New Knits for the New Year!

New Knits for the New Year!

January is the perfect month to snuggle up and get crafting. With holiday parties mostly over and chilly weeks still to come, there’s really no reason to leave your couch or the comfort of clicking needles. Whether you’re looking to branch out to a new craft, colour, or pattern, we’ve got all you need to explore the new year in style.

Robinia Kits

Just like the trusty Robin, Anne Ventzel’s beautiful Robinia Sweater is a year-round companion. We’ve made more Robinia Kits in the Robin’s Egg Blue colourway in both size options. Launched last spring as part of the ‘Botanica’ collection by Isager yarns, this is a fluffy layer that will keep you warm through the rest of the winter, a bright piece to see you through to spring, a perfect shoulder warmer for beachy evenings in the summer, and a great transition piece for autumn. Plus it’s cute to boot. What more could you ask for?

All the luscious Isager yarns behind our Robin’s Egg Blue Robinia Kit

We were so happy with the enthusiasm you all showed last year when we first launched our Robinia Kits. We really adore this wonderful knit, and we are eternal fans of Isager. It’s so wonderful to see Anne’s incredible creation come to life!

Enneste Naturally Dyed Thread Boxes in Stock!

Enneste Naturally Dyed Threads are a dream.

If there was a runaway hit of the 2022 holiday season, it was the Enneste Naturally Dyed Embroidery Thread Box. These beauties sold out almost as soon as they landed in November, and subsequent restocks proved just as popular! We’re happy to have more in stock for 2023. Silk, mohair, cotton, bamboo, linen, and merino wool meet dyes made from avocado, Japanese pagoda tree, indigo, and more to create embroidery perfection. Order your box today!

Au Ver a Soie

Incredible threads from Au Ver a Soie are all restocked at Loop! This Parisian maker of exquisite threads has been producing beautiful silk threads for embroidery, haberdashery, and embellishment since 1820 and it is such an honour to have them in the shop. Their Metallic Thread Sets add a lovely sparkle to any needlework project, Neon Thread Sets bring some powerful pizzazz, and their Silk Thread Packs offer a beautiful range of textures and colours for all your stitching needs.

CaMaRose Midnatssol – New Colours!

Seven new colours of CaMaRose Midnatssol have arrived at Loop! CaMaRose yarns are always so special and we just love having new colours to play with. Bottle Green and Bordeaux join the five colours pictured above for a brooding and stormy late winter palate that we can’t wait to wrap ourselves in. Any one of these seven colours — or even a combination! — would be perfect for the CaMaRose Turtleneck with Smock cowl. The perfect layering piece for the dark and chilly months still ahead.

Digging Degen

We were so happy to add Lindsay Degen’s brilliant tools to our library of favourites last year, and we’re pleased to have her Latch Tool and Acorn Needle Holder (which comes with stitch markers) in the shop again. These thoughtful tools are delightfully haptic and make a super useful addition to your crafting basket. Check out Lindsay’s great Tutorial on a few ways to use the latch tool! 

Lovely Goodies on Sale

The Darling Baby Giraffe is just one of the many treats on sale at Loop!

Make sure to check out our Sale Section on your next visit to the Loop website. We have so many wonderful post-Christmas goodies on offer, including the Darling Baby Giraffe Toy and Sophie Home Toys and Rattles. There are also incredible yarns on offer, like Pascuali Manada and Kokon Chunky Mohair. Hurry, these won’t hang around for long — and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Happy New Year one and all!

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