hello
    Love the yarns. I’m trying to knit Jared Flood’s rock Island shawl at the moment and I’m not sure the chart is correct. I’m not the most experienced knitter but I can’t see how some of the rows make the correct number of stitches for the next row. Could you check it is fine? I don’t know if it is just me or the pattern.


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