New Old Maiden Aunt Colours

New Old Maiden Aunt Colours
Old Maiden Aunt in Ghillie dhu and Elodie

Lilith at Old Maiden Aunt has dyed up some wonderful new yarn colours for us. There are eight new colours in all, including two very wearable yellows (something we have been short on, until recently).

This is one of my favourite yarns and she has now dyed my favourite colour, Ghillie Dhu, which is a lovely chartreuse green. I don’t know if I can justify yet another shawl in this colour. (Do you have that problem too?)  I think I will need to knit myself a sweater in Gillie Dhu, when I next get some selfish knitting time.

Susan and I are off to America next week, searching for new yarns for you all. Any requests of things we should look at and consider?

~Juju at Loop

13 Comments on “New Old Maiden Aunt Colours

  1. Hi,

    I love the shawl that you have pictured on your page and would like to have a go at making it. I am in
    New Zealand and winter is coming fast!!! I would like to make it for a friends birthday and was wondering what ply the yarn is that you use. Is it 4ply, 8 ply or similar? In the future I would love to get some yarns from you but have left it too late this time I think.I am so happy to have found your blog and hope one day to come and see you in person

    regards, Viv

    • In England, we no longer name the weight of yarns by ply as you do. You can have a very thick single ply and 4 ply comes in many weights. Old Maiden Aunt is what we call a sport weight yarn. It falls between a 4 ply and a dk. If you look at its profile on ravelry you will see how many sts per 10cm on which needle etc.

  2. two yarns i have found recently are

    Hazel Knits
    String Theory

    both are lovely

    welcome to America !! will you have a travel blog?

  3. Hi Juju!

    Would you look into sourcing cotton chenille, both chunky and dk weights? – Ever since Rowan and others dropped this yarn I have been desperately trying to source it – I know there is an American Company still producing it but it is expensive to order from the States and it would be fantastic if you were able to track/trace and stock it at LOOP!!
    Have a good trip!

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi
    What about Jared Flood’s Shelter range of yarns or Sanguine Gryphon Bugga sock yarn or Lorna’s Laces range. Gorgeous but soooo expensive to have shipped!
    With best wishes

  5. Love the new color, would never make it for myself, but my sister… she would look fabulous in it!

    Glad to see you are jumping over to see us here in America. Will you be at the Estes Park Wool Festival? It’s pretty nice, and oh my, the yarn!

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